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It all comes together nicely... well, maybe not all, but some things certainly do. Today I was able to pick up my new (and first) video camera, and the SD HC card I ordered for it turned up on my doorstep as well today. Nice, that means I can actually shoot some video's over the (long) weekend.

What I am lacking though, is a hot girlfriend to do naughty things with while taping it all. Hell, if Paris can release - oops, I mean leak - a sex tape, why can't I? ;)

(If you feel like joining me for some naughty fun on cam - or even without the cam, grin - contact me. However, I won't be posting my e-mail address here... I don't want to be flooded with requests :p You'll have to work for it a bit.)

A new kind of fun

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After I got off from work, I came home, changed clothes and went to the shopping mall to get portrait pictures taken for my new identity card. The bloody thing expires soon, so I'll have to head off to city hall as well, to start a renewal application.

After getting the photographs taken care of, I stopped at an ice cream shop and treated myself to a straciatelli-tiramisu-lemon flavored ice cream while looking at hot women strolling through the mall. Fun times, I tell you :p


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Today, while in the supermarket, I decided to give their self-scan system a go. It was the first time I used it, so it took me a while to get how it worked, but then I went off to a flying start. I swooped through the isles at a neck breaking speed of one type of product every two minutes because I'm still finding my way around that store, and I was happily scanning goods.

Then, as I rounded the corner, I fell in love, right there and then. I would have loved to be to say that it was her deep blue eyes that did me in, or her superb smile, but it wasn't. Sure enough, it turns out she had those two qualities as well, but it was something else. It was her ass. Yes, call me superficial, but hey... if you happen to come up from behind, it's the first thing you notice. Well, at least I did.

It was stunning. Just the right amount of curve, not too fat, not too skinny, but just right. It was wrapped in a sort of greenish camouflage pants that accentuated both halves in a marvelous way, without splitting them apart like a thong would do. My last girlfriend had a magnificent ass, but this surpassed it I'd say, purely based on looks. Of course you don't know what an ass is like till you massaged it, tasted it, slapped it and kissed it, but going on looks... sorry, this ass wins.

While staring at that perfect ass, I was pressing all kinds of buttons on my self scanning device not really paying attention.

I continued my shopping and when I arrived at the counter, and handed over my groceries and device, I got flagged for a check. When I asked the cashier why he didn't tell, but instead showed me the device.

Prod. Ass
Qty. 1
Price : Priceless

I smiled and said "hey... I'd pay anything to take that ass home with me :)".

Everything but the "ass bar code scan" in this story is true. She really had a terrific ass.

Suicide bunny

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While driving home last night, I was suddenly attacked by a vicious suicide bunny that executed his task with vigor and brave. It had probably been laying in wait for several minutes prior to my passage, but when I came within striking distance, it tensed it's muscles, arched it's back and jumped right in front of my car, completing the one goal it had set up to complete : a merciless suicide attack.

The front bender of my car tore loose and I had to take it off a couple of meters further. I'll have to check whether I can reattach it today.

The suicide bunny is probably humping around in bunny heaven, a big grin on it's face in bunny heaven, enjoying the hot furry female bunnies that are waiting in line for a roll in the haystack with the fearless bunny that dared to execute a strike against a car.

You're dead, fool. You won't be fucking virgins, you won't be humping around in heaven. Your torn up body is laying on a frozen streak of asphalt, pummeled by every other car and truck that passes. How glamorous.

(Political Incorrect statements to follow)

Some say that when you die during a vicious attack on the enemy and go to heaven, 40 virgins will be waiting for you.

Once you fuck one of those virgins, she is no longer a virgin. Even if you only use one every week, you'll be out of virgins in 40 weeks. Less then a year of virgin fun in exchange for your life? Seems like a bad deal to me.

Even if you broaden your view on things and take into account that you could use those virgins for vaginal as well as anal fun, you'd be running out in 80 weeks, which is just over a year and a half. Still a bad deal I figure.

Why would anyone want to have sex with 40 virgins? Imagine the mess, the tension, anxiety and all! Having sex with someone who's been around and knows what they enjoy in the bed (or elsewhere) is much more fun I'd say.

(End of political incorrect statements)

Give some, get some

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It seems a certain someone doesn't really care, or doesn't show. Anyway, I'm moving on, that's for sure. It may be a flee, but at least I'm fleeing forward, and not hiding somewhere.

I just ordered tickets for Alex Agnew, whom I really dig as a standup comedian. He's big, bold and bombastic, but it just works. He found his thing so to speak, and I like his style, or lack of it.

Speaking of concerts and shows... Here's what I've lined up for the time being :

Lady GaGa, November 2010*
Lord of the Dance, December 2010*
Alex Agnew, March 2011*

* I will be going to all these shows, and I do have a spare ticket for each of them. I'd rather not go alone, but will not be asking or allowing just anyone to tag along. If you are an interesting female (milfs welcome) that welcomes a night out, feel free to get in touch. I can't promise upfront that I'll pick you to go with me, nor can I promise that I wont (try to) get in your pants, but hey... give some and get some. I'm past caring about the feelings of others for the moment.

Note : the above words might sound sexist. They may be offensive to some. They may... hell I don't really care. It is a joke, yet it is not. I really do have tickets, and I will welcome company. Having huge hooters won't really help you catch my attention. Being witty, funny and honest will. But... I wasn't lying about getting in your pants ;-)

Male Macho Pig!


Statement : "Men don't break out the vacuum cleaner and tidy the place up unless they think it helps them score pussy."

Agree, Disagree? Discuss.

More importantly... does it work?

A star is born (x56)

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For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of days, this entry is all about Kimberly who supposedly got tattooed with 56 stars instead of the three stars she requested. If that still doesn't ring a bell, click here for a ton of links, photographs and other fun.

Being tattooed myself (about 12h in total) - not in my face though - let me set some things straight :

I can't imagine anyone falling asleep during a tattoo session. There's needles poking ink in your skin at a rates of up to a 100 punctures per second. Some describe it as the worst pain ever, others compare it to being scratched by a cat. Everyone is different and yes, the pain does fade a bit as endorphins are released and your body gets accustomed by the sensation of the stinging, but when another section of your skin is being worked on, it starts all over again.

(Update : Kimberly now claims that she didn't fall asleep, but that she passed out, caused by the tattooist putting the needles too deep into the skin on her head. Right...)

You don't fall asleep, unless you're drunk or under the influence of drugs or whatever. Should that have been the case - seriously, I don't know - the tattooist as well as the customer deserve to get shot. Don't take permanent decisions whilst under the influence. Don't tattoo on people that are not within their mind (which includes people being unconscious). Not too hard, is it?

Now Laurette Onkelinx (PS) wants to change current tattoo law following a number of questions/suggestions posed by Katia della Faille (open VLD) :

* The size of the tattoo must be documented in the contract between the tattooist and client beforehand.
* All tattoos should be thought through during a one (or more) day period in which the client can change their mind.

Sure enough, these new proposals sound balanced and not too ridiculous, don't they?

I've never visited a tattoo artist to get some "off the wall" flash art tattooed into my skin, so what I'm describing here is how things usually go for a unique piece of art, also referred to as "custom" pieces.

The customer walks into the tattoo shop, usually with a very detailed idea about what they want, and where they want it. A long conversation with the artist follows in which a couple of things are verified : is the idea technically possible? As an artist, am I capable of doing it? Is the customer certain about their idea and placement? Does the design (in case one is brought in) fit the intended placement? Does it need alterations? Etc...

Most of the time, the artist has nothing but a couple of rough sketches to work with, descriptions and ideas, and that's when the real work starts : not by picking up a tattoo gun and going to work, but by drawing out the full piece on paper, often over the course of several days after which the customer is contacted to come in to take a look. This may very well happen a couple of times before everyone involved is satisfied.

Once the drawing is approved, it is transferred to the skin and last minute changes may be done to make sure the lines and images flow properly with the body structure. Only once all that is done, the actual tattooing can commence.

I've always found that I need a bond with my artist in order to be able to work with them - I don't just walk into a random shop or artist asking for this or that tattoo.

All that taken into account, the new proposed laws won't change much for those who have thought things through and are getting custom work done.

The "I'm-on-vacation-and-the-sun-is-out-and-that-tattoo-looks-so cool/cute/sexy/hardcore/badass" kind of people though will be affected. No more walking in and out 30 minutes or an hour later.

Laws don't prevent stupidity, believe me. If an idiot wants to get tattooed, they'll find a way. If they find out that they'll have to wait and come back a day or two later to get that tough "Taz" tattooed on their butt, they won't come back at all. They'll end up at a shady scratcher that works in the living room in conditions that are far from sterile and whom doesn't care about the law. The idiots will just end up with worse tattoos, which in itself is a good thing : it makes them easier to spot.

Maybe I should support those new tattoo laws after all?

Elections 09 - an overview

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With the elections past us, I'll be pointing out why some political parties got handed to them exactly what they deserved, why some didn't and my view on things. This is based on global trends, not withstanding that there may be very large discrepancies on a local level, and focus is on the Flemish part of the country. The situation in Wallonia is totally different.

CD&V : A clear winner in this election. People seem to fold back to what they've known for a zillion years and apparently where swayed by the "good government" slogan the party has been waving around. Replacing Yves Leterme with Kris Peeters has proven to be good marketing and diversion - people tend to forget quickly. Fortis anyone?

open VLD : Massive loss and not all that unexpected. If the people smell fraud or feel left out, rest assured that it will be dealt with swiftly in an election. Fortis stock sale anyone?

Vlaams Belang : Massive loss. Voters have left Vlaams Belang and flocked to N-VA and LDD, which could mean that their "Our Land, Our People" theme is not as strong as they'd have figured. I remain convinced that Belgium is a country that is open to new people, not matter where their origins lay. Internal bickering probably didn't help either.

LDD : Relatively new party, lead by big mouth Jean-Marie. Has been shouting and making bold statements all the time, but offered very little solutions. It's very easy to yell that something is wrong, but unless you actively work on a solution to fix it, shut up. People have seen right through the charade, and don't they make the 10% cut the party itself had hoped for.

N-VA : Relatively new party that scored very well. Probably attracted all the voters that are convinced that Flanders needs more liberty and independence, yet were not all that convinced by the other themes Vlaams Belang was shoving down their throat. Results of N-VA + CD&V are better compared to 2004 when they formed a cartel, which is rather strange.

SP.a : Pretty big losses and I don't really see a reason for it as of yet. The fact that they were in the current government probably dragged them down along with open VLD, yet CD&V managed to escape that same trap.

Groen! : Small loss at some levels, yet gain 2 seats in Parliament. Not even close to the 10% cut Mieke had hoped for. Their alternative "green economy" plan didn't rally the people as much as it could have. In times of uncertainty most people fold back, and only few push towards new horizons. Without the current financial and economic crisis, things might have been different.

SLP : New party, didn't make the 5% minimum anywhere. Since I don't know anything about their program and have been following politics in regards to this election, this could very well mean that they've got an issue with profiling themselves.

PVDA : Didn't make the 5% minimum, and was not included in most debates nor election overviews beforehand, while SLP was. Doesn't seem all too democratic to me - either you include all parties or you include none. Paying attention to just the same old established parties only enforces the brick wall new ideas and parties run into.

Something that was very obvious is that even though these were European and Flemish Parliament elections, people voted for people and not for programs! Take a look at how the results differ from region to region depending on whether or not a top politician lives in that city or region. I fear that this will only make the inclusion of local or regional "celebrities" more prevalent. It doesn't really matter anymore what it is you stand for, or what program you support, but how marketable you are. Poor Belgium, poor people, poor judgment.

Look the other way

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I was thinking about writing a relatively long and complex post about a proposal launched today by Hugo Vandenberghe (CD&V) - look up his name and you'll probably turn up enough information about his proposal regarding bank management and taking decisions to make up your own mind - but after thinking it over, I've decided not to waste my time on it.

When politicians launch proposals such as this, they shouldn't wonder why they are seeing a huge drop in votes on election day.

Plain wrong?

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Should Opel and Fiat merge, their first family car should be named "Opiate". Market it using the tag line "fun for everyone".

Things you shouldn't say in Holland right now : "I'll be buying myself a new Suzuki Swift, because I keep on missing my bus".

Right on

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Rather tired, but while browsing the international section of The Pirate Party, I noticed this quote and found it very to the point :

"Authority questions you. Return the favor."

Feel free to discuss.

Clothespin Questions


I just got back from the cinema where I saw "SM Rechter". For those unaware about the plot, the movie is based on a true story where a judge is convicted and stripped of all his rights and pension because he agreed to practice SM with his wife. She was the initiating party and asked him to perform these things on her. For the record, they are still living together and still very much in love, even though the judicial system chewed them up and spit them out for following their most intimate and private desires.

Doesn't it strike anyone as curious by the way that a search for the name Koen Aurrousseau or Magda De Herdt results in little to no information about the original case? Sure, back in the days internet wasn't used as much to blog or express opinions but I consider the case to be one of the most important in regards to invasion of privacy.

Anyway, the movie only makes my anger grow stronger, for how this couple has been treated, and for that reason I would like everyone to think really hard about a couple of things. I'm not even expecting feedback or a comment... the mere fact that you've given it a couple of minutes of your time is enough for now.

Question # 1 : Should laws exist to regulate all things in life, whether it is public, private or somewhere in between?

Question #2 : If these laws should exist, who would you consider capable to create those laws and where possible prosecute cases based upon them.

Question #3a : If a certain excess or an extreme case pops up, which is not yet covered by a law, would you want a law to be created in order to stop these excesses in the future?

Question #3b : Even if such a new law could also lead to prosecution of cases that are - for the time being - considered "acceptable" by a (silent) majority?

I think most of my readers already know what I think about the Aurrousseau case depicted in the movie, or how I feel about invasion of privacy and the continuing battle to safeguard the rights of the individual, free speech and free thinking. Anyway, I've left the answers to those same questions in a comment, so feel free to glance over them AFTER you've come up with your own :)

PS : If you come back from the movie and only recall seeing ropes, boobs and spanking, you've totally missed the point and I suggest you rent some bondage or SM movie that was created specifically to arouse you. The SM content is nothing but a clothespin that holds the much more prying and important underlying theme up : do we still have the right to decide about our own body for ourselves?

PS2 : not as unrelated as you may think in these days of digital imaging, video and communication - Surveillance Self-Defense (site created by EFF)

Games and Scents

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This will be a bit of a game related post, so if that doesn't interest you, skip it :)

I've just finished the Love is in the Air seasonal achievement in WoW, entitling me to carry the ServMe, Love Fool title proudly. In a matter of minutes I'll complete "To All the Squirrels I've Loved before" which probably won't get me a title but was fun to do anyway.

