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Had quite a good and relatively long night of quality sleep tonight, so I'm feeling much more alive now. Unfortunately, the four-legged monster named Whiskey also is full of energy and is once again racing through the apartment. I think he'll be happy when he gets to go outside again :)

Off to work now...

Tai, part 3


I just got off the phone with the vet and guess what? That damn cat of mine ain't even ill! She just got the results of the lab in, and there are no traces of any infection to be found, even though the urinary sample showed all visual signs of infection. The conclusion is that he is/was suffering from FLUTD (see previous posts for links) and/or stress.

The drugs he's on seem to be helping - he's walking around with a big silly grin on his face all day long - as there are little to no accidents anymore in the past couple of days. The vet says to continue the antibiotics till I run out and keep up the Cystease doses for a while longer and over time lower them. Right now he get's a tablet a day so around the end of November I'll to cut that back to 1 every 48 hours, and see if that works too. The story ain't over yet, but at least we're heading in the right direction.

Tai, the sequel


I think a new name for this blog may be in order soon. Instead of friedkitten I should name it peekitten or wetkitten, who knows? Anyway, this morning I called the vet to see when they had a consult today and it turned out my regular vet was on holiday (I should have known) and that a colleague was filling in for her. She told me to come over around ten and after I gave her a quick overview of his history she examined Tai. He'll be staying in for a couple of hours - I didn't expect to go so the vet till this afternoon, so he had been eating - to sober him up, sedate him and draw blood and urine. She'll also make an echo of his bladder and if that looks good, no x-rays will be made. If she sees something that looks suspicious, x-rays it is.

I'm awaiting a call in the early afternoon to see if I can pick him up again. One option is that he suffers from FLUTD. When she has taken the urinary sample she'll check if for infection and crystals. If none are present, one option is cat pheromones which should reduce stress levels and may aid in solving the problem. I definitely hope those pheromones help reduce my stress levels too, because dealing with a cat that pees all over the place is not my idea of fun.

To be continued...

Update 14h34 : I just picked him up from the vet, he's still asleep. Photographs can be found in the Photo Gallery in a couple of minutes (photo's now online). Blood and a urinary sample have been taken and will shortly be off to the lab for examination. I hope to know something more on Friday - Thursday being a day off for most people. I've stopped at the pharmacy to get his medication as well, but they weren't in, so they're on order and should arrive around 4PM. Apart from being asleep he's also gotten a pain killer. The vet had taken a look at the sample herself but didn't see any crystals in it, though she admitted not being a trained lab person.

What was quite obvious is that the sample had a very distinct red color (quite probably indicating blood in the urine, which I had told her about). The sample was also quite clouded, more signs that an infection may be the cause of it all.

Oh, in case you wonder, the reason he now has a shaved belly is because it's quite hard to take a good echo of a furry abdomen - anyone?

Once again... to be continued.

Golden Boy

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Tai got two shots, but was being a real baby about it. I spent most of my visit at the vet with a cat in my neck, which was rather funny but not the easiest way to treat him. After his antibiotic shot, he also got some preventive vaccinations that I had forgotten all about and I got him a new bag of food as well. Total bill was close to 100 euro, hence the Golden Boy title.

The infection should clear up in about a week but if it returns in two to three weeks, he'll have to get an x-ray to see what is causing the bladder infections.

I'm trying to solve some issues with an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop that a colleague brought with him yesterday, as it "didn't boot into windows". One check disk later it boots into windows without a hitch. That was last night though... After installing a bunch of windows and Office patches, the machine is slow as hell and barely reacts to any movement on the touch pad or keyboard. When I attach a USB mouse to it, that works just fine.

I suspect some core components of Windows XP got messed up somehow and/or faults on the hard disk. I had already verified that there were no serious virus nor spyware infections, so I'm kind of clueless what could be the problem now. I'm gonna run a full disk check now, but the outlook is not too bright.

Update 1 : 56% of the disk check has been completed and while looking for solutions, I found this entry on the internet : Acer Aspire 3000 keyboard failing, which rather surprisingly points to the battery being the cause of it all. I've removed it so that the machine is running without it and draws current directly from the main grid, to see if that indeed helps things.

