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Sleep keeps you going

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It's usually shrugged off as if it were unimportant, but not sleeping well or getting enough sleep can cause major implications in your everyday life. If you miss a day (or night rather) of sleep once, there is no real problem, as most healthy people can easily catch up within days. If you go to bed late, are drunk or have all kinds of things going through your head, you may sleep but not get the mental rest you need. Again, no real cause for anxiety, as long as it's isolated incidents and not reoccurring.

If you wake up in the morning with a headache on a regular base, wake up in the middle of the night every time you hit the bed, or fall asleep in the midst of the day, a sleep study may be necessary. While we know a lot about sleep already, there is still a lot to learn as well. We are all individuals that have our own needs when it comes to sleep. Some people do perfectly well on 5 or 6 hours of sleep, while others can sleep 9 hours and still feel tired.

One thing is clear though: sleep is necessary to revitalize the body and mind in order to keep it going during our awake time. If you're experiencing trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor or contact a sleep disorder center where you'll be monitored while sleeping. The professionals then have a detailed view of what happens in your sleep and more important, they can also pinpoint the cause that interrupts your sleeping cycles.

After conducting the sleep study, therapy can be started and this could be as simple as changing a bad habit that wrecks havoc on your sleeping pattern or developing sound sleeping practices. Remember that in order to lead a healthy life you need to recharge the batteries with sound sleep. Yes, that tiny portion of the 24 hours a day consists of counts for more than you may realize!

Home loans ain't evil

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While the result of the sub prime crisis is devastating both for home owners as well as financial institutions, there is little better to increase your financial wellbeing than investing in your own property. The days that people just bought a house or condo cash in hand is long gone, and almost everyone relies on a home loan to get the purchase financed.

When it comes down to who is responsible for the current crisis, I think we all are to some extend. The sector for handing out home loans as if it were candy, even to people they very well knew wouldn't be able to repay their mortgage if the slightest would go wrong, but the people accepting the loans as well. If you disregard the small print - and I have no doubt that the conditions were in very small print somewhere in the midst of a pages long contract - or don't fully understand what you're getting into, you don't sign anything, period. People always assume a best case scenario, never a worst case. Sure enough, things sometimes do go wrong, and even in that case, you should somehow prepare for it.

Let's hope that with the current crisis affecting everyone - even those not related to real estate or finances - new regulations are put into effect. While it is a harsh lesson learned, it should open eyes for many as well: think before you leap. Know upfront what you can or can't handle financially and if you can't, don't attempt.

Getting your own property is a long term investment. You can continue to rent from others, paying quite some cash over several years and ending up with nothing to show for it. Or you can get a home loan after carefully considering the stipulations and your own abilities to meet those, and become an owner. The choice is up to you and while ownership may not be the best path to take for everyone involved, simply doing the calculations and projections together with your bank or mortgage institution will enlighten you and shed a light onto the complex systems of financing and mortgages. Don't let anyone press you into something you don't understand. Don't sign what you don't understand. Make sure you have some cash aside to cover periods when things ain't going so well.

A home loan is not necessarily the work of evil, an instrument of destruction, quite the contrary. It can allow you to expand your financial possibilities and resources, but... buyer beware.

A Green(er) Christmas?

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I don't really consider myself a Christmas lover. The religious - if any is still attributed to the happening - connection is totally lost on me, and while a Christmas tree with all those blinking lights definitely creates a nice and cozy atmosphere, I rarely bother going through the effort to put up a tree and decorate it. That being said, I always enjoy it when I go to places where people have gone through the ritual of selecting a tree, and getting all the decorations from the storage room they reside in 355 days of the year, gathering dust.

Christmas Lights are festive, they are meant to make people feel joyous and caring. But are they green as well? I definitely think that wasting a load of energy on lighting a tree when no one is around is a waste of... energy (you didn't see that one coming, did you?)

The time that a the lighting of the tree - or for some people a complete house - ate through your wallet can be gone however. Incandescent bulbs are still around and available, but really should be replaced with more energy conservative alternatives if you ask me. If you wanted a lot of light, you could go for Halogens but they are far from environmentally friendly and they emit not only a ton of light but also heat, and having them close to your tree is a recipe for disaster.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a much better choice when it comes to preserving energy, but their style doesn't really match the occasion, though I must say that they have become much more fashionable over the past years.