In Second Life - yeah I was still sort of active there as well, though at a very very low level - I've taken the final decision to sell the SoulManager sim off. In the rare case no buyer is found, I'll return it to Linden Lab and take a good USD350 bill off of my monthly cost.

Yeah, it has been fun even though I never got to run the sim break even, the friendship and residents I found there made it worth every cent. Since I had mentioned a potential sale to my residents - I like being open and honest - most of them decided to move out right away, for which I definitely don't blame them. However, losing the income only makes the monthly tier harder to carry myself, making the final sale decision easier.

Easier is only figuratively speaking though as I did shed a tear when I was talking to the last couple of residents and bringing up memories. It will not be the end of my SL life as such, but I doubt I'll ever get that involved in SL again. It's been a fun two years, but the time has come to finalize things and tie up loose ends.

Totally unrelated but worth a mention : my work jacket smells like woman, lol. Hot Chick wore it today as her jacket was borrowed by accident by another colleague and she needed to go out for some tasks and it was raining. I offered her mine and even though it was way to large for her, she accepted. Now it smells like her, which definitely is not a bad thing, grin.



A black woman visits her OBGYN and when she's in the stirrups getting an examination, the doctor says "yes, everything is fine", followed by "oh, I see it too now" a fraction later. Immediately, the black woman asks with a scared voice what is wrong, but the doctor doesn't reply. "I'll have to get my wife in so she can take a look too", he says. Feeling rather uncomfortable, the woman stays in the chair while the obgyn goes to get his wife.

They both return and the wife starts looking at the black woman's nether region and then says to her husband "See honey, I was right!". Now running rather scared, the patient once again demands to know what it is that's wrong. "Oh, nothing really", the doctor says. "It's just that we ordered a new black Porsche and we were thinking about getting the red leather seats and interior, and it has now become very clear that it is not such a good idea".

The rise and fall of hypes

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Today is what many people would describe as "an important day". In that regard, they are quite often referring to the - as this post is written, upcoming - inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th president of the United States of America on January 20th 2009.

However, let's not forget that the man has become more of a symbol then anything else. He personifies the change that can be achieved, but he can't do it alone. He'll be fighting against huge expectancies and will most likely fail just because of what people expect him to accomplish overnight.

Symbols and Icons are very powerful aids in accomplishing goals, but they are easily taken down and disregarded. A realistic point of view would be to see that Barack has accomplished something extraordinary, but if you want to see actual change for the better, now it is your turn to step up to the plate and give it your best shot too. Change is slow and steady process, which has to be supported by a mass, not something that happens at the flick of a switch or the snap of a finger.

I almost was about to end this entry with a seemingly mandatory "god" reference when it comes to speeches in the USA, but I'm not. I can think for myself, thank you.

A wasted morning


I'd like to start off by clearly stating that I think the right to strike is a necessity, and not a privilege. With that out of the way, let's take a look at today's national strike in Belgium which is organized to put pressure onto employers and politicians to make sure the wages an average Joe and Jane make keep up with the ever increasing cost of living.

I left home at 6h45 and was back home at 09h00. I was planned to have a training session today, which fell through due to strikers denying access to the plant where I work. A quick calculation tells me that 2h and 15 minutes of travel would cost about 31 euro based on the average hourly rate I get paid. Then there is the cost of the trip itself which is - based on official rates - good for another 12 euro. Total cost : 43 euro.

We're not even taking into calculation the resources and trainers allocated for the training that fell through, not forgetting it will need to be rescheduled. As far as I can see, my net purchasing power has taken a dip due to the strike, opposed to being safeguarded.

If you think I have missed something essential here, feel free to let me know :)

For Pony!

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The number of posts on this blog have been dwindling lately and though it seems that I no longer touch some of the more serious topics here, this doesn't mean that I no longer care or don't have an opinion about them. Let's take for instance the debate and commotion about the financial crisis, not only in the USA, but also in Europe.

While it may seem that it all started with the sub-prime bubble bursting in the US, I'm convinced that if you believe that, you are missing the whole underlying issue. Most - I'm no financial expert - European banks have not issued sub-prime mortgages, yet they did invest in institutions that did. Take away a certain amount of support beams from a building and it loses integrity and collapses. If you build your house on quicksand, should you be surprised that even after years of relative stability, suddenly cracks appear and minutes later the whole place tears apart?

What we see right now is not the result of the sub-prime market collapsing, but rather symptoms of a fundamentally flawed way of doing business. It's always about "more for less", extending credits for which there is no security, consumerism and meeting expectations.

The past week(s), both in the USA as well as in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) politics and central banks alike have been fabricating over the top plans to "save failing banks". Last time I checked, banks were companies that worked to earn cash, they are commercial entities. If you are willing to take risks, you should not come knocking on the door when things go wrong, but refuse interaction or sharing when you rake in the big bucks. You can't have all the benefits, but none of the potential risks.

Now, let it be clear that while I would most definitely support seeing one of the current players in this crisis fail, it would also have a serious impact on people that "assumed" their money was safe. If I deposit money into a bank - yes, I do that too - I get a return on it. That return is the payment for letting the bank use my resources to generate more for themselves, however, that also means that I carry at least a part of the risk involved of doing business. If there is no risk, there is no reward.

I guess that what I'm trying to say here is that even John Doe should think twice before accepting an offer, before signing up for yet another credit, or at least try to know what exactly he is investing in. If we all took a bit more responsibility for our actions and choices, there would be less need to clean up the mess later.

Time to move?

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According to a recent demographic study, Australia is suffering from a shortage of men, and especially the coastal area's (cities) are affected. I always have been interested to visit that faraway country, why not consider moving there? (Link)

Who am I kidding - as if it would change anything, lol.

Stephen Sommers sucks

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Director Stephen Sommers demanded actress and overall hottie Sienna Miller to use bra padding while playing her role in the yet to be released GI Joe movie. According to Stephen the role required a woman with a full chest (read "big boobs") in order to be portrayed as "hot". Well, have I got news for you, Stephen Sommers : there is no direct correlation between breast size and hotness.

Luckily for you, there is also no direct correlation between brain size and taste (or the lack there of). Anyway, I'd like everyone to let Sienna know that she is totally hot and that I like her breasts the way they are! She wasn't mentioned in my FMH Top 10 without reason...

Fun with spam

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As I was quickly skipping over a ton of spam messages - I know I'll be flooded by the time I get back - one caught my eye : "Mariah Carey wants to have your kids".

I know better then to actually open or click around spam mails, but if the topic were true : "where and when baby?" That is assuming she hints at the actual act of making babies, not trying to steal kids (I don't have).

Lol, writing blog posts at six in the morning is always a bit of a challenge and I'm probably too tired to make much sense. But still, if Mariah asked, I wouldn't mind trying a couple of times; grin.

Ready to party?


I just called my site supervisor to verify whether he managed to change two shifts for me, giving me an extra two days of holiday, and much to my surprise, he told me he did. But let me start from the beginning :

On Tuesday, he came to me to see if I could work nights on the weekend of the 10th and 11th instead of a late shift. I explained to him that while I was not opposed to it, it would cut into my planned holiday, starting the 12th, and as I already had few days of leave, that would only complicate things further. So I proposed to him to cover those two nights for him, providing he'd find a way to cover my night shifts of the 19th and the 20th, which would give me an extra 2 days off.

He's happy, I'm happy, so that's all good I suppose. Of to Joco's now and they we're off to actually book the damn holiday, lol.

For those who have been wondering about the question "who’d be my 2 favorite “fuck” choices according to you", the answer is quite difficult. Joco suggested Cameron Diaz and Rihanna, while Nadia picked Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel. I think my top choice however would be Halle Berry, and any of the others would be a still very enjoyable second fuck.

Cameron is totally hot in reality, but really doesn't look all that good on the picture used in the Top 100. Halle looks stunning anywhere and anytime if you ask me and Jessica is the hot girl next door, but her boobs are too big. Though I must admit they fit her frame nicely and look all natural. Sienna looks like a classy lady in the photograph and Rihanna in her leather (or is it latex) suit could get even a dead man hot I guess. Rachel Stevens looks like the perfect girlfriend but Vanessa Hudgens and Holly Valance win me over with their smile and twinkle in their eyes.

All things considered, I think my top two would be Halle and Sienna.

Note : The flight and hotel have been booked, and I've left a pointer as to where we're going in this post.

Jumping on thin ice?


It's been a long and busy day, but in the end everything nicely fell in place. I'll sleep like a baby though (unfortunately, that doesn't mean I get to suck on nipples all night long, lol).

Fitna - the (controversial) movie about the Islam by Geert Wilders has been released and can be viewed on I'll be providig a direct link to the english version as well as a link to liveleak using the coral content distribution network, which would save them some bandwidth : Liveleak through CDN. If the latter works, please use that link.

If anyone wants to leave a comment that I'm promoting hate or anger from or towards certain social, religious or racial groups, feel free to do so. I am an avid supporter of free speech, and also support it when a message I don't agree with is being sent. I haven't seen the movie yet, so can't comment on it. If I find the time to actually watch it and write something about it, you'll be able to read it here.

Note : I also think that anything and everything should be allowed to become the subject of humor, even if it could be considered offensive to some. Feeling offended by something that is being said, written or depicted means you take yourself or your ideas too serious anyway. People don't make (good) jokes about things they don't understand, or at least have thought about. Humor can be subtle, in your face or extreme. Even if it seemingly makes fun of your beliefs, consider it a form of flattery. If your beliefs were unimportant, no one would bother making jokes about it.

Change vs Status-Quo

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I'm not an American resident, nor do I have a vote in US elections, but if I had, I'd lean very much to the side of this man : Barack Obama. I've been reading both the programs and ideas of Hillary, as well as Barack and think the latter would be the best choice overall. Now, let it be clear that both candidates make a lot of promises and that - as with every politician - it remains to be seen how much of their program they will remember when they are elected, but as that issue is equally present for all candidates, that doesn't influence the equation at all.

Apart from the fact that I think the current political system in the US lacks a lot - I think everyone should get up, register and vote. Not because I tell you to do so, but because you should realize that it is your future you can help shape.

Every vote counts

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Normally when my alarm clock goes off, I jump out of bed and am awake - not so today. I turned around, listened to at least one more song on the radio and then just knew that if I didn't push myself to get out of bed right that moment, I'd fall asleep again and miss work. Not that I'd terrible care about that, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I'll be making a 12 hour switch in my sleeping pattern and go from early shifts to graveyard shifts.

Today is election day over here, so this afternoon I'll probably be watching TV, sucking in all the results. For some strange reason I love seeing the results flow in, see who did well where, and how the party leaders react to these figures. Unfortunately, I can't go vote myself today due to work, but Joco has kindly agreed to go cast a vote for me, and I trust him with it. Yeah, I'm strange like that as well : most people think of voting as a pain in the ass, but I even took the necessary steps to make sure that I actually can have my voice heard instead of just using my get-out-of-voting-duty-free card.

When I consulted a vet when I adopted Tai, she said he was a European Shorthair. I think she may be wrong, I'm quite convinced he's an Australian Vegetarian Tiger instead. How else do you explain him catching and chasing kiwi's through the house? I had put some kiwi's on the counter to let them ripen and I could understand him checking them out and throwing one to the ground while being a bit overly enthusiastic. But two? Nah... only the Australian Vegetarian Tiger does that :)

Too bad the site is nothing but advertising. It that kind of spoof site I could have come up with, or a service I could use. Sure, I admit it's quite disrespectful, but it could be so much fun at the same time ;-)

Fools on TV


Question from a journalist : "Did you know the woman very well?"
Answer from random interviewee : "Oh yes, I knew her very well. I often saw her in the street. Her kids went to the same school as mine."

Excuse me, but seeing someone in the street doesn't fit the definition of "knowing someone very well" if you ask me. I wonder why some people don't realize they're making a fool of themselves, nor why the journalist doesn't realize that no story is better than a story that doesn't make any sense, or contains no facts at all.

I suppose I'm asking for too much...

Recognize this?


This is insane

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Countering the Negative with Positive(s)

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Maybe fretting over the problems to be with my ADSL connection is pointless when one realizes that some people still don't get it : Bush Administration Plans to Bring Back Nuclear Testing.

Which reminds me that I still have to finish reading "The Bomb : A Life" by Gerard DeGroot that focuses on the race towards nuclear arms and their development, and the scientific as well as political evolution that lead to these weapons or were caused by them.

Then again, maybe not all is lost : Sunswift III: Fuelless Transport - Exhibit A. If that was too extreme or "not practical in everyday use" (to which I agree, but the development will trigger new applications), maybe Venturi Eclectic: Fuelless Transport - Exhibit B is more acceptable?

But, is everybody with it yet? Apple has toxic core: Greenpeace. Steve Jobbs reposted during the slideshow presentation of the new Apple iPhone : (the lobby group should) "get out of the computer business [and] go save some whales". I believe the ongoing GP campaigns towards Apple must be hurting, otherwise I can't think of any "good" reason to come up with a tasteless comment as the one Jobbs made above.

Externalities and management


This story may not seem quite interesting to any of you (Mitchell Wal-Mart employees upset bomb threat didn't lead to evacuation) but I suggest you read Bruce Schneier's comments on the story here : Wal-Mart stays open during bomb scare.

Who gets to make the decisions about what threats are serious and how to react to them? Can management disregard the recommendations of police officers and not evacuate? Is it acceptable that if it goes wrong, management can externalize the cost of the damage? Would it help that if management decides to go against the recommendation of government agencies, and certain damage occurs, that management has to absorb these costs?

I assume there will be little to no feedback on this issue from most of my readers, but I urge you to think about it, because it'll affect you sooner or later.

Help Levenslijn? Not anymore!

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Can anyone explain to me what is incomprehensible, offensive or inappropriate about this site? I decided to sponsor the Levenslijn actie by sending an SMS message to a special number, and in return my message would appear on the Boerentoren in Antwerp.

Great - or so I thought at first - way to help out and promote the site at the same time. So, I entered the message and sent it off. Notice the .be extension that I used, to make sure the "message" would be more localized and fitting to the audience.

The "screener" which according to the rules published on the site is an independent person, didn't approve my message. They gladly accepted my money though!

I can't help it but feel a little ripped off by this whole thing. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to get something out of it apart from just the knowledge that my text message/money could help others, but that's not how things like this work for me. I'm perfectly fine doing things for free for people I love and care about, but when it comes to multi million euro non profit organizations, I expect something in return. No more sponsoring Levenslijn for me, that's for sure.

And who gets stuck with the bill?

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I'm getting more and more pissed off at recent decisions made by our current government. Today it was announced that in order to close a 600 million euro gap in the budget for 2006, they are considering selling 62 public buildings, which then will be leased back from the new owners. Especially since the whole operation needs to be completed before December 29th, the potential new owners are getting a superb deal as there will be no margin to solicit higher bids.