Update 2 : with the battery removed, the laptop boots and runs very smoothly. I will look into performing a BIOS update to see if there is anything to gain from that, but if not, the machine will go back to the original owner with the remark that it has been checked and updated and that the issue is hardware (ie battery) and not software. Then it's up to them to decide if they want to take it up with Acer or Acer Support.

Update 3 : BIOS flashed from v3a24 to v3a32 - with the battery installed, the problem returns or rather remains. End of the ride for me - this laptop is going back to it's owner.

Another trip to the vet

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It's still way early in the morning according to my body, yet I dragged it out of bed to make sure I make it to the vet around nine. Last night Tai was meowing like crazy and he keeps on peeing wherever he walks so I can only assume that he has a urinary infection or something like it.

I hope the visit to the vet will confirm and help fix the problem, for Tai and me, because he must be getting as fed up with it as I am.

A true fried kitten...

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It was a physically tiring day at work, which results in me being... well, tired. Who'd have thought? :)

When I got home, I didn't find Kiwi's on the floor, but it was quite clear Tai tried to capture one again, as it has claw marks all over it. I don't mind him trying to capture kiwi's - it's still strange behaviour for a cat - but he also walked over the cooking section again. When I got home, I noticed the safety was off and when I checked some bread that had suddenly materialized on top of the plates, it turned out the plastic bag it was in had melted. One and one is two, so Tai managed to turn off the safety, turn on the plates, and fry a plastic bag. I could have come home from work to find a real fried kitten!

I don't know yet how to prevent him from jumping on top of the counter and cooking area, but it should be clear I have to find a workable solution asap. Either that, or increase my insurance policy considerably...

When I consulted a vet when I adopted Tai, she said he was a European Shorthair. I think she may be wrong, I'm quite convinced he's an Australian Vegetarian Tiger instead. How else do you explain him catching and chasing kiwi's through the house? I had put some kiwi's on the counter to let them ripen and I could understand him checking them out and throwing one to the ground while being a bit overly enthusiastic. But two? Nah... only the Australian Vegetarian Tiger does that :)

Too bad the site is nothing but advertising. It that kind of spoof site I could have come up with, or a service I could use. Sure, I admit it's quite disrespectful, but it could be so much fun at the same time ;-)

One Tai, Two Tai, Three!

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Tai is being a whiny little kitty cat again because he has to stay inside even though the weather is absolutely wonderful outside. Mind you, he had been outside for over an hour - getting combed, petted, entertained - when he decided that the flowers pots on the outside of the railing were much more interesting to sit in than the safe ground of a solid balcony.

I had warned him several times that sitting on the garden table was fine, but that he should keep his paws of the railing itself. But no, he clearly doesn't recall the seriously messed up front paw he obtained after his last base jumping experience. I do remember the vets bill quite well, so his short expedition today got him grounded for the day.

Now he's acting all sad while at the same time chasing one of his toys around. I guess he doesn't get the fact that the two don't go well together - unless I've got a cat with multiple personality syndrome. Which wouldn't surprise me at all...

Ca* breaks easily

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I'm lucky, but Caroline, Catharine and Caitlin are even more lucky. The same goes for Cassandra, Carla and Cameron. Notice anything special about these names?

None of them are my girlfriend - for which they are not so lucky - but if they were, I'd probably break them somehow. Try fixing a broken girlfriend - duct tape only takes you that far...

Ok, enough fooling around now, why am I writing all this? Because after breaking my car last week, today my cat broke. Yes indeed, this morning when I wrote Tai wasn't feeling too well a,d something seemed wrong, I was right. I'm always right - well, quite often. When I'm not wrong that is. But when it comes to animals, I tend to be quite observant.

When I got up - I didn't get much sleep because I kept rolling around in bed, thinking about the problem with Tai - he was on the sofa once more, and his belly felt really hard. I gently prodded him in order to get more info on what was going on and was greeted by more meows of doom. Not good, so I started searching for the address of the vet I usually go to, but I couldn't find it. Now that I think of it, the booklet is probably in the car somehow. Anyway, to make a long story short(er) : emergency visit to the vet.