Nah, the best way to decorate your tree in a fitting way would be LED Christmas Lights. Light Emitting Diodes are low on energy, they emit hardly any heat and the size and versatility in use makes them a perfect fit to swirl them all over and under the ornaments. If you want to go all the way and create the brightest house on the block, with reindeer outside, Santa riding his sled and illuminated gifts all over the snowy garden, LED rope lights won't stifle your creativity, nor cripple your wallet.

When a box ain't a box

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I've touched upon various topics on this blog before, ranging from politics to environmental issues, sexuality, news blurbs and plain entertainment. This is only a personal blog which happens to focus on a broad range of interests, but one thing has been a concern of mine since day One: optimizing it as much as possible.

I don't know if you're fluent in coding CSS or HTML, nor whether you understand all the finer points of making your (business) sites as indexable and search engine friendly as possible, but fear not. A website optimization firm can take good care of that for you!

It actually makes good sense outsourcing these specialist tasks to professionals - they'll give your website a complete overhaul and you don't have to invest your own time in it. You don't go servicing your own top of the range car yourself either, do you? Why would you start tinkering yourself with one of the most crucial and valuable ways of reaching customers worldwide?

After a SEO overhaul, your site may look exactly the same, or it may look a bit different. Search engines are machines, so they look and "read" a website in a different way then humans do. However, the human readable content and presentation should remain the number 1 focus: there's no point in having your website listed as the top result in most major and minor search engines if your potential buyers can't make sense of any of it.

More website traffic is not something one can achieve out of the blue, these things take a bit of time to slowly build up. Remember that a first impression is often the only chance you'll get to capture the interest of a customer, so better get it right.

I make it sound all too easy, and most of the issues I touched upon here make sense to most of my readers I'd guess. But what if the "rules of engagement" keep on changing? You can be certain that search engines fine tune their algorithms quite regular to sieve out the spammers, or those who try to gain advantages by keyword repetition or invisible links all over the page.

TBS is a website optimization firm that covers SEO, marketing, site promotion and web design. Hosting and programming services are also offered, so they offer a one stop solution for all your website needs.

Can science make you younger?


Without wanting to generalize, most people like and strive to appear young, even if they have reached an age where it starts to show. For one it's at 18, others only start worrying at age 58. We all know that living an active life helps the body stay fit and look good. At the same time, we're bombarded with scientific aids such as creams, powders, moisturizers to keep skin looking pristine and healthy.

Colloidal Silver Generators is a type of product I had never heard of before. Mesocolloids consist of pure elemental metal nanoparticles dispersed in ultra pure deionized water - in other words: you get the tiniest particles in the cleanest type of water.

Now, of course you are starting to wonder if actually drinking ultra tiny metal particles is a good idea? I must admit that was my first concern as well! The idea behind this type of dietary supplement is to make your body less prone to stress, support the immune system and such. While the manufacturer doesn't make any claims towards the healthiness or effectiveness of their product, users of it have reported all of the above and more. You can read up on it on the site : Colloidal Silver effectiveness.

I'm not very much into beauty and aging prevention myself, and I know only the basics about nanoparticles and recent scientific developments, so I'm having a hard time reaching a conclusion about Colloidal Silver and the effects it has on the human body. I lean towards a positive feeling that if it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt either. The amount of noble metal in the solution is low enough not to cause problems, yet probably high enough to affect things in a positive way.

I'm not about to try MesoColloids myself though, I'll stick to my plain old water which I've been drinking for the past ten years. I guess I'm not on the front line when it comes to dietary supplements, but don't let that hold you back. If you are convinced it can help you, go for it!

Feel my words

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It may not be all that visual at first, but over the years that I've been blogging here, I've paid attention to support for the visually impaired, and while I realize that this blog is not in compliance with all the guidelines I definitely spent a lot of time and effort working towards it.

It's rather interesting to think about the number of references towards vision or visuals we have in our language. I'm sure everyone can think of "Look out!" as a warning, yet I've never heard anyone yell "Hear that!" as a warning. Yet there have been visually impaired people for as long as mankind existed.

Anyway, I wanted to point you all to some of the Braille exit signs that are on offer in The Exit Store. We all know regular exit signs, emergency escape route signs or signs that light up in the dark - I'll refer to these as active and passive systems where the active kind requires power (electrical or battery) using led or regular light sources, or passively by using photo luminescent material to reflect light. Don't imagine a Braille exit sign to look all that different, it's not a plaque with huge dots onto it, but rather a regular sign with Braille writing at the bottom. How blind people should find the sign itself remains a mystery for now, so I don't know if the Braille information adds much use, but I give them an A for effort anyway.