In short and normal words : "How do we replace a medium financial hole in 2006 with a huge financial gap in 2007 till the end of time?" Very mature and solid political thinking.

Now, I wonder how can we do something about it? Any ideas?

Pussy Power

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Marisa (lawyer, muse, blogger, superwoman, cauliflower and columnist) recently said she loved the My Puss video by Margaret Cho. I just watched it and indeed it is good. Watch and Love!

PS : My Puss is a tribute video to Mickey Avalon, who created the My Dick video.

More Cash, Less Ethics : ACE Bank


For those of you that don't know what this is all about, allow me to explain. A couple of weeks ago, a new "bank" appeared in Belgium, promoting itself as a subsidiary of a large financial group that wished to remain incognito for the time being. Ace Bank is transparent and goes for high profit margins, by investing in the defense sector, in corporations that heavily rely on low wage labor, ...

Customers were offered the choice to reap the profits of these investments, check out their website at

Watch the Ace Bank documentary here : Ace Bank Movie.

Note : Ace Bank doesn't exist. Or does it? Is your bank an Ace Bank without you realizing it? Ace Bank documentary and concept by Netwerk Vlaanderen.

Looks and Brains

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Don't hold it against me, but as I was watching Beauty and the Nerd, I really wondered where they found the contestants. Allow me to give some examples of questions posed in the elimination contest.

Where can you find the bikini line on a female body? Possible answers : around the shoulders, around the chest, around the groin. The nerd answers : "the chest". No score :)

On a car with a manual transmission, which pedal is used to brake? Possible answers : The right, the middle or the left pedal. The Beauty answers : "the right". Crash! No score.

By all means, if these two would mate, you'd get average looking dumb offspring, grin.

I can understand not knowing everything about everything, but these questions ain't hard. They're common knowledge - as far as I know. Maybe I'm just not nerdy nor beautiful enough :)

Time to confess


It's been a while since I wrote about politics, hasn't it? Lately I covered quite some technical subjects, I wrote about my crazy cat, my broken car and my lack of a love life. All pretty boring, so why not revive a topic that's been off the blog for too long? With the upcomming election in Belgium - tomorrow - I thought it was a good opportunity to take a look at all parties and decide who I'll be voting for. It's not as if I have no clue yet, but the details ain't set in stone.

First of all, tomorrow I have to work. Which is a perfectly legal reason not to vote, I even have a letter from my employer stating that I'll be working on sunday and am thus exempt from casting my vote. Belgian citizens are obligated to vote, it's madatory. Unless you find a way out of it, that is. That's the way most people see it, but I disagree. I don't have the obligation to vote, I have the right to do so. I can express my choice in the votingbooth, I have a "democratic" voice in the ruling of Belgium. I'm a small nut or bolt in the complete and complex mechanism that makes things work - or not work - in this tiny country of ours. And I'm glad to be part of it.

So, even though I have a way out, I'll do everything possible tomorrow to go and cast my vote. It's not an obligation, it's my right.

Let's take a look at the options and parties :

For the district I can choose between VLD - Vivant, sp.a - spirit - groen!, Vlaams Belang/VLOTT, CD&V/N-VA and PVDA+. VLD - Vivant have no topics or ideas that attract me, so I probably won't be voting for them. Vlaams Belang and VLOTT are the right wing extremists whom never have actually "ruled" and play the underdog because "the majority is denying 30% of the voters their right to participate". Whether or not the "Cordon Sanitaire" is a good thing or an instrument of the devil remains to be seen, but they certainly won't be getting my vote.

PVDA+ is located quite far left on the political scale, and I know little of their ideas and programs. Dirk Van Duppen is a local doctor and candidate for PVDA+, and I've read one of his books, which was very interesting. Interesting enough to give my vote to them, I don't know. Probably not.

Which leads me to sp.a - spirit - groen!,a tri-party setup, that looks promising. I've voted sp.a in the past, I have also voted groen! in the past, which makes 2 out of three. Not bad an option. Quite likely to get my vote.

CD&V/N-VA has become the hype of the town, with Yves Leterme scoring well in polls. But is their program strong enough to convince me? Maybe, maybe not.

Does it come to anyones surprise that I'll probably be voting left'ish? Who will you be voting for?


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I'm about to write a post containing quite some negative feelings, so for those of you looking for the positive things in life, skip this entry.

When sellers on ebay promise a shipping in 1 to 2 days, I expect to see my goods show up in under a week. When I buy something on sunday evening, and pay the same day (using PayPal), I'd say the seller should ship on tuesday at the latest. Adding 2 more days for delivery, the objects should arrive friday, possibly monday. When I contacted the seller, he said the courrier had picked everything up, and delivery was to happen on tuesday (9 days after my purchase). Today is wednesday and I've yet to see the first delivery arrive. I mailed them again today, so far without reply... It does piss me off, can you believe that? I dislike it even more when suddenly this very active seller has no more objects for sale on ebay, something is fishy here!

Cats that tend to want attention all the time piss me off as well - so Tai, this one is for you - if I'm home for a day I'd like to do things I enjoy and while cuddling with you is one of the things I like, I don't feel like petting you 24 hours a day. Get the picture already and go the fuck to sleep and leave me alone. Warning : Playing with and in your waterbowl is not an acceptable replacement activity for sleeping!

The first episode of the new Tragger Hippy season was funny, but not nearly as funny as before. I can usually see the plot from a mile away, which makes some jokes plain boring. Too bad.

If people only know me and mail me because they have computer problems, I tend to get pissed off as well. Let's take D. for instance. I've been to her place a few times, fixing both the computer she and her husband use, as well as the kids machines. All for free. Last time I charged them, but only a fraction of the real cost. She mailed me again last week, asking if I could come over to fix yet again a problem. I replied with what I thought was the problem, and how she could fix it. If she still wanted me to come over, I would charge a certain amount of money.

She never replied, not even to say the problem was fixed using my solution offered by mail and for free. It's weird how you don't mean shit if they don't need you and when they do, they don't want to give anything up in exchange for the time and effort you spend solving their issues. I really have to get more firm with users and abusers to weed out the crap. Seems D. won't be requiring my services anymore :)

My sense of humor

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It may be me that's weird, but I found this quote rather funny :

"It's supposed to smell like a cunt, not a fucking rain forest!" (unknown female)

And, I'll throw in a joke as well (blatantly ripped from someone else, of course).

A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. While they're sitting there having a good time together she starts talking about this really great new drink. The more she talks about it, the more excited she gets, and starts trying to talk her boyfriend into having one. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following on the bar -- A saltshaker, a shot of Baileys, and a shot of lime juice.

The boyfriend looks at the items quizzically and the woman explains. "First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth,and finally you drink the lime juice." So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it.

He puts the salt on his tongue, salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys - smooth, rich, cool, very pleasant. He thinks - this is OK. Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it....

In one second the sharp lime taste hits...

At two seconds the Baileys curdles....

At three seconds the salty curdled bitter taste hits.

This triggers his gag reflex but being manly, and not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend, he swallows the now nasty drink.

When he finally chokes it down he turns to his girlfriend,and says, "Jesus, what do you call that drink?"

She smiles widely at him and says, "Blow Job Revenge".


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"We are apalled and disgusted that 72 hours before the cease fire between Israël and Lebanon, 90% of the attacks with cluster bombs occurred."

"All the weapons we use 'are legal under international law, and their use conforms with international standards.'", Israeli Army states.

Tons of countries produce cluster bombs (PDF File), but the USA is the world's largest manufacturer. There are international standards for the use of these devices, hence there seems to be a standard and agreed upon regulation on how to kill people using a device that knows a 30% failure rate.

Don't come claiming to be disgusted that these devices are used, when you don't ban the production of them! Some sources state that right now, Belgium is the only country to have issued a ban on the use (carrying), transportation, export, stockpiling, trade and production of cluster munitions, yet there are some companies active in Belgium that produce cluster munitions according to a study conducted by some NGO's. Especially Forges de Zeebrugge, a subsidiary of Thompon Dasa Armaments (TDA), is mentioned in this regard. TDA is a joint venture between Thales and EADS GmbH. I'll leave it up to you to dig up more info...

Do you SWOP?

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As I was reading Vixen - The Daily Dildo I stumbled upon a reference to Jack's Raging Mommy, who asks "Do You SWOP?". If you have no idea about the meaning of the acronym, go read the entry. It'll be bloody obvious in a matter of seconds. If you feel less adventurous and wish to know beforehand what you're getting into, hover here : SWOP. Then again, if you first hoovered here, you probably don't SWOP :)

I usually don't SWOP, as there are tons of other possibilities, but I have no moral objections against it. Never say never and all that, you know?

a Hot Tip

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Although the heatwave is over in Belgium for now, I'm glad The Mighty Geek shares tips on how to deal with it. Go read his advice : What I Do During A Heat Wave.


Sneak, drop, run


I'll have to teach Tai how to perform a drop kick onto the mailman from the third floor. I haven't been out till 11h30, yet I find a note in my mailbox that an attemped was made to drop off a package but that no one was home. I think the belgian postal services use very bizarre methods to determine if anyone is home. Let's compare my method and theirs, shall we?

Mine : "Ring bell, wait for reaction. No reaction, ring again. Wait. No reaction? Leave."
Belgian Postal Service : "Sneak up to mailbox, drop card using stealth, run away."

I can understand they can't wait around forever to see if anyone is home, but you have to admit that it's mighty convenient to have customers come pick up their parcels instead of delivering them again. I could fill out the card, send it to the post office and request a second attempt to deliver it and then camp near the mailbox, but for some reason or another, I don't really feel that's the way it's supposed to be.

I'll go pick it up tomorrow, I've got to head into town for new photographs anyway. My ID is up for renewal, and I'll be getting one of those nifty electronic ones. Maybe I should try to hack it to see how smart it really is, or find a way to lift information on it that is not supposed to be accessible by everyone. Makes you wonder why they'd try to safeguard data on it in the first place...


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Lebanon firing missiles at Israel, Israel moving troops, bombing airfields. Soldiers being ambushed, civilians dying. Is it all worth it?

I really don't see what any of the parties involved have to gain from this conflict? A moral victory while survivors are cleaning up the rubbish and dead people are being burried, in both countries. Accepting the beliefs and ideas of others is so simple a thing to do, even if you don't agree. Apparently, talking takes more effort than pushing a button and ordering people around as if it were toy soldiers. Crazy!

As you may notice, I don't take a stance in this matter, I don't decide who's right and who's wrong. Who should win and who should back off. My time is too precious to waste on trivial things like this. Yes, I just wrote that a war between two countries is trivial, at least it is to me. It probably is not to the people involved in the conflict, that is for sure. I'd rather focus myself on doing what I believe is good for me and those around me. I can't change what happens 3000 kilometers away, but I can certainly put my own circle of influence to use.

Cheap fun

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I was inside the bank, checking some accounts and statements when I suddenly noticed my neighbor walking by. Well, walking maybe ain't the correct word for his uncontrolled movements, stumbling would describe it better. Surely enough he had been on a drinking trip and was now trying to find his way back home. Which is not really that hard considering the distance from his favorite pub to his place is less than a kilometer, but if your legs decide to walk left, your body leans back and your brain - or what's left of it - yells "bollocks!" even a hundred meters suddenly become a real Olympic challenge.

Needless to say, I kept an eye out for him while I was finishing my business, and then started walking about 10 meters behind him. Not because I was scared he'd trip over and fall - hell I couldn't care less - but exactly because I was hoping he'd trip over and fall. It's not like drunks know what hit them anyway, and the bruises and cuts, they can deal with the day after. Unfortunately for me and luckily for him, he made it home in one piece though he barely missed some streetlights I must say. I got into the elevator after he had already gone up and was out of sight, and I was greeted by a nice mixed odor of sweat, booze and cigarettes.

Yeah, not really nice of me to write all this, is it? But hey... I've got a real problem with drunken people, does it show?

You just got owned, bitch

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While once again lots of people are blaming violent videogames for recent events in some major cities, I think it is too simple a statement. People do what they feel like, they decide for themselves and while some environments - as for instance portraied in videogames - can make belief some actions are acceptable, there is a huge difference between a videogame and the real world.

If videogames can alter the state of mind of some people, so can (kick)boxing, auto racing, pistol shooting and other extreme or violent sports. Does anyone suggest banning football matches from TV? Hooligans are not the nicest of people, I'd say.

I don't think it's wise to ban everything that may or not may affect people, instead we should teach people that there is a place and time for everything.

While you're down there, shine my shoes...

Yepz, I played too much DefJam fight for NY ;)

I guess it all makes sense...

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I don't know if anyone has really been following the Ayaan Hirsi Ali story as it unfolded in the Dutch press the past few days, but I think it all makes perfect sense. Let's see what has been happening so far. In 1992, Ayaan Hirsi Ali requests and is granted asylum in The Netherlands. She claims to have fled Somalia, where at the time a civil war was going on. She is granted asylum and gets the Dutch nationality as well. After studying politics, in 2003 she is elected. Her first political party is the socialist "Partij van de Arbeid" (PvdA), which she leaves later on to join the liberal party "VVD".

So far so good, wouldn't you say? It's the success story everyone is looking for : a young woman escapes the war, builds a life of her own in another country and she lands a high profile job thanks to all her hard work.

However, the story is slightly different. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not her real name, Ayaan Hirsi Magan is her birthname. She didn't flee from the civil war in Somalia when requesting refuge in Holland, but she was in fact living in Germany for a short while and before Germany, she lived in peaceful Kenia for 12 years. "I made up a story that would get me the necessary asylum and papers", Hirsi admits now. The fact that she wasn't born in 1969 but in 1967 is just another simple bump in the road.

Now that shit is literally hitting the fan, Ali decides not to wait for heaven to come down on her, but rather "flee" to America where she'll have a job waiting for her, working for the AEI in Washington, a conservative think tank that advises - amongst others - president Bush.

Am I surprised to see a woman go from liberal to conservative, (ab)using every rule and opportunity possible to benefit herself, join a conservative advisory group? Not really. Nor am I surprised to see AEI accept these kind of people...

Right or Wrong?

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Principal bars Coral Springs student from singing anti-Bush song at talent show. (link found through TalkLeft)

A small Dutch article about it can be found here : Lied tegen Bush geweerd van talentenjacht op basisschool (source : GVA)

Things like this always make me wonder... what's next?

Freya doesn´t get it

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Freya Van den Bossche (sp.a) today gave a speech where she announced that the energy bill for people should be lower, and the difference should be paid by the energy producing sector. One company in particular was mentioned - Electrabel - which really suprises me. Sure enough she may just have wanted to make an easy statement, singling out one company to make it more understandable, but I think that results in quite the opposite effect. Apart from such a communication fluke, the idea itself is pretty insane - instead of taking hard(er) path to a long term solution, once again politicians opt for the short term ideas that will get them votes in the upcoming elections (october 06).