Tai is suffering from Urinary Blockage, which is an emergency and quite possibly life threatening. When I called her and described the symptoms, she said to come over within 5 minutes, she'd be waiting for me in her practice.

He was sedated and a cathether was inserted through his penis in order to relief the immense pressure on his bladder. It all sounds more creepy than it really is, which of course is easy for me to say, as Sophie wasn't stuffing a hose down my urethra. He remains for the night so she can drain the bladder completely and I can go pick him up tomorrow morning after my shift.

Just to be informative towards other cat owners - mostly male cats are prone to suffer from this - here are some symptoms to keep an eye on :

1. A litter-trained cat that suddenly starts urinating outside of the litter box.
2. Urinating small amounts frequently.
3. Blood in the urine
4. Lethargy and decreased appetite and/or increased drinking
5. Excessive licking of genitals
6. Straining in the litter box to urinate (Note: Many owners confuse this with constipation and do not realize the urgency of taking their pet to the hospital).

Car, Cat, what's next?

The cat is next...

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I get home a couple of minutes ago and Tai doesn't even come off his sofa to greet me. When I cuddle him, I get a meow that goes right through stone walls. I checked him, but he seems quite fine to me. I emptied his litterbox and he's been using it, so it seems internally everything is fine as well, though that may be just an assumption of me.

He certainly ain't as active as he was yesterday, but I can't figure out what is wrong with him. I'll head off to bed and check again when I wake up. Maybe he's just in a bad mood coz I woke him up too soon?

She┬┤s a very kinky girl

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I'm sitting outside, burning my fat ass on the hot tiles of the terrace, while enjoying the sun and the company of a cat that's been going beserk for the past hour or so. He's been chasing flies, leaves, pretty much anything that moves, which unfortunately also includes my fingers, a moving cursor on a laptop screen etc.

This morning, Tai kept on jumping and running around in the livingroom, as if he had been locked in chains for the past 2 years. He drove me totally crazy and after he knocked down a bunch of DVD's and a TV remote control for the zillionth time, I grabbed him and stuck him in a carrier for a couple of minutes to cool off. It seems to have worked as he was slightly calmer when he got back out. Or maybe I just didn't notice the havoc he wrecked later on, as I was off to bed.

Sometimes he's just too much for me - I think he needs more interactivity in his life - but I have to work and when I am home I like doing something else than just entertain the cat. He certainly gets his play time and attention, but if you give him a finger, he'll claw for an arm. I've been thinking about getting a second cat, so they can keep themselves busy, but knowing my luck, I'll end up with two hyperactive fuzzballs that hate each other and cling to my ankles all the time.

I've picked up some icecream in the store, because tomorrow I'm in charge of dessert at work. N., a new colleague will be preparing the main course, and we have no clue yet what she's cooking up for us. I'll be serving honey melon with nectarine parts combined with vanilla and dame blanche icercream, whipped cream and a cookie on top.

As I was writing this entry, a car drove by and they had the windows down and Rick James' "Superfreak" playing. Hence the title...

The golden cat returns

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A limp, a bill for 214,5 euro but Tai has nothing else to show for his unsuccessful basejump. I just picked him up and he looks fine. As I wrote, he's still limping a bit, but that should get better over time as the tendons en sinews regain their original length. They've been stretched when his toes got dislocated, but luckily nothing was broken.

When I asked the doctor if he would have learned from the experience, he said no. Cats don't learn and can easily get distracted again, forgetting they're up a small ridge three stories high when a leaf comes floating by on the wind, and decide to chase it again. He suggested making sure that Tai can't get up there again, but that's kind of difficult if you ask me. I've got a full day off from work on saturday, so I can think about constructing something that won't block the view, but will stop him from trying to jump or walk the railing. The doctor suggested a parachute.

I suggest a firm kick in the ass if he ever tries something like that again.

8 lives left

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Cats normally have 9 lives, or that's what they say anyway. Well, my Tai just used up one of his nine lives and now has 8 left. Most of you already knew that he loves water, but today he found a new hobby : basejumping. Too bad he didn't get to page 3 of the basejumping manual, which clearly states what you need in order to successfully basejump :

- a building sufficiently tall,
- a parachute,
- the guts to actually jump.