For the non impaired visitors, a selection of exit lights are available, and they even accept custom orders, so you can get a sign specially made to fit your shop. Safety doesn't have to replace design, and the two can be combined after all, how's that for versatility?

Different states, different exit signs regulations, so make sure you head over to the right section before placing your order, and if you think they are prone to abuse, the "vandal proof" versions may come in handy.

Lines that Count

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I don't know if glam rock, leg warmers and jackets with shoulder pads make you think of the eighties, but they do bring back memories for me. Another thing that I connect to that era is barcodes. Which is kind of surprising if you realize that modern barcode technology dates back to 1948, but was only commercialized around 1966.This makes the same technique that we still rely on almost 60 years old, and it's far from gone, even with newer solutions - such as RFID - peeking their head around the corner.

Of course, all the slim and broad lines and numbers mean nothing without some barcode verification equipment to read the codes and let the system know what product is being scanned. Each time a code is read, a hand held or static reader sends the data to a central system and stock is updated. This can be used to track incoming (deliveries at the warehouse) as well as outgoing (sales passing the register) goods and be tied to automated order processing, making the margin of error much smaller.

You probably wonder why a technique that's over half a decade old still stands in this day and age of new technology and constant improvement? Barcode verification is all over the globe and not all that easy to replace, even if one really wanted to do so. Sure, you could move to the emerging RFID technology - where each item separately can be uniquely identified - but apart from a need for a huge investment, there are quite some concerns about the tracking of goods and people when turning to RFID. From a business and economic point of view, RFID gives one the ultimate tracking ability, but when it comes to privacy, barcode still has the upper hand, and I don't see that changing in the next 5 to 10 years.

In that regard, one of the limits of the barcode system - the need for short distance interaction between the barcode itself and the barcode verifier - serves as a benefit, and not a disadvantage.

Initially developed as a tool to automate and facilitate business, one cannot neglect the impact barcode has made on our everyday life. Some people even go as far as having a barcode tattooed on them, whether it be as a statement of their uniqueness and non-conformity or because they like the beauty of the concept.

How can you fix...

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something that's broken by design? From a European view on things, credit is a bad thing, no matter how you look at it. However, in the USA, you ain't alive if you don't have a credit record. It even appears as if you don't owe anyone anything that you are simply non-existent as a consumer, and no company seems willing to sell you anything on a payment plan.

Imagine walking into a dealership and wanting to buy a new car, but they don't want to sell it because you have no credit history. Even if you want to pay for it in cash, you may be refused. Hence, as far as I can see, the whole credit business is flawed by design.

If you are forced to work with this flawed system and play along, you could run into a "bad credit" situation that prevents you from obtaining your goals. Enter legal credit repair, a service provided to erase damaging information from your credit report. According to the information I was able to gather from their FAQ, it mostly boils down to doing a full audit of your credit records and making sure that all the information kept by the credit institution is compliant with federal laws.

While they even admit that you can do it yourself - after all, you are only executing your right as a citizen to verify and correct information gathered - it is a bit like going to court and defending yourself : you have the right to do so, but using specialized services such as a lawyer will greatly affect the chance for success.

So, let's take a deeper look at the procedure to erase bad credit. I think it is quite clear that the service offered is not for free. According to information I was able to dig up, they first audit your credit history, then request removal from all entries held by credit bureaus that are non-compliant with federal law, and finally they come up with a plan of action to improve your credit history and increase your credit scores by going for the most damaging items first. Does that sound a little vague to you?

It definitely does to me... I can understand that they don't publish their business secrets for everyone to copy, and there is much money in bad credit repair, no doubt about it. On the other hand, their promise to educate and encourage clients to take their lives back in their own hands makes me hopeful that people will start standing up against what is a predatory (credit) industry to start off with.

Video Conversion

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Everybody loves technology, right? Well, maybe not everyone. I know - not many though, I admit - a few people that are challenged by the setup of their VCR, and if they get a new dryer they have to have someone from the shop come over to explain what all the buttons mean.