There are two ways to lower energy bill for consumers :
- force companies to charge less and thus lower their profits (and possibly investments in the long run)
- make consumers aware of ways to save energy, thus lowering their energy bill

I think we should first follow option 2 before looking at option 1, even if companies sometimes make an insane amount of profit. Companies have a legal obligation towards their stockholders to maximize profits, no matter what, as long as it makes economic sense.


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This is entry number 2550, and because the last one was rather serious, I'm opting for something a little less challenging today : BloodRayne, featuring Kristanna Loken (Worn like a Tattoo, Terminator 3, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Voyager, ...) and Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Fast and the Furious, SWAT, Girlfight, ...). There are probably other actors involved as well, but they ain't as hooooot ;)


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Talk to and play with the ladies : De Ultieme Fantasie & Temptation Island

Box On!

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I may write a long entry about the whole day - which turned out awsome - later on, but for now I want to focus on the last 4 hours or so. When we got back home, we had cheese and coffee and started talking amongst each other. Over the course of the evening - and night - people started leaving for home until it was just 5 people left. Two couples : B&H and N&H and one single : me.

We did some mental ping pong, verbal tennis... If you don't know what that is, it is very simple. It's not really a game, but rather lots of wits flying around, making fun, throwing verbal punches and receiving some as well. There is no scoreboard, but there is loads of fun to be had.

How does it happen? One just throws a topic in the group and then sees who runs with it. It's a bit like running with scissors : fun and exciting, but potentially dangerous. Every topic is a start, a chance to score and outwit the others, but also a potential danger as your wits bounce back and slap you in the face. I love it...

However, you can't play this with everyone. You need people you know, you are comfortable with and who play on the same level. If you play fast and the others just don't get it or are constantly outwitted, there is no match, no fun. It's punch, dodge, score, duck. Give and take.

Hans is relatively new in the family and I know we can be a bit intimidating sometimes, especially when goes at it full force, but he really stood his ground. There are lots of things he hasn't picked up yet, but that is quite normal : only if you play it a lot, you get to like it and get better at it. So, Hans... keep it up, you're doing great. Just don't keep digging your own grave when you're in deep already. Allow us to do that for you ;)

PS : friedkitten is now also reachable through!


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A fine selection of idiots around the world in the news today :

- Former South-African deputy president Jacob Zuma, currently on trial in Johannesburg for rape, declared that he "took a shower after having unprotected sex with a HIV-positive woman to lower the risk of infection". I wonder what it takes to become president in South-Africa? Showering does not lower the risk of HIV infection after having unprotected sex, let that be clear. Furthermore, Zuma is a former president of the South-African National Aids Council, which makes one expect he knows something about aids and hiv, doesn't it? Apparently not. I guess he wasn't thinking straight. If he doesn't get convicted for rape, he should at least get convicted for being a fool, and for setting the wrong example. Update on May 3rd by "Nyx" : outcome of the trial is expected May 8th 2006.

- On tuesday afternoon, a 41 year old male was electrocuted in a transformation station in Charleroi (Belgium). An accident you may say, but not really. He was probably trying to steal cables in a live transformation station, to which he forced entry using a screwdriver and a crowbar. He probably saw the light, although very briefly. His connection was cut for sure :)

Mailservers are the devil

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Lol, helpdesking over the phone is so much fun. My dad just called me to see if I could figure out why his mail stopped working. He could still surf the web, so the link itself wasn't totally dead. We quickly went over some account details, but it all checked out, yet no connection to the mail server.

A telnet session to the server failed as well, even though I had no problem connecting to it, coming from an IP address that doesn't even belong to the provider my dad uses. When I asked more questions as "what caused your mail connection from failing" and "did you change anything lately" the answer I got at least gave me a clue : oh yeah, I used some tune-up utility to get rid of old crap and make my machine faster.

I told him to have the program undo whatever it fucked up and then try the telnet connection again. There is little point in reinstalling his mailprogram if even a basic function like telnet ain't able to get a connection. His next computer comes with only webmail, I joked ;)

I just finished watching a very interesting documentary about spiders, narrated by David Attenborough and titled "The Silk Spinners", part of the "Life in the Undergrowth" series made in 2005. I was totally fascinated I must admit and I think even people that have a serious dislike for these extraordinary animals would find it interesting.

Yesterday we had a meeting with all the people living in our apartment block and one of the things on the agenda was the fact that a couple renting on the first floor has been stationing an electric wheelchair in the hallway. Apparently they had asked the owners of the apartments on the ground level, but no one else was informed or asked if they minded. They also contacted the person appointed by all the owners, and he replied that he'd put in on the agenda on the yearly meeting, which was yesterday. On the one hand the couple claim the wheelchair is a necessity for her mobility, yet hardly any of the neighbors recall it being used more than once or twice a month. I for instance only noticed them using the chair twice last year, most of the time they walk to the car and leave.

Yesterday I also found out that some of the other neighbors have been having quite some problems with the couple, and they claim the man is quite disrespectful and rude. I for one cannot confirm this as the few times I've run into them, they were friendly and so was I. Needless to say, the bad blood between various parties involved did have an effect onto the vote whether or not the electric wheelchair could or could not remain stationed in the hallway. After votes were cast, I believe 5 people voted against, 1 in favor (the father/owner of the apartment the couple lives in) and 3 abstained.

I was one of the people that voted against, because while I do support mobility for disabled people, I also believe a better solution can and should be looked for. As far as I see it, the chair has been sitting there for a year, is hardly used and was stationed there without consulting everyone involved. Due to the decision of the owners, the couple has 2 months now to find a solution which I do find quite reasonable.

When I came into the hallway today, someone had taped a paper to the chair reading "these are my legs!", so I can only assume the couple did. I find it quite distasteful to see them try and weigh on our consience by playing the "poor disabled" game. Yesterday a decision was made, and they'll have to respect it or fight it using legal means. If they had asked everyone in advance, or slipped a note in the mailboxes explaining, it probably wouldn't have gotten to this. Now, no matter what argument they bring up, people will object.

Editors of newspapers are being fired because they published cartoons and pictures mocking religious leaders. I find this quite disturbing, and with "this" I mean the fact that they're fired, not the fact that the images are being published. I believe everyone has a right to think and express their opinion, and as such those opposed to seeing these images published also have a right to protest. However, being opposed to something doesn't give you the right to threaten anyone.

This time the cartoons are about the islam, but in the past pictures of the pope have been published, and if tomorrow another religion or person is "cartoonized" there are two ways to go about it : laugh with it and show that you're beyond being insulted by a stupid cartoon, or go bezerk and try forcing your opinion onto others. Guess which is the smart thing to do? Guess how you can show the world you are mature and able to accept criticism or humor.

And the strangest thing about this riot is that the first pictures were published in september last year, and only now people are going all postal over it. The more someone opposes something, the less others may be tempted to comply with the opinions in question.

Without oil, the world boils

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I just caught "2013 : La fin du pétrole" on Canvas in Lichtpunt. It's a french documentary made by Stéphane Meunier, focussing on what happens when in 2013 attacks are carried out on several oil delivery and production facilities simultaniously, and how it impacts the availability of transport, food and medicins to name only a few things.

Very interesting documentary, though I cannot say whether or not it was sensationalized or just showing the real future. Because, even without any attacks, sooner rather than later the last drop will be spent.

Random News : My Comments

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Osama says : "withdraw from Iraq, or you'll be attacked in your own country again.' Bush replies : "we do not negotiate with terrorists." My opinion? Osama wins anyway, since now Bush can't withdraw troops from Iraq, because that'll make him and his cohorts look weak. If the USA is attacked again, Osama will claim they had every chance to avoid it.

2006 cleary is an election year in Belgium, coz there are tons of promises and improvements being suggested. Since Belgium has a shortage of homes for the elderly, suddenly with some financial technics there is enough money to have 53 new homes built, because grants will not be paid in full right away, but instead spread out over 20 years. Which is as much as saying "look, we had 53 new homes built and an additional 900 beds available, but others will have to pay for it for the next 19 years". Sounds like a very solid financial plan to me.


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In a couple of minutes I should leave to go pick up Olivier and then we'll head off to the Autosalon. The weather sucks bigtime though, and with my windshieldwipers still not fixed - appointement tomorrow, remember - I'd rather just stay home. Furthermore I forced myself to read and reply to a bunch of mails, while I wasn't really feeling in the mood for it.

Sometimes I'd just like to say "fuck off, world. fuck off, everyone, leave me alone" but ten minutes later I feel better and then it becomes "go away". Which is much more gentle if you ask me. Luckily most of the time I'm still thinking positive and open to suggestions, even if at times I don't seem to care much. Which is probably true at the time.

Ah well, ups and downs - something for everyone.

Now, fuck off, I'm gonne grab something to eat and then I'm out of here.

Boobtalk with ServMe

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According to a recent study, the size of the breast of Flemish women keeps increasing. Where 15 years ago a 75B was an average cupsize, this has now increased to a 75C, due to a changed eating pattern and up to 5% of women having their breasts enlarged. To put that into perspective, roughly 1 in twenty women that you come across in your daily life sports a couple CC of silicons - or should that be "sillycones" ?

I for one am not a fan of this since I'm an avid lover of a set of small breasts, but on the other hand I do encourage people to do what makes them feel better and if women feel better after having their breasts lifted, enlarged, reshaped or downsized I can only be happy for them.

As long as the world ain't full of nothing but women with a DD cup, that is :)

Words of wisdom

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Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men… Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

So, I believe the tip here is - learn to climb trees without falling down too much.

I like helping people out

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I ran into Marisa online today and she wanted to grab some pictures, but was stopped by some erm... technical limitations. I offered to take a look at the setup and see if I could help out, and somehow I managed to put my brain into the correct gear to "crack the code". Looking at it in hindsight, it is fairly simple once you know where to look, but I suppose it's the same with all things : they're easy once you know how they work.

Anyway, she thinks I'm a genius, and is urging women to - how did she put it? - "Go get him anyway!!". Suits me fine :)

Sneak advertising

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I was watching some TV - or rather had it playing in the background as I was working on the laptop - and suddenly I heard this computervoice reading x-mas wishes that people were sending in. The funny thing is that a computerprogram has a hard time interpreting what is being written, and just reads whatever is written down. It gets totally hilarious when a voice program for Dutch starts reading English and French texts, and short texts such as grtz and tnx are included.

I decided to check if a little ad disguised as new years wishes would be filtered out, so I sent in my message as well... Now I'm just curious to see if it appears. They claim to filter out "inappropriate" messages, but I doubt mine fits that label. I just hope they don't filter out URL's too.


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Two bored casino dealers are waiting at the craps table. A very attractive blonde woman arrives and bets $20,000 on a single roll of the dice.

She says, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I'm completely nude."

With that, she strips from the neck down, rolls the dice and yells, "Come on, baby, Mama needs some new clothes!"

As the dice come to a stop she jumps up and down and squeals... "YES! YES! I WON, I WON!"

She hugs each of the dealers and then picks up her winnings and her clothes and quickly departs.

The dealers stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally, one of them asks, "What did she roll?"

The other answers, "I don't know - I thought you were watching."

MORAL: Not all blondes are dumb, but all men are men.

Frozen gets frozen.

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According to a Belgian judge, one can no longer sell, broadcast or listen to the song "Frozen" (of the album Ray of Light) by Madonna because it was plagiarised from a Belgian composer. My first reaction? Where's my legally purchased copy of the CD?!

As I write this entry, Frozen is blasting through the speakers and I'm sure the neighbours can hear it as well. Does this make me guilty of fencing off stolen goods? Being the quickwitted geek that I am, here are some alternative lyrics to Madonna's Frozen, to reflect the new situation :

You only hear what the judge says you hear
How can notes be similar and near
It's stolen
When those notes ain't paid for

You're so consumed with how much you reep
You waste our time with hate and much greed
You're broken
When her wallet doesn't open


Mmmmmm, if I could melt your CD
Mmmmmm, we'd never agree
Mmmmmm, now give money to me
Mmmmmm, the judge holds the key

Now there's no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose this
My album will be broken

Music's a bird, it needs to fly
Let all the agony inside of you die
The public gets frozen
Their ears can't be open

[chorus, repeat]

If I could plea my case to you

Just some jokes today (Part 2)

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LAWYER : "On the morning of July 25th, you went from your farm to the duck pond by foot?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : " So, you passed by the shelter at only a couple of feet distance?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you notice anything unusual?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Good. Can you tell the court what you saw?"
WITNESS : "I saw George"
LAWYER : "You saw George, the defendant in this trial?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Could you tell the court what George was doing?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Well, please tell us?"
WITNESS : "He had his thing in one of the ducks."
LAWYER : "His 'thing'?"
WITNESS : "You know, his... I mean his penis."
LAWYER : "You went by the duck shelter, there was ample light, you were sober, you've got good eyesight, and you clearly saw what you just described to us?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you say anything to George?"
WITNESS : "I did."
LAWYER : "What did you say to him?"
WITNESS : "Hi George."

Just some jokes today (Part 1)

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Yesterday, I was over at my friends place and he's got a little bit of a problem walking. At one point he asks me "Hey, could you please go upstairs and fetch my slippers, my feet are getting cold."

Being the good person I am, I go upstairs and enter a room where I notice his two sexy daughters, aged 27 and 29. I immediately forget why I'm there and say to those two babes "Your dad has sent me upstairs to fuck you both silly."

"Yeah, right!" they answer me at the same time.

"What, you don't believe me? Allow me to prove it!" I reply and while standing in the doorway, I yell down to my friend "You want me to get them both?"

To which my friend answers "Of course!"

Customs = Criminals

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The package that I just picked up had been held hostage by customs. Yes, hostage is the correct word here, what else do you call a fee of €8.68 on a networth of €45? Only a few weeks ago I accepted a shipment worth over USD400, and the fee there was €9.90, which is acceptable - everyone has to eat, don't they?

I really wonder what would happen if I made claims at the European Council that these taxes present an obstacle for the free flow of goods and services in the EU? Well, I have to admit that in this case, it wouldn't fly because the seller lives in Canada and last time I checked, the canadians weren't part of the EU. Maybe they should consider it though, it's not like they have much to gain from being allied with the US.

To make long stories short(er) : I've now got issue 45 and 46 of the deceased PFIQ magazine in my possession. Issue 47 was purchased earlier, and I may get my hands on other issues as well some day.

Oh, my complaint dating from October 5th concerning spam from B-----P------- NV has been accepted by the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy. Hopefully that'll teach B-----P------- NV from spamming people. Updates as I get them.

Not for the weak of heart

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Today was like my cock : long, hard and slightly twisted. Modesty was never my strongest point, does it show?

Ah well... I got my schedule for next month and while it's pure evil, I can live with it. It's not too bad when taking a quick glance and I'll be putting in quite some hours which means good pay. It'll be up soon - probably today.