Tai took up this new hobby of his using a three story high apartment block, too much guts and no parachute. The result? A call to pretty much all vets in the area and an visit to the animal clinic nearby for a sedative, painkiller and photographs.

What happened, you may wonder? Who knows!? All I know is that he was outside on the terrace and suddenly I heard a "thump" and when I searched for Tai, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked inside - because he often likes to play hide and seek - but no Tai there either. I went back out on the terrace and called for him, but got no answer. Then I heard my neighbor from accross the street yell to me "he fell down!". I hurried downstairs and after a couple of minutes, I found a scared cat under some bushes. I picked him up and was greeted by a meow that went right through me.

At least he was still making a noise. I immediately noticed his front right paw was pointing in a less than normal direction, but apart from that, he appeared to be complete and without holes or punctures. I went back up, put him in his carrier to prevent too much movement and started calling around for a vet. My regular vet - for the cat that is - wasn't home nor available on cell phone. My old vet - for the ferrets - picked up but told me she isn't equipped to handle broken bones and such and gave me a number for an animal clinic.

I knew there was one clinic closer by, but the number I called didn't give me an emergency number. I tried a couple of other vets including another animal clinic, but the vet on call there was en route to a delivery and wouldn't be able to help me out for at least an hour and a half. Some more searching - being online pretty much 24/7 has its benefits - turned up another number for the first animal clinic and I got an emergency number. I called that and explained, and I could come in right away.

After giving him a sedative the vet took some x-ray photographs and the first idea is that nothing is actually broken, but the specialists will have to look into it tomorrow. If it's not broken, it's probably sprained quite badly, and his toes are at an awkward angle. I couldn't see any lines indicating broken bones on the x-rays, nor could the emergency vet, but then again, we ain't specialists.

He's sleeping over now and tomorrow between twelve and one I have to call for an update.

Todays consult and exam was 105 euro already, if they have to operate tomorrow, add 300 to 500 euro to that. Well, if you have animals, you have to be prepared to pick up the bill if something happens to them, but he won't be getting food for the next 72 months I think ;)

Or he could catch about 300 mice to pay off his debt...

I'm considering renaming the blog "brokenkitten" instead of friedkitten - Dumb cat!

Tiger Tai

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Tai is running around, throwing a moth into the air and then catching it as it falls back down. He's so proud of himself that he caught it all by himself! Actually I noticed he had caught something when he was out on the terrace, and something was laying in front of him. It was still slightly alive by then and for a second I thought about saving it, but then I realized he had swatted it with his paw a couple of times already and it wouldn't survive anyway. So why take away his pleasure of the chase if it couldn't help the moth anyway?

He's now brought it in, and proudly is walking around with it in his mouth. No doubt he'll be over later to come give me a kiss. Gotta love animals ;)

Midnight Madness

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It's a couple of minutes past midnight, everything is silent, everyone is asleep. Everyone? Maybe not... A fourlegged creature sneaks through the night, head up high. Enjoying the gentle breeze that flows over the terrace, a plan forms while attempting to look innocent. Tai is the name, escape is the game.

As he focusses his eyes to penetrate the darkness, he notices a white garden table. The table has been there forever, but never was of much interest to him, but it is bound to change this night. A quick and silent leap puts our escape artist on top of it, broadening his view on the world three stories below. After just sitting there for a couple of minutes, making sure the sole security guard inside the house hasn't spotted anything out of the ordinary, Tai decides to walk over to the edge. "Hmmm, that's a pretty small ridge, but being the olympic champion I am, I think I can stroll over it without too much problems."

In a swift move, Tai steps onto the ridge and to the right he walks, bypassing the divider between two appartments. Let's jump down here, and take a look what all this stuff is doing here. Slowly strolling over the neighbors terrace, Tai sniffs the air and the plants. Suddenly he hears a noise : the guard has caught on to the fact that something is amiss!

Sure enough, a bit of noise on the other side of the divider and a head appears : "Tai, you stupid cat, what the hell are you doing there?" Tai lies down and tries to be invisible, but it's quite clear that the guard has also activated his night vision and knows very well he's hiding in the dark. Game over, or maybe not yet?