Nowadays there is DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, Blu-ray, HD DVD, and a ton of other formats out there that compete for your attention and use. Some of them will make it, others won't. Some of my readers will be too young to remember the Betamax - VHS battle that went on in the mid seventies and eighties. Betamax was the technological more advanced solution, but VHS came out the winner. Around the same time, 8mm film was hot and miles and miles of pellicule have been used taping anything of interest. Good luck finding a way to actually play an 8mm movie in this digital age :)

Is there a solution to that? Of course there is! You can convert 8mm film to DVD. If you want to have a go at it yourself - do you still have that 8mm recorder to play back the film? - you will probably succeed in the end, but having a professional company handle your memories may be the best option. After all there is more to it than just a film transfer from one format to the next. 8mm films were often stored for years in a box, prone to be forgotten and no one pays any attention to humidity and heat, which are two important factors that affect the life cycle of pellicule.

A simple 8mm film to DVD frame by frame copy using software would decrease the film quality 30% to 50%, which would be unacceptable in most cases. To archive film at the same or even better quality, hardware frame by frame copy is the only way to go. When using that technology, each frame is captured as a digital image and later recombined to a movie. It takes much more time then a software real time copy, and thus is more expensive, but if you are committed to save your 8mm memories anyway, why not do it properly?

Online Casino Top 10

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We've all heard about a casino, you may even have set foot in one before but have you checked out an online casino yet? Of course, those online entertainment outlets can't mimic the atmosphere of the real deal, but some of them get pretty close. The setting and service is part of the global experience, but you have to admit that just the looks and not the odds are not what going to a casino is all about. If you play, you play for fun.

But you also play because you've got a shot at winning, beating the dealer or breaking the bank. There are tons of online casinos out there, so you wonder what each of them has on offer, don't you? Do you just head over to your favorite search engine and start clicking away, or do you go take a peek at

I didn't know the site, but if you are a bit like me and love being and staying informed about everything web and gaming related, online casino bluebook gives you a Top 10 of online casino's and what bonuses they offer for playing with them. It's no secret that online casinos are big business and millions of dollars are spent and paid out every day, so the existence of a site such as online casino bluebook is not surprising.

While the site is far from flashy or even good looking - the font face used is so prehistoric internet that I have flashbacks to Pong - it has a review about each of their top ten entries, and a payout percentage listed. I couldn't find where they get the payout percentages, so they could be unverified and just taken from the casino site itself, or they could be verified. No real way of telling as far as I know. That sort of information is rather important, so it should be obvious and clearly stated, though I must admit that I didn't bother to contact support - to which a link is provided at the bottom of each page.

Is online casino bluebook your one stop site for everything that related to online casino gaming? I can't tell, and while your mileage may vary, the idea itself isn't bad.

Mexico, Mexiiiiiicoooooooh!


When I think of Mexico, I think sombreros, Tequila and definitely Corona - spice it all up a bit with desert and cacti and you've got the holiday vision of someone who's never been to Mexico.

But what is Mexico really like? Is it a rich country, is it a poor country, what problems does it have and what benefits or definite "must see" destinations are there? I decided to take a look at Real Estate in Mexico to get an idea about it.

Aha, the site has a nice map of Mexico, which always helps people that are new to the country and have no sense of orientation. And there wasn't a serious hurricane in the last 35 years it seems, something that is also rather assuring and those tend to... well, rip up real estate a bit :)

OK, so Mexico is my destination for today's post. Let's see what kind of housing we can find there and what it would cost me to actually live under the Mexican sun. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate shows me a collection of villas, condos and land to pick from. I'm not going to be cheap here, so I'm going straight for a nice villa referred to as Prototype A-3. Not the sexiest of names if you ask me, but hey... I'll name my property however I like later. Built on over 2,700 square feet, it comes with a two cars parking space, 4 bedrooms, a pool and terrace. Kitchen, 3 and a half bathroom - the concept of half a bathroom is not that clear to me, but I guess I'll see it when I step in - living room, dining room, service room and TV room are included as well of course. All of that goodness located in a complex (overview here) which was built for those with a busy life yet looking to relax in a refuge with beauty and security.

I have to admit that Real Estate Mexico has plenty of options - I'll have to add Mexico to my list of countries to escape to when life here gets on my nerves :)

Remember that Mexico also is host for La Carrera Panamericana, so all you race fans, pay notice!

Pennies, or big bucks?

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Long time ago - I believe it's been a year and a half, which qualifies as prehistoric in internet time - I stumbled upon Linkworth. The company brings advertisers and publishers together to create a win-win situation: The publisher receives a monetary reward for their time and effort - they're paid - and the advertiser builds links and referrals to their website. The Linkworth company benefits from a percentage of the deal they receive for bringing the two parties involved together.