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Today is Joco's birthday so I gave him a call around 12:50 or so and after a few rings Eef picked up the phone. I said hi and asked if I woke them up and the answer was "erm, not exactly", after which she passed me Joco. I said hi and happy birthday matey, and then told him to go on doing well... Eef. Grin. I'm evil like that.

I've got an instinct for knowing when to to call them, or rather, when not to call them ;)

Just got a call from Ingrid, seems she got off at the wrong exit and is now parked somewhere in Ekeren. I gave her directions to the highway and what exit she has to take and she should arrive in about 30 minutes I think.

Oh fuck, bastard, bollocks

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(Eddie and Richie are out in the woods sleeping in a tent when a thunderstorm bursts out and Eddie wakes up and panics)

Eddie : "Where the bloody hell am I?"
Richie : "Calm down, you're in a tent."
Richie : "Eddie, I think there's something outside."
Eddie : "Yeah."
Eddie : "There's bound to be something outside, Richie."
Eddie : "You can't expect the universe in it's entire contents to be contained within the confines of a small canvas tent."

Does anyone else find this incredibly funny? There must be others out there that enjoy Bottom as much as I do, right?

Some people just don't get it

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Some people want to sell goods internationally, online, yet fail to accept online payments. That's something I just don't get. If you want to be serious and sell online, do it properly : I don't want to have to to leave my house to complete any part of our transaction. If I felt like doing some old-fashioned shopping, I'd drive over to a local shop and browse for what I needed there, pay and come back home. I think that takes too long and involves too much crap.

Because "schokomadel" refuses to accept online payments, I'll have to wake up during opening hours of my bank, go there, stand in line and get the person behind the desk fill out a bunch of papers to transfer a mere €12 to an account somewhere in Germany. My time alone is worth more than that.

Note to self : avoid online sellers that ain't "with it".


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Je kent ze wel, want je bent ze ontgetwijfeld al eens tegengekomen : in Spanje, Ibiza of dichter bij huis, in Metropolis bij voorbeeld. Meestal in groep, maar zelfs alleen hebben ze het grootste bakkes en denken ze dat de wereld van hen is. Jaja, de hollanders zijn weer in aantocht. Deze week werd er een grote uittocht gehouden, via de Kennedytunnel, richting Belgische Kust. En als je zo met je hele gezinnetje, de schoonfamilie, nonkel Jaap en tante Trees op reis gaat met je aftandse roestbak, dan moet je gewoon een sleurhut meenemen, anders kan je immers je wc-papier, zwembandjes en liters bier - nou ja, bier? - niet kwijt. Het is immers niet de bedoeling dat je de economie van een vreemde mogendheid spekt, weet je wel? Soit, dat alles even terzijde gelaten...

Sinds maart van dit jaar zijn er werken aan de gang op de Antwerpse ring. Iedereen weet dat, er zijn talloze campagnes gevoerd zowel in binnen- als buitenland. En toch denken alle keeskoppen dat die werken voor hen niet tellen. Lekker effe met de hele bende aanschuiven aan de ring, met de sleurhut tussen paaltjes manoevreren die eigenlijk net iets te dicht bij elkaar blijken te staan, en dan met een slakkegang door een tunnel met versmalde rijstroken waar nog maar eens blijkt dat je sleurhut toch breder is dan 2 meter. Jaja, straffe jongens, die kezen!


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The Belgian Chamber has taken first steps towards approving a bill concerning the right of gay parents to adopting children. The only thing changed in the previous bill was the striking of three words : "of different sexe".

Yes, it's as simple as that and I really don't understand why anyone would consider same-sexe partners to be less fit to adopt and raise children as "traditional" parents. Apparently a few political parties still differentiate based on sexe : Vlaams Belang (no surpise there), cdH and CD&V. They wanted to keep "of different sexe" in and then regulate the situation for same-sexe parents in another way.

This is such a non-issue that I wonder why so much time spent discussing these things over and over? Either you're fit to be a parent and raise a child, or you're not. My opinion? Stop looking for problems that don't exist and stop wasting valuable time. End of discussion.

The new computersystem - Phenix - being used by the Justice departement is a total waste : insecure, incomplete and not userfriendly. That is the conclusion reached today in a first report auditing the system that was supposed to be live and functioning in 2003. My advice : ask Group 4 Falck (oops, that should be Group 4 Securicor now) about introducing new computer systems next time. They know all about it! My opinion? Think and evaluate before, during and after. Stop wasting our money on things that don't work.



You know what I just realized, much to my relief? That real idiots will selfdestruct over time, thus solving the problem. The only question that remains is how long it'll take - if possible I'd prefer they die before they manage to reproduce.

Excerpt from a diary entry to prove my point (unedited) :

PArty.. with the white bacardi, and the mickey's of CC...

It's my poison.

The half of the night went nuts1!!

Everyone I mean everyone was doing KAY, and Coke... And everyone was WASTED!

Screwed over backwards?

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When I noticed that Elia was doing an IPO, I immediately signed up for some of their stock. I used bank A to do so. The IPO was a superb success, in such that the demand was 10 times higher as the offered stock. This of course results in less stock being awarded to buyers. I got 15% of what I intended to buy :(

Had I known in advance - or did my homework better maybe? - I would have gotten 50% instead of 15%, simply because then I would have asked bank B to perform the buy for me. Anyway, today was the first day the stock was available for sale on the stockmarket and upon introduction it rose close to 5% (which is a good think). Water under the bridge I guess... I'll have to pay closer attention next time when purchasing IPO stock!

Note : Covenant's "Dead Stars" Live Version totally rocks!



Time to react once again to various actual news tidbits - some international, some national.

"After France, also The Netherlands now say NO to European Constitution" + "Belgians would vote YES to European Constitution"

I don't really know what all the fuzz is about. To be honest, I have no clue myself what exactly is in the proposed European Constitution, and I believe that I'm far from the exception. Do you know? In detail? What I find rather irritating though, is that two countries had a popular vote - where the people decide instead of politicians - and when the results turned out the wrong way, everyone is scrambling to see if they can find a way around it.

Either you let the people decide and then accept their vote, or you do as the Belgian governement did and decide that you don't care about what the population thinks and do what the governement thinks is best. Hence, the title "Belgians would vote YES" is totally irrelevant since we will not be allowed to speak out anyway.

Would I vote yes or no? I don't have a clue, because as I said, I don't know what the proposal entails. However, would we be asked to cast a voe, I'd try to get as much information about it upfront, and would probably vote yes. I think that a stronger Europe will be more beneficial in the end, and one European currency is only one of the benefits we already have. Are there disadvantages and is there much work to be done in/on the European idea? Yes, certainly. Can it be done? I think so.

"On January 1st 2007 smoking will be prohibited in restaurants. Pubs and bars are excluded from this new rule."

What's the point here people? Do you want to increase the air quality and lower health risks for people, or don't you? Don't start by drafting a new law, and then excluding 75% or so of all establishments. Just think for yourself : how many times a month do you go to a restaurant? How many times do you end up in a pub/bar? Will this new law really change anything? I really doubt it. One of our politicians tried to defend the exclusion of bars and pubs like this : "there is still a too thight relation between alcohol, a good atmosphere and tobacco in Belgium, therefore we can not force a no smoking law in bars and pubs yet".

How about this, mister politician : "air is still polluted and filled with stench and fumes in bars and pubs wherever you go. This is a good reason for me to stay home and not spend any money at these establishments, thus not improving the economy". If a total ban can be established in Sweden (which became effective June 1st 2005), why can't we get it done?

I'm eager to see what happens on January 1st, 2006 - when all workplaces should be smoke free. Lots of employers started enforcing the new rules already, yet lots of smokers just give everyone a huge "fuck you" and light one up anyway, especially if they think no one sees it. This could be an interesting period to come, especially at my place of work. What about the rights of smokers? What about my right to breathe freely?

Oh, I killed someone, big deal!

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What goes through the minds of drivers that do a hit and run? I really wonder, but it almost seems as if it has become a new sport in Belgium. Yet in most cases the drivers are apprehended only days later, if it takes that long. Don't they realize that running after an accident just proves immaturity, a total lack of responsability and respect?

Even if you were drunk, or have something else to hide, do you really think fleeing helps your case? I'd say it certainly doesn't, but hey... what can you expect from someone dumb enough to drink and drive anyway (the same goes for people under the influence of drugs, medications or whatever...)? I think I'll have to drag my ass into politics and propose a new law :

If you are involved in an accident and flee the scene - and don't give me that crap reason "I panicked and didn't know what to do" - your license is automatically revoked for 90 days. After you pass an exam, you can regain your license. If you get into an accident while under the influence, and run, you'll be a pedestrian for at least a year, no exceptions. Maybe that'll teach people to think twice before doing stupid shit and endangering others.

Shock and Awe - splat

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As I've got nothing terribly interesting to say today, I leave you some things that really fit : Two public service announcements and a game ;)

B(l)ow down my sonFisting is good for you

Save that kitten - or don't (Game)

Remember... if you ain't seen it here, it ain't real!


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Lol, I know spammers don't care where their spam ends up, but this one is really not meant for me I think :

Are you Christian? Are you Single? We have the solution for you! At "nameremoved", you can meet like-minded Christians that are also single! This isn't an ONLINE dating site full of fake profiles! These are REAL PEOPLE just like you. Click the link below and meet someone REAL today!


This service is only for Christian Singles, so you are sure to meet others who have the same perspective on life as you do, visit us today.


Are you tired of sifting through thousands of profile and NOT finding anyone who meets your standards? We are absolute Romance Professionals! Let us solve your problem! We guarantee to find your PERFECT match.


Don't delay, your perfect match is only ONE click away!


Besides the fact that I don't believe in anything but myself and that I dislike religious nutcases with a passion, they are clearly targetting their spam at a computer challenged (not to say illiterate) audience. Why else would they include 4 links? Afraid they didn't "get" it the first time?

Appropriate song to go with this post : The Cocky Sticks - I'm a catholic girl of course I suck

Now, in that case...

Newsfeed outrage

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I think it's about time I reacted to some of the current or recent headlines in the news. Where possible, I'll link to the article in question that I'm reacting on, so everyone can decide for themselves who is right or wrong.

Bush can visit Holland without fear of being arrested

Apparently a group of concerned Dutchies had filed a complaint with the courts to have George W. Bush either denied access to the country, or have him arrested for multiple violations of the Geneve Convention. The court ruled that the visit was a political matter and should only be decided upon by politics, rather than courts or citizens. Which just proves the fact that when one brakes the rules on a grand scale, one makes history, instead of committing crimes. Kill one person, go to jail. Kill a thousand, or bend (and break) regulations/conventions as you see fit : Hail our Leader!

Urbi et Orbi


Finally they managed to reach an agreement as to which conservative idiot would be an appropriate sequel to the recently deceased old fart.
At least they managed to replace an old (dead) pope with an 78 year old new pope. Things are moving in the right direction, would you say? Only 25 pontificates or so and they may have a pope under the age of 50, with hopefully some realistic visions, although that may be asking too much.

Now can we please get on with our lives without getting Pope shoved in our face all the time? Sheesh!

I rock, so don't fuck with me

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I still haven't accomplished anything of todays to-do list up to this point, but I'll go out shopping for food in a few minutes. First I want to gripe a bit about alternative telecom providers - not so much about their rates or existence, but rather about their fucked up marketing efforts.

Today, I was called on my landline twice. Once by Tele2, and once by CityCall Belgium. I told both of them to piss off, although I suspect they'll call back in a matter of weeks. I've had it with them - and others - calling me to push their products in my face (or ear in this case). If I'm interested in your stuff, I'll get in touch with you, not the other way round.

I just mailed CityCall and requested a complete removal from their marketing, mailing, prospect or whatever other lists they have. I tried doing the same with Tele2, but of course they don't list an e-mail address, only an online webform powered by some (shady) company based in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, I mailed to an address I hope exists and am now waiting for a reply. I doubt I'd get one from either of these companies but if push comes to shove, they'll know soon enough who they're dealing with. I don't like being harassed, nor do I like being forced to react in ways more difficult as needed.

CityCall and Tele2 : you've been warned. And this extends to all other directmarketing companies as well.

Note : Yes, I'm aware of something called The Robinson List, although I find it a bit too drastic a measure because some companies fuck up. I did however just submitted my personalia and phonenumber to the Robinson Phonelist in order to have some piece and quiet in my personal time again.

Oh, and here's some - thanks to Broomhilda for the link - disturbing but funny Lemming Gymnastics (Click the Live and Let Die II link).

Update 2005-04-07 : CityCall Belgium conveniently returned a "message displayed return receipt" and I even got a confirmation of Tele2 that my request would be forwarded to the correct department. I'm curious :)

Venting time

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Once again, it's time to react to some recent developments and events that made the (local) news. First I'll give a quick outline of what happened, followed by my view on it.

17 year old boy is released (for lack of space in specialized youth institutions) after raping a 12 year old girl, while having a prior "conviction" for armed robbery.

That armed robbery conviction was about a week old when he commited rape on a 12 year old girl. The judge was forced to release him after the armed robbery and this week again - after the rape - because there is not enough place in special institutions that deal with juvenile delinquents. I'm sure that's the solution... release them back on the street. If you're "man enough" to pull off armed robbery and rape, you shouldn't mind being tried and locked up as the adult you think you are. Case closed.

Pope calls for ban on Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

Ain't it wonderful how the first words he publicly speaks after his recent operation, are the same crap as before? Can someone please explain to me - or rather to him - how banning a book (or video or content of whatever kind) actually accomplishes anything? It's not because someone asks not to look or read certain things, that the work itself disappears, or the problem is solved. Neglecting things never worked as far as I know, even though it might seem so at first. You're only fooling yourself. It would be much better if the Pope would tell people to read the book and then form their own opinion about it. But I guess that leaves the odd chance that people might actually disagree with him.

Engineer wanted - preferably dead


Dear mister Engineer,

I certainly hope to never ever run into you anytime soon, for you will be severly punished, beaten, tortured and mutilated. Why you might wonder? Because in your infinite wisdom you decided for it to be a great idea to reduce the Antwerp ringway from 5 lanes to are miserable two, which consequently lead to me wasting two hours and fortyfive minutes to get home. A drive of about 25 miles that usually takes me 30 to 35 minutes, max.

Would you like me to bill you for two hours and ten minutes? I guess you just enjoy seeing cars get stuck in massive traffic jams, don't you? Well, one thing could plead for you though : you sheduled the maintenance outside peak hours when it comes to traffic. I'm glad to be home at 00:45 (yes that's AM for you non-24h folks) instead of 22h35 PM, and finally being able to eat something. My deepfrosted pizza is in the oven right now, and as soon as I muched it down, I'll head off to bed. After all, I have to work again tomorrow - wait, today I mean - at 14h00 and no one knows what you'll have up your sleeve for us today, right?!