Giving up, Tai slowly walks back to the divider and then realizes there is no table on this side. Oops! He looks up and stares right into the guard's eyes who by now has reached behind the divider in an attempt to grab him. Let's take a few steps back, and see what happens next. A curse is whispered through the night. But then Tai suddenly notices something that sparks his interest : some sort of animal is trying to escape, and escaping animals need to be chased, right? Tai leaps over to the edge of the terrace and puts his paws against the edge, trying to catch this feral beast. As he does, a hand tries to grab him, but Tai manages to move away just in time. The escaping beast moves around again, so Tai attacks once more and after a couple of striking attempts, he is suddenly caught and lifted over the edge and round the divider.

Apparently, boss man is not so pleased with my escape routine at ten past midnight... I wonder why?

Crash Boom Bang

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Tai is *really* getting on my nerves today. It may be because nothing is going according to plan so far and thus I'm easier to be pissed off but I think it's a combination of him being annoying, the heat and all. So far - and I've only been up for 2 hours - he managed to dig insulation from under the dishwasher, probably his new favorite game, and made a mess in his drinking bowl. Could someone please show me where the valium is? Not for me, but I'd love to sedate Satans Spawn so I can get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

I've tried the large wooden hammer sedation trick, but the results are rather... bloody, as well as permanent.

Water, water, please!

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Holy crap bastard satanic heat! Just sitting down makes sweat break out from all pores, and my main desktop machines has already shitted itself twice today due to overheating. I've now opened the sidepanel and put an extra fan on it to aid air flow, hoping this will provide enough cooling not to let it crash once more. When I just tried to restart it, it threw me a raid error, claiming one of the 80GB mirrorred disks failed. I can assure you, my heart stopped beating for a second there.

I turned it back off, checked all the leads and connectors, and booted it again, this time without failure. I'll keep an eye open for it though, the box is getting rather old so it will probably crashed beyond repair one day.

The only one that seems totally unaffected by the blistering heat, is Tai. He still chases flies, attacks me when I pass some place he has hidden himself and generally is being a total pain in the ass. It's been a long time, I must admit, that he was this irritating. I should check if maybe he's solar powered, which would explain the sudden burst of energy he's been having. I wonder what'll happen when the temperature rises even more on tuesday?


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Everyone bursts out in laughter when I tell them the latest Tai story, but less and less I see the fun in it all. Yesterday evening when I came home after a long day at work, Tai greets me in his regular way : miauw, then go ravish some carpet with his claws, followed by a cuddle. I walk around the sofa - where another wet spot is, so the damn fool pissed on it once more! - and I step right into a sea of water. Apparently just dipping your paws into the water bowl is for kittens, young adult tigers - as Tai considers himself - play with the complete bowl.

Since I "reinforced" said bowl with a plate underneath to catch spilled water, the new trick is to put your full weight on the edge so everything tips over. Then you can lap up water from the floor, and believe it or not, that floor water is much more tasty!

After bursting out in anger yesterday, and pulling off my soaked socks, I cleaned up. Today... exactly the same. And as this post is being written, the foolish tiger is chasing his own tail. Right under my curtains, of course, so each time his misses that hard to catch wiggly thing called a tail, he's sure to strike some part of the curtain with his long, sharp killer nails.

Cats are fun, don't you agree?

Tai talks

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Ever since ServMe read about that trick to separate food, water and litter, I'm having a very hard time making a mess worthy of a cat of such royalty as mine. I can still dig long and hard in the litterbox, and sure enough, some litter will fly out at an awsome speed - the speed of litter, not the speed of sound is important in a cat's life - but it's all too much effort for too little reward. I still pee in the sofa though, but instead of making just one large stain, I'm now going for multiple small stains, hoping ServMe will miss some when he cleans up.