Sure, you probably wonder, but what's the answer to the "Pennies or big bucks?" question? Do you make money online by participating in this text link advertising business? Well, I just looked up my reports since December 2005 and while I'll not give you an exact, the total amounts to a figure I'd describe as "definitely more as pennies but not big bucks just yet". Once I make more than a months pay in my regular job extra a year, I'd call it big bucks. Other partners' mileage may vary and no doubt are there some who make very good income working with LW.

Linkworth may be less visible as a company than some of the competitors that recently appeared on the market, but they are a solid and trustworthy company that just "is". I don't need the companies I deal with to be vibrant, excessive or in your face - I need them to be knowledgeable, solid, and provide good support. Linkworth is all that and more. Go check it out for yourself :


Bling Bling, you gotta Sin (City)

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What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions Las Vegas? I don't know about you, but the name of the city immediately rings these bells with me: Casino's, One Armed Bandits, Wedding Chapels and Siegfried and Roy. The fact that Vegas is situated in the state of Nevada is something I didn't knew I knew, as it was only until I looked up the wikipedia entry on Las Vegas and I went "Oh, yes... sure!".counttrackula

Sure there must be more to Vegas then the few things that pop into my mind, right? I vaguely recall that Celine Dion did a multi year show in Vegas, which is surprising. Not the fact that the show(s) lasted for several years, but the fact that I know it, as I don't really like Celine Dion :) Argh, the amount of totally useless information one gathers in the course of a lifetime!

Much more useful is the real estate Las Vegas website if you're looking to buy some real estate in the Vegas area. Richard Teausaw, Shawn Phillips and Eddie Stern (any relation to Howard Stern?) are the people you need to see. If I had the cash - and the desire to go live in the city that never sleeps - I'd certainly find a new palace to call home with them. Just be amazed when you browse their listings in the city of Las Vegas, and drool away when all the glitter blinds you. If you'd more interested in a quiet place for yourself, away from the big city yet close enough to pop into town when you need to, Boulder City (established for the builders of the Hoover Dam) sure seems nice! Lovely homes for sale there and the prices are much lower as well. Just see for yourself : Boulder City Homes and real estate. (This post is brought to you by MillionSaverHomes)

Music to my ears

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The days that only the major labels distributed music is gone forever. Sure enough, they may not like that evolution - why else would there be a thing such as the RIAA - but evolution can't be stopped. EMI for one is seriously considering offering music from their catalog without DRM annoyances. I can only guess at the effect this will have on the other labels, but even more on their profits. I don't see those profits crumble because they remove the "protection" (read strict limits) on the music they put out, well on the contrary. But enough about that for the time being...

Some artists, bands like being and staying independent or distribute themselves. Others sign up with Unsigned. In the New-Wave Artists category I found bands such as AquaCow from the USA (who are more Punk then New Wave if you ask me), autobahn_gb from the UK (New Wave/Electro), and HeroMAY (hip/hop, rap) from the States as well. Maybe Unsigned uses a bit too broad categories - or are too lenient on what goes where - but labels are overrated anyway and there are definitely interesting bands on the site.

I decided to check out the Electronica section coz that's more up my sleeve. 70171 brings gentle electro with a beat, enjoyable but not truly my piece of cake. 2kings from London, UK sounds more industrial/metal and Acid Void was another band I may look into deeper. They reminded me a lot about Velvet Acid Christ, and not only because they both have Acid in the band name. I think I'll spend more time in this category of music :)

And when I'm done with that, there's still the Drum n Bass section, Gothic, Techno and Industrial to browse through.counttrackula This post is brought to you by

Blog entries in your mailbox!

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Over the past year(s) I've added a ton of extra tools to this blog that allow people to find me more easily, and get their daily fix in any way they want. You can simply surf to one of the (many) domains pointing to this site, or you can use the various feeds (RSS and Atom) but you can also have the entries mailed to your inbox every day.

Yes, I like to make life as easy as possible, especially as I sometimes tend to get a little technical and/or carried away by my chosen topic.

A new service has appeared on the horizon and it seems to be a winner. Enter email marketing using Zookoda. Their free service will allow me to send out daily, weekly or even monthly updates, easily publish newsletters and create full reports about the fine details.

Imagine not being able to surf the web at work - yeah yeah, I know... you're supposed to work at work, but we all have our little sins, don't we? - but you do have access to email? Problem solved! You can get a free daily update on what tickled my cherry that day, or what ticked me off that week.