Please rename BAM to a more appropriate name. May I suggest AMM?

Stiff Upper Lip Humor


Stiff Upper Lip Humor

No explenation needed I suppose :)

Green Power Marketing

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I just received the new Electrabel Energiek magazine in my snail mail box, and after reading their "Electrabel Green" section online, I must admit they've outdone themselves. The amount of advertising, marketing and pressure they are currently throwing at it is quite impressive, but that is just about it. I think they jump on the ecological bandwagon because it sells, period.

They present themselves as the biggest supplier of green energy in Belgium, yet in 2004 Electrabel Green Products Flanders (EGPF) sold 4 of their waterpowered powerstations, because "these small scale waterpower stations don't fit our production" to Ecopower. I don't have current production figures for these stations, but the waterpower station of Rotselaar alone produces close to 500.000 kWh/year, good to cover the energy need of about a 150 families.

I can accept that it may economically be not too interesting to keep those stations running, but then please don't shout that you're doing whatever one can do, for the good of the environment. I welcome everything that takes off pressure and gives the environment a break, even the smallest break, yet I do have quite some distrust when it comes to their "Green Power" marketing campaign. Especially because it'll lead to people thinking that Electrabel is the only/best/biggest producer of green energy in Belgium, while there are lots of alternative small scale solutions, often better suited to ones needs and much more responsible when it comes to green energy production.

Ah well... capitalism and marketing at it's best I suppose. Which reminds me : is anyone going to Batibouw this year? Maybe we can hook up and all go together?

Democracy? My Ass!


As you might have noticed, the president of the United States will be visiting Belgium starting tomorrow, for three days. He's scheduled to leave on wednesday, after having met with various "important people" (my choice of words, not his).

At least three different protests are planned to show him that his politics don't fly here, and that most people would like to see him take a less egocentric path, and take into consideration that there is more to this world than just the USA and it's policies.

According to a recent article in GVA - one of the major newspapers in Belgium - at least 2500 policemen will be dispatched to keep the thousands of protesters away from Bush and NATO as wells as EU headquarters. I think the way politicians and governements handle protests says a lot about their democratic values, doesn't it?

Shelter those who can make a difference on the highest level from every kind of protest and different opinions, and you're doing well... or so it seems. To me it seems those are the tactics of chickens, running. If you are certain about your policies and open to criticism, one doesn't run nor does one keep protesters confined to guarded areas far away from the actual summits. Sooner or later some people will decide they've had it with all those limitations and sneak through, break through or take up different forms of protest, possibly less peaceful. Remember the saying : back a dog into a corner and he'll bite. Democracy is nothing different and as soon as a critical mass is reached, changes cannot be stopped anymore. In the best case one can try to guide them, gently.

I'm working on sunday, monday and tuesday, but I might head off to Brussels on tuesday afternoon, depending on what info I can find in regard to protests going on.

Links : - - Greenpeace Belgium

How could I forget?

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It's "love everyone around you and spend lots of cash or you won't be the true lover" day again. Go forth and replicate, multiplicate, procrastinate or whatever you feel like, just don't irritate me with your fuzzy feelings.

Yes, I know I'm not rational or objective about it. Yes, I know I'm probably just frustrated and jealous. So, what's your point?

update : I'm usually a shiny happy people person, but today I don't feel like it. My ISP seems to be having mailserver problems (again) so even the constant stream of spam has been diminished to just a drop. When I opened the snailmail box, there were three letters and a bunch of advertising in it, and two of those letters ain't even for me. Why the mailman always picks out my mailbox to drop off everything he doesn't know where to deliver remains a question though. It also makes me wonder where *my* mail ends up on a bad day...

Letter number 3 was for me, and once again contained proof that my employer seems unable to add 1 and 1 and get 2 as a result. In short : they fucked up the hours I worked again. I'm getting used to it though, but I must say that they got my hours of December 2004 correct, and it only took 1 recalculation. Joy Joy.

Off to grab something to eat and then off to work. Be back in a couple of hours.

Dealing with people


I just got home after helping Nadia move between places. It all went pretty well, but I've got one thing to say. It's not wise pissing off people when they've just spent 5 hours on their (rare) free weekend helping you out. Honestly, I came *this* close to just saying "Fuck it bitch. If you know and can do it all better, what am I doing here? I'm off.", but the situation was slightly defused after I decided to let it rest and we were pretty much finished anyway.

Whether or not I was right, or you were right doesn't even matter - it was up to you to just say something like "oh, yes that might be it, I'll just call someone and have them take a look at it, don't worry about it". You don't start arguing with people that go out of their way to help you, and you certainly don't snap at them.

That's it, it's off my chest now and I don't need or even expect an apology. It just bothered me for a while but is forgotten now.


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After Prince Harry (UK) wore a "nazi symbol" to a party, European Commissioner Franco Frattini (Justice departement) is considering a ban on all nazi related symbols in EU.

The symbol they're referring to here is of course the Swastika. Let it be clear that in ancient times, the Swastika was a symbol of life, luck, and was widely accepted by many cultures. Since the Nazis adopted this symbol, it is often viewed as a symbol of oppression, hatred and violence - exactly the opposite of it's original meaning.

Therefore I am convinced that banning the Swastika would be a very foolish thing to do. It would be much better to educate people about the positive meaning of the symbol and thus have us all reclaim what was stolen from humanity by the Nazis.

Links : ManWoman - The Gentle Swastika (book)

Tsunami Relief CD


Songs I think would be quite appropriate for a Tsunami Relief CD. If you know of even more fitting tracks, please let me know so I can add them.

R.E.M - Nightswimming
Clouseau - Nat Van Binnen
Andre Hazes - Een beetje vermist
Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
Alphaville - Big in Phuket
FriedKitten - The tide is High
Beastie Boys - Sneakin' out of the hospital
Kevin Costner - Waterworld
Caviar - Where's my Tangerine Speedo?
Ome Henk - Opblaas Krokodil
The Beach Boys - Wind Surfin'
Dead Can Dance - The flood that shakes the barley
The Clash - Flood the Casbah
Elton John - I'm still standing
Fiddler on the Beach - If I were a rich man
Lionel Ritchie - Dancing on the Ceiling
Murray Head - One night in Bangkok
Peter Koelewijn - Kom van dat dak af
Queen - Who wants to live forever
Scooter - How much is the fish?
Smoke City - Underwater Love
The Clinic - Deep Water
Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor!
U2 - Walk to the water
Vader Abraham - 't kleine cafee aan de haven

Note : It's a frigging joke people! Get a life...

Peer pressure


Nadine has written quite a post about the recent Tsunami disaster (in Dutch only), but she covered the aid gathering and funding even better. I have to agree with her that the amount of pressure put in individuals or governments is immense. If you don't "give, help, send aid, or donate" you're basically not a human being, heartless and evil. As we all remember, peer pressure is one of the hardest things to fight and stand up against as a teenager or twen, yet that same technique is now used worldwide.

I fought peer pressure and made my own decisions when I was growing up, and I'm doing it again. I agree that the disaster that happened was a catastrophy, that lots and lots of lives have been lost and several countries are in shambles, homes destroyed, public services disrupted and chaos everywhere. Will I be donating money to relief the pain? Will I be sending food or medicins to fight hunger or diseases? No, I won't.

Some of you might not be surpised when they read this, other may conclude that I'm a heartless bastard that should suffer immensly myself in order to "understand" what these people have to go through. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I will respect whatever comment you may or may not leave here.

I prefer aiding people and thus humanity on a long term. Sure long term aid will not solve the problems posed today, but it'll prevent those of the future, or at least make tackling them easier. Most aid is just a bandage, to stop the bleeding, but it doesn't cure the patient. It just barely keeps them alive, makes the images more acceptable for mass consumption and takes care of our guilty feeling. Think about it, admit it : this disaster is mediatized, sold, resold and used as a carrier to sell products, all in the name of aid.

Do you hear about the hundreds of victims in other countries - either dying each day because of famine, diseases or wars? No, because their story is too hard to compact, exploit and sell. Thus their market value is less than a spectacular event such as a tsunami and the destruction it caused.

I pick where to give, what to give and how much to fund. And those of you thinking that I'm all talk and no action are free to mail me (e-mail address is available on this page) and I'll tell them what I've done in the past, how my investements are spread out and why. Just make sure you can back up your own choices before one criticizes the choices others make.

In other news : Six Apart aquires LiveJournal

Wrong, totally wrong

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After reading this article in the newspaper today (dutch only), I have to say that I don't agree at all with the conclusion made at the end of the article.

It's not speed that killed him. His own sheer stupidity did.

My kick - your sick

| 1 Comment and subsequently The Register report that New Zealand has banned the game Postal 2 - produced by RwS - from being sold in the country. In fact, if you (already) own a copy of the game, you'd be in violation and could be fined NZD2000.

Similar things happened in Australia when they banned Manhunt.

Let me be clear about something : I've played Postal 2, and yes it's gory, violent and freaky, but at the same time it's incredibly funny, sarcastic and makes fun of everyone and everything. I guess it just takes education and openmindedness to see beyond the shallow violence and enjoy the finer puns in the game. Yes, RwS mocks the Middle East, but they mock Catholics as well, and all Tree Huggers are served a round of the same. If you can't see that humor is nothing personal, but just an enlargement of the differences that make each and everyone of us unique, I pity you.

Why is everyone up in arms about all of this? If it ain't your thing, don't buy it. Please stop forcing your "noble" mindset onto others, for you may not truely realize what a beast you've unleashed until it turns against you. The most sickening part of this all is not the fact that these games exist, but the fact that more and more similar behaviour is appearing worldwide. Conservative members in the USA are planning a giant campaign against pornography and China is coming down hard on adult entertainers and site owners as well.

If porn ain't your thing, don't look at it. Your kick might be my sick and vice versa. I don't go running around telling people they can't go to church, that they can't do drugs, or can't love someone of the same gender. None of the above examples interests me in particular, but I'm not offended if others make a choice to practice any of them. Their choice personal of freedom doesn't infringe my personal freedom and therefore I have no right whatsoever to get involved in their personal freedoms.

While it is true that personal freedoms often interfere with each other, please don't go looking for problems and intereferences that ain't there.

I suggest you watch The People VS Larry Flynt - I did, once again last night - and think it all over.


Recent events - such as the killing of Theo Van Gogh in Holland - as well as older events - Pim Fortuyn for instance - got me thinking. Has anyone ever given any thought to the fact that referring to terrorists as (for instance) muslim terrorists, or in the Cold War period talking about Commies doesn't solve a thing?

The only thing it accomplishes - if you ask me - is to make sure that even those who are not involved in any "illegal" activities (of course always depending on what side you're on) are tossed into the same corner as those who think violence and armed resistance will result in a solution. Imagine being called "insert derogative description here" for extended periods of time, while you as a single person have got nothing to do with it. You are a victim of generalization and thus will sooner or later take a them-vs-us stance, willingly or not.

No one stands up to prolonged exposure of such behaviour and that is exactly what more extreme forces in any culture or movement feed on. That's the tiny spark they need to convince otherwise very sane and realistic people to join their "cause".

Don't you think it would be better to just talk about terrorists instead? It may only be a very small change, but the step from it towards the generalization of a complete religion, race or group is less likely to happen. I think fear has proven to be a bad advisor, yet it is a very powerful emotion that is (too) easily exploited by others.

Well, the more I think about it, the less I recall what my point was. This is just a confused post by a confused mind I suppose, although somewhere hidden deep inside, a valuable point has to reside. If you spot it, let me know...

Something else

Kerry : 3824 - Bush : 23 I came across the image when reading comments on Cy's blog entry WTF'04 about the elections. Jeanette Winterson's November post touches the same subject, so if you're tired of this election stuff already, skip it. I promise to include something else in this entry, especially for you.

Something else.

Deception 2004


I feel utter disappointement in those who really think that getting Bush re-elected was a wise move. If you are one of them, may God be with you, because that is exactly what you'll have to rely on in the next decades. Don't expect the rest of the world to stick out its hand and help. Flipping everyone the finger can hardly be seen as constructive conversation, and while we tend to forgive and move on to more important things in life, we don't forget. We really hoped you would have learned something from the past 4 years. Apparently you didn't. Will it take another 9/11?

Four more years. Let those letters do the talking :

Fear mongering
religious zealots

media concerns


From this day on - and until the current administration is terminated - I will refer to America as USE instead of USA.

Note : I am fully aware of the fact that a fair portion of Americans actually know their stuff, they are not pleased with the outcome of this election either, nor are they looking forward to the future. These people are probably looking into emigrating from the USE as we speak, and I can't blame them. However, even whilst being an informed and open minded American, it won't be easy the next decade, as a majority of ignorant fools just made it harder for everyone.

Election joys

I'm sure most of you have either read or noticed that the "official George W Bush" website is not accessible to non-US or Canadian people. Yes, that is correct : Georgey and his team have deliberately chosen to exclude everyone but American and Canadian visitors. Sure, there are ways to avoid the filtering, in fact simply using an american proxy will allow you to bypass the ban, but what is the point of it all?

Do you really trust a president who considers himself the "Leader of the Free World", yet gives the rest of the world population the finger? If that's the way it's gonna be, we all know what's gonna happen when he gets re-elected, don't we? Me, me, me, us, us us. Or should that be I, I, I, US, US, US?

If you're non US or Canadian, try reaching the George W Bush official site. If it fails, simply use this IP address instead (I wonder how long it'll take before they close that loophole) :

If you want to have a laugh instead, read

Laughing with minorities

These jokes are probably not policitally correct, but neither am I. If you think you might be offended, don't read them.

Son to his daddy : "Dad, what's a transvestite?"
Dad : "An intelligent woman."

A huge Moroccan bloke, athletically build, reaching a height close to 2m, weighing in at just under a 120 kilo, is sitting in his favorite pub when suddenly a gay man enters the pub.

The gay dude - in awe about the phantastic looks and sun burned appearance of Jamal - sits himself next to him and orders a Bailey's.

After a couple of minutes he gathers all his courage, scrapes his throat and whispers in the ear of Jamal : "would you like me to give you a blowjob?"

Jamal reacts in a split second and punches the gay right in the face, throwing him of his stool and flat onto the ground. Our Moroccan stands up, and kicks the gay bloke out of the pub, as if he were taking penalties.

Once outside him kicks his ass even more so the gay man is left for dead next to the garbage container. Finally regaining his composure, Jamal re-enters the pub and sits back down in his favorite spot.

Then the pubowner says : "Damn, Jamal, I've never seen you so mad before! What did that gay dude say to you to make you go beserk like that?"

To which Jamal answers : "I don't think I totally understood, but it was something in regard to getting a job."

The rules


Found this at another blog and considered it funny enough to post here. I've italicised (is that even a proper word?) those that I found real beauties.