I'm still stressed out about the water bowl! By simply putting a slightly larger plate under the bowl, it has now become very hard to really get your kicks at Cat 26. So I've come up with a new and exciting game, that my boss so far is nable to prevent. I chase my little fluffy toy ball around the house, then pick it up and drop it in my water bowl, so it soaks up an incredible amount of water. Then I use my paws to get it back out of the bowl, before I drop it either onto my owner (noboby owns me) preferably when just got dressed for work, or to go out. If that is too obvious, I'll jut drop it next to him, so he steps into it, sits on it, ... all fun things!


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What's the penalty for brutally slaying a cat? Man, I'm going totally beserk and if he pulls off one more thing today, I'll have a nice pair of cat fur gloves before afternoon. After the mess he made last night, I had taken away everything and cleaned up. I just gave him new food and water, and it took him less than a minute to turn it into a gigantic mess again. Whomever says cats are clean and friendly animals can get their ass over here and adopt Satan himself, RIGHT NOW!

When I heard him pulling/clawing at his bowl of water again, I jumped up, threw something at him - so much for controlling my temper - and cleaned up. His reaction? Attempting to take a pee in the sofa. And once again something flew through the air, making him reconsider. He goes in and out of his litterbox a zillion times a day, each time making sure to at least kick a large spoon of litter out of the box, yet he pees in the sofa.

If this continues, accidents are prone to happen. It'll probably be me ending up in hospital, depressed, stressed or with a cardiac arrest because I freaked out once too often. If I ever have kids - unlikely as it is - and they take after the cat, make sure you book me a spot on deathrow.

I've had up to five ferrets at the same time, and never ever did they give me this much trouble and work.

After some googling : Maine Coons enjoy playing with their food and especially with their water. We recommend using heavy water bowls and putting trays under the water bowls to prevent floods. Keep the food bowl at least 12 inches from the water bowl. Do not keep the litter pan anywhere near the food and water containers. Would you want to eat in your bathroom? Cats don't either. (Coonyham : Cat Care Information)

I've made some small changes to the setup of food and water. Tai seems a little annoyed that it's more difficult to play in/with his water bowl now, but it suits me fine so far!

New name : dumbkitten

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When I got home after a long day, Tai wanted to go play outside, so I open the door to the terrace. He steps outside and within seconds comes running back, like a cry baby. That tiger is a big wussy that needs me to protect him from who knows what. Anyway, as I do so things around the house, he keeps running around like crazy, chasing his toy ball, jumping over chairs, things like that. I close the door to the terrace because I have to go do some things elsewhere and I don't want him outside alone too long. For all I know he could jump on the edge and test the distance to the ground floor. Which is quite deep as I'm in a third floor apartment.

I'm in the living room when suddenly he jumps off the sofa, races around the corner of the kitchen and I immediately think "thump". 5 seconds later... "Thump!". Obviously, Tai didn't notice the fact that the door to the terrace was closed and ran straight into it. I jumped up, looked in the kitchen and didn't see him. When I looked behind the curtains, there was one slightly dazed and confused cat, lol. I picked the fool up, checked for injuries, but apart from a little shaken, he seems fine. He's playing with his toy again already ;)

Chop Chop


Just got back from the store where I got some food for tonight, the bank to grab statements - I just paid some bills, so I need up update on things - and I did some accounting that was long overdue. In about 20 minutes I'm off to the vet with Tai, to get another shot and then it's "insert title here" for the balls as well. His sound will probably go from "rooaar" to "squeak" but if it stops him from pissing all over the place, that is the price he needs to pay I guess. Still love him dearly though!

Update : Tai is vastly asleep now, and will probably be for the next couple of hours. There is no certainty though, as he was also expected to fall asleep in under two minutes after the injection with the drug, but he just sat up and looked around for close to ten minutes. Only after injecting the last drops of the needle a second time, he gave up and fell asleep, after another 3 minutes or so of fighting it. He's a real tiger, that's for sure. The vet was rather impressed and she found it funny at the same time. On the phone earlier she said the whole procedure would take about 15 minutes, but it almost took that long to get Tai to fall asleep!

Anyway, the chop chop part was done, he's had a checkup as well, one of his baby teeth that was hanging on by a tiny thread was removed while he was under, and he had his second vaccine shot. Oh, and he puked on the vets table, but that she was expecting :)

Tai is a tiger! (Image of him asleep after Chop Chop).

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