The Zookoda service is based on the RSS feeds I already publish, and their service refreshes every 3 hours, which means - in non technical terms - that you'll always know what's going on!

Does this seem interesting to you? Would you like to have this service made available on You know what? I'll register for their free service and let it decide for itself. I'm sure you as well as I will benefit from this new option: you get easy updates and reminders that I'm still alive, and I get to know who reads my rants and opinionated posts... As far as I'm concerned, Zookoda is a win-win service!

Sponsored by Zookoda

Karma : accepting and giving

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You've seen the advertorials I've put up in the previous months, and you are probably wondering if this blog marketing actually pays off?

Well, it certainly does for me. I have been quite picky as to which opportunities I've accepted based on the subject as well as the remuneration offered for them, and the 15 opportunities taken made me a grant total of USD154 so far.

It may not seem a lot to you, but here's what a 150 dollars can do when donated to a Mexican nonprofit community health organization:

- a medical consult for 10 women, or
- a cervical and breast cancer prevention workshop for 90 participants, or
- purchase materials for 100 pregnancy tests.

If you want to spend the cash on yourself, you could get the 2GB iPod nano for $149 and still have some cash left to get some funky songs to put on it. Or why not use the extra money to take your loved one(s) out for a meal?

Sure those are just examples of what you can do with the money earned from blog marketing. I haven't bought myself an iPod though. Instead I've invested in other things:

Second Life - Donations to Centro Mujeres Mexico - Donations for the tor project - ...

I'm a strong believer in karma - most of you know that very well by now - and like to accept with one hand and give with the other. The payperpost people allow me to monetize my time and knowledge and give to causes I care for. Thanks!

Sponsored by PayPerPost

PPP steps up to the challenge

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You probably noticed that I had downscaled a little on the PayPerPost blog entries, but with their recent and constant high paying opportunities it is very hard to resist. Yes, I still get paid to blog, though let it be clear that is not my prime goal for maintaining this blog. I still blog in a regular way about that pleases me and what ticks me off, but the PPP posts are a welcome diversion and extra cash to spend.

Let's for instance take a look at their new system: First of all, they added some functionality that was long overdue so one can check how the PPP people (and advertisers) rank your blog. In earlier days that was a bit a vague and undisclosed system if you ask me. No longer, now it's in the open and clear to everyone where one stands. This also allows for segmentation between high traffic blogs (and bloggers) and lower ranked blogs.

Don't get me wrong, there is much to be made for all ranks, but the top of the chart bloggers can score $1000 deals for just one post! Sure these are exceptional but they do exist. And advertisers seem to be happy about the PPP system as well, as there are lots of return customers - I think the low 35% service fee has something to do with that as well :)

Remember : disclosure is required from all bloggers!

PPP Disclosure Badge

Hard Ca$h

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Ask pretty much anyone in the world what the gambling center of the universe is, and the answer will be Las Vegas. Even though you may have never been there yourself, you can close your eyes and see the strip, the Luxor, the flashing lights and non stop entertainment. I'm not sure I would like to live there, but if I had the chance to visit, I certainly would.

You however, may be looking for some Las Vegas real estate? Are you a pro gambler, or just a lucky citizen with enough money in their pocket to get yourself a nice place in Nevada? Real estate is less of a gamble as pulling the one armed bandit for hours on end, and if you really want to relax, where can you that better than your own home? Hotels are fine, but nothing beats the trusted walls of your own place.

Hold it! If you want to get out and buy right now, I suggest you first take a look at the Million Saver website, these people know everything there is to know about Las Vegas real estate. Working with professionals beats the odds of you winning a poker game, that's for sure. And it'll probably cost you less as well :)

Just so you know

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I just created a disclosure policy for this blog. With some advertising being included every now and then, I figured it would be the right thing to do and be open about. Anyway, the blog will remain as controversial as is ever - or never - was because I refuse to endorse products, services or anything I don't feel neutral or positive about myself. In other words, the chances are slim that you'll see advertising for cigarettes, drugs or gas guzzling cars here.

I'm quite convinced that by now most of you regulars know exactly what you can expect and what you can't. I blog the same way I am in real life : open and quite to the point, refusing to cut corners or accept things that go against my inner guide.

The new disclosure policy can be found here : Our disclosure policy. This is a first version, created using, and it'll be fine tuned and altered to fit my exact needs over the time to come.

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