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules!

Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!

1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.

1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

1. Crying is blackmail.

1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.

1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.

1. If you won't dress like the Victoria's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys.

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.

1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.

1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.

1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing", we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you don't want to hear.

1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine... Really.

1. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as baseball, the shotgun formation, or monster trucks.

1. You have enough clothes.

1. You have too many shoes.

1. I am in shape. Round is a shape.

1. Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; but did you know men really don't mind that? It's like camping.

I think I've gotta use some as taglines in my outgoing mails... Oh, and just so you ladies understand : We know we often act like little kids. We're perfectly fine with it.

You have the freedom to shut up

I doubt most of my readers care about it, but I really think they should, at least if freedom of speech and free news collection and journalism means anything to you.

What am I talking about? The seizure of two indymedia servers on wednesday morning when Rackspace (one of indymedia's hosting providers) was served with a subpoena. Apparently, the court order originated from governement sources in Italy as well as Switzerland, but as of now, Indymedia still has not been informed why the servers were taken down, nor has it any clue what the charges are. With the two servers gone, at least 20 local indymedia sites have been silenced, amongst others all Belgian indymedia sites, all of France, Poland, Portugal, part of Germany etc.

What disturbs me most is the fact that Rackspace is not allowed to disclose information about it all, they only stated "In the present matter regarding Indymedia, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a U.S. based company with offices in London, is acting in compliance with a court order pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which establishes procedures for countries to assist each other in investigations such as international terrorism, kidnapping and money laundering. Rackspace responded to a Commissioner's subpoena, duly issued under Title 28, United States Code, Section 1782 in an investigation that did not arise in the United States. Rackspace is acting as a good corporate citizen and is cooperating with international law enforcement authorities. The court prohibits Rackspace from commenting further on this matter.". (Taken from the indymedia site)

Actually, when I started a LiveChat session with a Rackspace employee, and asked about the URL for the press release in regard to the indymedia servers, his answer was "I'm a sales person, I'm not aware of our press releases." When I inquired further as to who'd I have to talk to then, I was promptly served with a Page not Found error in the LiveChat window. How convenient.

Does this make sense to anyone? When did anyone lose the freedom to tell others what is being done to them? When did we give that up? If I'm ever being served with whatever lawsuit, intimidation or threats imaginable, I won't back down and shut up, since that's just what they want. If no one knows about it, how can anyone back you up, support you or even discuss the case?


If it it me getting old and grumpy, or just them being total fools? Or the combination of the two? The text below is an entry I came across, written by an 18 year old. I left typo's and errors uncorrected in order to keep the authenticity of the text.

Well... I went to the Evolve festival. It was honestly one of the best expereinces of my life. I was amazed by everything. The first night we got there I hung out mostly with Vern. We had taken thr same pill and we're enjoying the same buzz. It was really different than usually. I didn't really dance cause I was way too interested in the trails and just walking around. I took another pill when my buzz wore off and we went to bed at 8. I slept for 2 hours and woke up feeling sick. Vern doesn't want me to do coke, so when he left I hid and snorted a line. He came back and I felt a little better. But I still needed food. So we went to the mall nearby and ate. When we came back I did some mesc and some more coke. We hung out all day in the tent talking to people walking by. At 8 I took my first pill of the night. Vern and P-L wanted to sleep a bit, so I left with Jeff. We talked and walked around. By the time I got back to Vern at 12, I had already taken 2 more pills. He said he would join us later and we went dancing. The music was AWESOME. I wish I knew who the DJ was... Anyways, I took another 2 pills. I was loving it! Vern never came to join us, so I went looking for him. He had done 5 grams of shrooms and was really fucked up, so I let him sleep. It was now 3 AM and I took another pill. I met some guy who had just done Acid for the first time... it was cool. I didn't sleep all night. The next morning I took another 2 pills. We hung out all day and that night I took a pill, and some guy offered me a line of MDMA free. So we partied all night again.

This was the best thing I have ever done. It was crazy!

So... is it me, or is it them?

Idool 2004 Uncensored

I've missed most of the Idool 2004 hype so far this year, and in fact didn't pay any attention to any of the preselections, but as I was watching TV tonight, I came across an episode featuring 10 of the 30 final contenders.

The people that were in tonight's episode were :

Ingrid : had to kick the show off and was pretty nerveous. She underperformed as in it was too static for the song she did.

Jessie : a very mature and solid performance. Has a very warm and soothing voice.

Sabine : Quite stunning although she lacked a bit of "clarity" in her voice to bring a (difficult) song like "The Rose" from Bette Midler. Impressive for her 16 years of age though. Might be too "light" to stand up to the others at this point in life.

Leslie : Looks like a 1930's player to me, but his singing was ok.

Toon : Started nicely but went totally overboard in every line past that first one. Not a contender according to me.

Robby : Does anyone remember that contender in one of the previous shows that had to flap her hands behind her ears to be able to sing? If Robby does that, he flies away. Sure, I admit that it's a low blow but I had to have something to notice while he attempted to sound like Barry White. And failed.

Siham : I don't doubt the fact that she can technically sing quite well, but she's got a terribly stuck up attitude. Unless that changes considerably, she's out for me.

Joeri : this bloke can sing and should return in one of the next episodes, possibly all the way up to the finals.

Born : Looks like a total nerd, but tries to use that different look to his advantage. His performance could use a bit more "swing", though his singing was good.

Sarah : Sang "My Immortal" from Evanescence, which is a hard song to do, especially when cut back to just over a minute. She did totally wonderful though and she has this look/attitude that just makes you long for more.

The three that should pass into the next round if you ask me :

Sarah, Jessie and Joeri.

Let the voting and flaming begin!

Update : I got 2 out of 3 correct, not too bad if you ask me. Jessie came in at 4th place so only barely missed the finals this time, and Joeri and Sarah are in as I predicted. Born was the winner.

My mind does not compute

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I just stumbled upon the blog of someone who is obviously quite religious and honestly, I just can't wrap my head around it. Let's see what they write in their last entry :

Last night as I worked with the 5/6th graders, my friend who leads the class talked to them about prayer requests. She told me I needed to put "we need a car" in the box. I did. As she went through each prayer request, she got to the car one and told the kids, we know God answers prayers and we are going to pray for a car. She said every time you see a car, you say "God can provide a car!"

Now... who thinks God provides cars, raise your hand. Last time I checked, car manufacturers make cars, car designers design cars, dealers sell cars, and you buy them with money you (usually) worked for. Nowhere in the equation I see any notice or pointer to someone or something that resembles a god.

Followed a bit further in the entry (these actually are the closing words) by :

God is good. All the time. Thank you Lord for the blessings in our lives. A home, pets (3 cats), a truck to drive while we look for a car, a job, incredible friends and church family. I'm thankful for the rainbow we just saw. The one that means God will never flood the earth again. This is a good thing to remember as it rains. :o)

"God is good." I can't nor won't argue about that, as for me there is no point in arguing about something I don't believe exists. Rainbows that mean that "God" will never flood the earth again are next. Tell that to all the people that were flooded and had their homes and the little belongings they had washed away. I bet they'll have a totally different understanding of this "God" creature.

What happened to believing in yourself, making decisions on your own and standing by them? No, instead every little thing that goes wrong is blamed onto someone else (Satan for instance?) and everything that is considered good is attributed to God.

Wake up people. If "God" is omnipresent, created the world, sees everything and spreads good and defeats evil, explain to me several hundreds of dead children in Beslan, a continuous fight between Israeli and Palestinians, not to mention all the terrors the Christians have committed in the Dark Ages.

Don't get me wrong : if you feel the need to believe in a unknown, never seen, very vague "presence", go ahead. Just don't expect me to actually think of you as a totally sane person. You can pray for me if you want to :)

Abortion - the war intensifies

Rolling Stone has this article about Anti-Abortion militants harassing the employees of a clinic that offers abortions. I suggest you read the full article first, since it will give you a better idea what these people are up to.

Since they were legally forced to stop blockading the abortion clinics, they now "aim to cut off the supply lines to abortion clinics and demoralize their troops." - in short, they make your life a living hell because you don't happen to support their idea on abortion. For these (often ultra-religious) people only one one point of view is acceptable, and anything or anyone that opposes them must be brought down.

I have no doubt that they'll manage to "convince" (terrorize) some employees into quitting their job, so they can claim that they've won a soul, saved a condemned one, or whatever they want to call it.

While I totally agree that if you can't take on the "enemy" itself, you should try to bring down it's support lines (basic guerilla tactics) in order to make it crumble before your very eyes, these people are blinded by their drive to stop abortion that they look past the possible consequences.

Right now we've got controlled environments where the procedure - which is not to be taken lightly, please read "Cunt : A declaration of Independence" by Inga Muscio if you have no clue - is performed by medical professionals. While one could argue that this still is not a good outcome for the fetus, the mothers' life is in much less danger, opposed to a D-I-Y abortion at home or in much less favorable conditions.

If you believe that scaring employees away from their jobs is the way to go, you actually cause more problems than you solve. Even if you don't like it, abortion is a part of this world, and I believe will still be an option in the distant future.

If this entry made you think - whether you are pro or anti abortion - it has done its purpose. I'm pro choice, pro believing in yourself and the decisions that one makes, and in favor of an openminded attitude. Need I say more?


Just arrived, will be off for the next few days, starting again on saturday morning. Have to adapt to a new sleep schedule, which will suck bigtime. Otherwise everything fine.

Having a large chunk of tiramisu right now. Why? Because I can and because I felt like it. There you go. Millions of people starving in the world and here I am, eating tiramisu at 06h30 in the morning. Whatcha gonna do about it? No one comes between me and my food.

No babies, please

As I was watching the news on TV today, they had this very new and exciting fact : viruses are spreading rapidly amongst Belgian e-mail systems and users.

They claimed that it all was due to an ongoing war between virus creators, causing a new virus to appear every 20 minutes instead of every 2 hours last year. 4 out of 10 e-mail are infected according to BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunication), and when taking spam into account, 80% of all mail traffic is a waste of time and bandwidth.

Where in the first half of 2003 nearly 500.000 computers were infected with one or more viruses, the first half of the year 2004 shows 2.4 million infected machines.

I'm sorry to bring you this new, but the ongoing war of virus creators is not the cause of this all. The constant influx of idiots on the internet is. Everyone should be online, everyone should be connected permanently (either with DSL or cable access) and blah blah blah. The internet is not for someone who just sits around behind his desk, opening every mail they get, downloading executables and files from unknown servers or entering creditcard details on the website because a mail stating :

"We UR bank, and accont verrification is need ed. Pleeze enter ur details and pincode on our webside :

http://[email protected]%%youareanIDIOT

Tank U."

told them to do so. Those people fucking deserve to get their machines infected. common sense is the first line of defense against viruses, scams, phising and trojans. Secondly comes staying up to date on patches, anti-virus software, firewall and the use of alternative programs (browser, newsclient, mailprogram, instant messenger etc).

Until people get that into their thick skulls, we'll see the amount of infections and spam rise exponentially over the next couple of months - and there is no reason to yell "but that won't affect me!" because as long as the idiots remain online and keep doing what they do, your well protected mailbox will keep on being flooded with spam, viruses, spoofs, bounces and complaints from people that claim you infected them.

I am well aware that not everyone is capable, nor interested to properly read and analyse the header of a mail they received, but please... if you don't know what you're doing, get the fuck off again. And please - don't make babies.

Mental barfing

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If your not ready to read a incoherent rant about all kinds of things that have no relation to each other, but that I just have to get out of my system right this minute, fuck off, go do something else.

All was good today, work was kinda slow although I've had my duties. The massive amount of stress I'm suffering from right now was generated in the past hour - while travelling home. It first started off when I encountered a mother duck with her baby ducks, on the left hand side of a two lane highway, squeezed as close to the divider as possible while traffic zoomed by at speeds of 60 miles. I can only imagine the terror and fear they all must have been suffering from and as I slowed down and went out of my way as much as possible to avoid them, I just knew that my efforts to avoid and save them would mean nothing in the greater point of life. I doubt they'll make it to a safe place. I know the highway there, and there just is no escape for them, apart from crossing the busy highway (two lanes) and not be teared to pieces.

What can I say? I saw them, reacted by avoiding them, yet the only thing that my mind could process was

100% mortality rate

It made me sad, even though I don't know whether or not my "premonition" is correct. It makes me wonder what the fuck we're all doing?!

Then as I travelled on, through dense traffic, I noticed a sign that said that one of the exits I can take to get home would still be opened, even if it was said they all would be closed. I decided to believe the sign, but the fuckers indeed closed it. I had to travel way further in order to be able to get off the highway, and that's when I noticed the yellow motorcycle that had crashed. First image in my mind again is "crap, is that my sisters bike or not?". I had no way to verify whether it was so as I continued through the traffic jams all over the place, I just kept going over the possibility. As soon as I got home, I mailed her to check and she just called me. It wasn't her, phew.

Then as I was waiting to turn left somewhere, the old fart in the dutch car before me decided to light a smoke. Listen old fucker, if you wanna poison yourself and your sorry ass, feel free to do so, but at least have the courtesy of killing yourself in your car with the windows rolled up, so you don't spoil the last bit of fresh air around for me. I so wanted to get out, and yell at him, but I think it wont matter a lot, again when seen in the bigger picture.

100% mortality people, remember the poor ducks.

Change the world, eat an apple.

I'm very much looking forward to Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore's newest documentary. As you may or may not know, distribution of this movie has been a pain in the ass, after Miramax (owned by Disney) was told by it's parent company it couldn't distribute a movie that criticizes Bush and his henchmen.

Luckily two companies have stepped up - Lions Gate Films from Canada and IFC Films from the USA - and will aggressively promote and distribute Fahrenheit 9/11.

Where does democracy end? Does it end when companies are so afraid to distribute products that criticizes those in power, or should we look at who actually runs a country? If you think a country is just ran by politicians you elected, you should crawl back under the rock you've been hiding under for the past decade and go back to sleep. Corporations and companies run at least half the country, even it may not seem like they do. They are big and powerful enough to say "we want this and that, and we want it now".

If anyone decides to oppose them, they just hand out a press release that due to the opposition of insert name/political party here they are forced to lay off employees, relocate or reorganise.

Look, I'm not against corporations or legal structures since that's how capitalism and the western world works, but the balance between the people (the mass) and what they require and the power the corporations hold is completely lost. It has shifted to the wrong side, although there is something you can do about it : we, the people, gave them their power, and we can also take it away again. Just make a choice when you buy from stores and companies. Support the local businesses who live and thrive with the support of the local community, and who also hire people locally.

Money talks, remember?

[Sorry for the crappy title, but that was about the only thing I could come up with, without making it all sound too serious!]

With elections coming up on June 13th, most political parties are once again at it : promises, promises and even more promises.

I do recall the last elections though, and I guess that with me, a lot of people do. I certainly hope that the majority won't fall for it again and realize that promises have to be backed up by real solutions, and most solutions by hard cash to support them.

I usually don't get too agitated by politics but the more I hear things, the more I think "what a bunch of idiots!". I don't think that the recent (political?) conviction of Vlaams Blok for being a racist party will help much when it comes to stabilizing the political climate in Belgium, nor will the requirement for parties to get at least 5% of the votes. While most Europeans agree that the (factual) two party system of the USA stinks, it almost seems that the big 4 (VLD, SP.a, CV&V and Vlaams Blok) are trying to do the same. I doubt that Groen!, NV-A or Spirit will have any chance of survival, unless they team up with a bigger party - often resulting in assimilation over time.

While the June 13th elections deal with electing candidates/parties for the European Parliament as well as the Regional "powers that be" (Vlaams Raad), I think for most people it's all the same, and they don't make a difference between local, regional and european elections.

Anyway, the more I read and hear, the more I'm pushed towards one or two parties that appear to make less promises and instead come up with solutions. As I said before, solutions require money, and nobody likes paying too much taxes, but I'd rather pay 30% tax and see it be used well, as pay 20% tax and see it be wasted and thrown away.

Too good to pass up


These are excerpts from someones online page, and how she describes herself. I'll let them speak for themself.

Kimberly - 22. I won't let anyone close.
I support President Bush.
I'm a smoker (8 years). I'll never quit
I drink alcohol whenever possible.
I crave intelligent conversations.
Infomercials can entertain me for endless hours.
I don't like people or public places.
I was in rehab 5 years ago and it opened my eyes to a lot
I have depression, OCD, and borderline personality disorder.
I spit, swear, belch and act perverted.
I spend all my money on shoes and pocketbooks
Onions, snakes, and ferrits should be wiped out.
I have a very strong dislike for receiving oral sex.
I love sleeping...all day every day if I could.

Now, I said I wouldn't comment, but I can't stop myself. How do you breed this kind of stupid people? Well, at least we know that with her supporting Bush, smoking and drinking as much as she can, the chance that she procreates becomes quite a lot smaller, statistically seen - or at least, that's what I hope.

Oh, Kimberly, dear moron... If you want all ferrets wiped out, at least learn how to write the word properly.

One word



So true...

I would like to think that in this day and age people would know better than to open executables in an e-mail. I'd also like to be able to flap my arms and fly to the moon. Opening attachments in e-mail is one par with group needle-sharing after having unprotected sex in a Third World orgy. Yet, with an estimated 30 per cent [peak] of world-wide e-mail traffic being Novarg, it is clear that millions are willing to blindly point-and-click their way into infection while a tempest of white noise rages in the part of their brain where conscious thought should be.

I couldn't have said it better. Read the full article.



Has anyone seen the american Superbowl? Did you notice Janet (Jackson) and Justin (Timberlake)'s performance where Justin rips off a part of Janets clothing at the end of the song?

Oh my god... it showed her left right breast - with pierced nipple - in front of several million american people, on national television. According to CBS who was broadcasting the show, they received "lots of angry calls" in regard to the incident. The NFL said that MTV - who were responsible for the half-time show - would not be asked to do more work for them in the future.

Now take a look at the clip yourself (DivX5, 1.3MB), and I ask you : "what is all the fuzz about?" All humans have nipples, they serve a few distinct purposes and whether or not you like seeing them, they are a reality. Now get a frigging life and stop being shocked. One nipple on TV causes more controversy as a 100 deaths - talk about bad priorities.

What I find rather "daring" is the fact that Janet chose to wear a spiked nipple shield. If you take a closer look (Overview, closeup) at the size of it (the shield I mean), those spikes don't seem to rest at her skin, in other words : far from a nice tight fit.

Imagine Justin reaching too far under the bra with his fingers and actually pulling both the bra as well as the shield off. Now, that would have been a painful, bloody and unplanned for performance. In order to prevent that, they must have rehearsed the "grab 'n pull" quite a few times to get it right. Good to know : Janets new album is sheduled to appear March 30th.

Oh, and I've replaced my desktop wallpaper with something new that I quickly threw together. You know where to find a link to it, don't you?

I can only agree


with this statement that a fellow techy made a few seconds ago :

Some people should not be allowed access to the more dangerous forms of technology... like telephones and sliced bread.

I replied.

I totally agree :) If only life were IRC :

ServMe sets mode +o CT
ServMe sets mode #life +m
CT sets mode -v (l)users

Is there hope?


As I was blogsurfing I stumbled upon this entry over at In My Opinion 3.0 : Bush's "war on terror" is a failure.

Read that first, then feel free to check out my points of view on it, as presented here.

In the last paragraph you seem to focus too much on Al Aqaeda and Muslim terrorists. All extremist fanatics are dangerous, no matter what they believe in. Religion is just a means for them to gather lots of support and has nothing to do with their view itself. What my point is, is that a religion itself poses no problem, not even if it sees certain things differently as an other religion. The fanatics are making it problematic.

How we - as a global and international community - can solve this, I wouldn't know. I totally agree that a long term plan based on equality and education is the path to take. However, certain politicians don't even consider the "long and winding road" but sell the uninformed mass a quick (and meaningless not to say lost) effort : war.

A few small victories, a few pockets filled, and an "after I step down I'll be happy and rich, let the next generation figure it out" attitude. Unless people start seeing and realizing that, there really is no chance to get through it all. It's just a matter of time before the final spark is lit and it's the end of civilisation as we know it.

I've tried to avoid this topic since sunday, but I just have to get something of my chest now. So, the USA captured Saddam - that ain't news anymore I guess - if you somehow missed that fact, I wonder where you've been? Hiding in a hole somewhere maybe?

Bush (or someone of his administration) made a statement today : "Saddam will be considered a prisoner of war (POW) and will receive all rights and duties that come with that status." Sounds pretty fair, don't you think? But wait... they weren't done talking just yet : "However, for the time being, we have not yet declared him a POW."

Of course they have not yet declared him a POW officially, and here are - according to me - the reasons for that "delay" :

  1. POWs must be protected in their honor. In particular they must not be subject to insults, violence and public curiosity whether from enemy forces or civilians. They must not be paraded or interrogated in front of the media, and their images should not be used for political purposes.
  2. Among the rights afforded to POWs are to: practice their religion, send and receive letters, receive a copy of the Geneva Conventions, and appoint a representative among themselves to deal with the detaining authorities

(source : Human Rights Watch, Rights and Duties of Prisoners of War)

In short it comes down to this : if the US forces had declared Saddam a POW, they would not have been allowed to show him off in the media, nor use his capture (and images of him) for political purposes. What do you think they are doing right now? They also wouldn't have been able to question him as they pleased (much like they did with the hundreds of "illegal non-combatants picked up off of the battlefield" that are still locked up at Guantanamo Bay).

So, while the USA continues to "police" the world, while it preaches peace (what a fine choice of words, don't you agree), and fights for Freedom - so help us God - they continue to play by their own rules. International treaties are only accepted if it fits, and as easily abandoned and disregarded if they interfere with those plans.

Where will Saddam be tried? Iraq seems the most correct place to have the trial, but as the country is still in shatters - and will be for a few more years at least - that trial could be a decade or more away. The UN tribunal in The Hague is another possibility, but... I almost forgot : the US doesn't recognize that tribunal. One starts to wonder why?



I don't know you're about to believe this story, but it seems to be true. LA County (USA, where else?) has requested that equipment vendors avoid using the industry term "Master/Slave" in product descriptions and labelling.

Why? Because some poor soul in the County Buraucracy was offended by the term Master/Slave and complained about it. My suggestion : get a fucking life, and don't complain about things you don't understand. If you really think that these technical terms were just invented to harass, annoy or personally offend you, think again.

The full story can be read on

So, feedback is more than welcome... do you think these changes are good, or are we getting into an endless spiral of political correctness which only leads to more confusion? Should blind people be referred to as "visually impaired", female firefighters as "firewomen" or African people as "colored" instead of "black"? I think everyone is being is a tad bit too damn sensitive about these things. Calling a blind person "visually impaired", doesn't return vision, does it?

Feedback on comments


In reply to my last post, Hilda wrote this :

1) Ford Genk
Sorry, but getting fired is from all times. Just call it bad luck, although getting a terminal desease is eaven more bad luck, right? Next, with or without unions, when fired and in any circumstances,it's up to you and only you to find another source of income or new standards.

Totally agree. I just wonder why there is a difference between firing 50 people and firing 3000? Is it just the higher number of layoffs that triggers a ton of extra things to be available/done? Actually, my example might have been badly chosen from the start, as there are essential differences between Ford Genk and ICT Assistance.

2) criminals
If not more, I'm as radical versus criminals as you. But some people/kids are raised with different norms. E.g. In poor countries, fill up a car's tank and flee without paying is a normal attitude. I certainly don't preach generous tolerance, but sometimes radical thoughts need more insight. Comes to it that newsreporters are paid for bringing captivating news. Still, justice in Belgium is still one big joke.

The fact that journalists are paid to bring the juicy stories to the people has not really anything to do with, although if one was to base their opinion *only* on those cases, it would be very far from the reality.

There are cultural differences and various ways of doing something, no question about that. But show me one country where it's legal/acceptable to rob people, kill them etc. As far as I know, there are none. Even if there was such a country, if people raised in such a climate would come over to a society that does not accept that kind of behavior, they should adapt to those new rules.

If they keep on doing it the way they have done it all their life, and the legal system does not react to those inappropriate things (when compared to our norms), people will get fed up with and start taking action themselves. Which would probably lead to the offender that knowlingly broke the law to be punished quite severely, and the "poor uneducated offender that had not enough knowledge about our society" be send off with a slap on the wrist. You can fool some people some time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

3) votes
I'm against the right to vote for non EU-immigrants, even for non-Belgian immigrants. If they like to meddle in Belgian politics, let them naturalize=become Belgian citizens.

I agree, what else is there to say. The typically Belgian compromise they're creating right now will only lead to more conflicts - which could be exactly what some people are aiming for of course.

Oh boy! I just read your last sentences: "unless it's something intelligent and noteworthy that you want to add/say about these topics, don't bother commenting." I should have kept my mouth, right?

No, you've done pretty well :)



If you are looking for some good news and a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" feeling, go elsewhere. I'm gonna rant about everything that's been building up in my system for a while. And it's gonna be a loooong post too.

1. Ford Genk fires 3000 people.

The unions and management come to an agreement that entitles employees that leave the company a one time fee of 8.525 euro, and in addition to that 825,5 euro per year of service between 6 and 9 year, 682 euro per year between 10 and 19 year and 515 euro per year of service above 20 years.

I agree that getting fired or leaving the job you've been doing for a long time still sucks. But at least they get something out of it. In our case 50 people got fired, and 8 months later we're still waiting to see the first eurocent. And I'm not even talking about extra fees for leaving, I'm just referring to severance pay and wages not paid. It seems there is a difference between laying off 3000 people and firing 50. Let me tell you : when it comes down to the individual, there is no difference at all, apart from the fact that they have cash, and we have not.

2. Criminals and how society deals with them.

Example : Two years ago, Sa�d killed a 7 year old girl that was riding her bicycle in a car accident. Accidents happen, I agree. But if you know that Sa�d told the police - when they came to arrest him - that "I thought I hit a bird", you know something ain't right. Apart from that, Sa�d didn't have a drivers license, and after the accident continued his way (hit and run) and drove over to Holland to load up on weed and coke.

Yesterday, Sa�d was sentenced on 2 year in prison (but only half is effective) and forbidden to drive a car for 10 years. Quite a hefty sentence you think? He drove a car without a license before, what makes you think he'll care about the fact that he can't drive a car for the next ten years? And a year in prison, that is a great joke... if he does 3-6 months, he'll be free to walk.

Justice is just a fucking joke... the only good sentence for this dude would be forcing him off the drugs - yes, a cold turkey - and 2000 hours of community service. That would make him work one 8 hour day per week for the next 5 years - perferably in a hospital or emergency unit. Everyone can mop floors, but at least he'd be confronted with the victims all the time.

I stand by my opinion that if criminals decide to step out of the accepted rules of society, that same society no longer has the obligation to uphold the rules that protect the criminals.

The same goes for "kids" and how they are treated by the system. If a 13 or 14 year old "kid" thinks he is mature enough to rob people, why should he be protected as a "child"? He clearly is not a child anymore, because if you are able to come up with a scheme to rob someone, you should also be able to deal with the consequences.

Sure, all kids do stupid things every now and then, I'm fully aware of that. But there is a huge difference from jumping off a bridge into a river and stabbing/murdering/mutilating people. The problem seems to be that these youngsters know that they cannot be touched by law, they are free to roam and do whatever they please.

If parents don't take responsability for raising their kids, then the legal system should provide means to deal with them.

3. Elections and the right to vote.

So far non-EU inhabitants didn't have the right to vote in Belgium. This means that El Youssouf (an imaginary inhabitant of Belgium for the past 15 years, with the Turkish nationality) cannot vote, although he has lived in Belgium for a long time. The Italian dude that works at the EU headquarters in Brussels gets to vote in Belgian elections, even though he only resides in Belgium one day a month, nor does he participate in society. Not fair, you might say, and to a certain extend, I agree.

For the past week(s) there has been a lot of commotion because some political parties are pushing through a legislation that would allow the first category of people a voice in the elections too. I'm not opposed to it, but they are forgetting something if you ask me. If you get the belgian nationality - and with the recent changes in regard to that, it's not difficult at all - you receive the obligation to vote, and you can be elected. Would that mean you forget about your roots, your beliefs and who you are? No, I don't think so. And for those that really don't want to give up their own nationality, there is still the possibility to have a dual citizenship (as far as I know).

The proposal as it stand right now would give non-EU immigrants (that fit certain criteria) the right to vote, after they register and agree to follow the rules of the Belgian constitution etc. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? Read that sentence again though... the right to vote. Not the obligation to vote. Which means that they have a choice whether or not they want to vote, whereas all the Belgian citizens have not. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of the obligation to vote, but why the difference?

The constitution clearly states : all belgian people are equal. It seems to me that some people want the benefits, but not the drawbacks.

If you disagree, feel free to comment, if you agree, feel free to comment. However, unless it's something intelligent and noteworthy that you want to add/say about these topics, don't bother commenting.


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So, "The Meatrix" is a clear "The Matrix" parody in Flash, but it is more than just that.

It carries a message that one might not (yet) be prepared to accept, but for the sake of mankind : take the red pill and wake up from the lies, charades and artificial bullshit. You can make a difference, if you want to.

Nadia is a Geek


and I've got the proof right here - she just mailed me this :

<frank> can you help me install GTA3?
<knightmare> first, shut down all programs you aren't using
frank has quit IRC. (Quit)
<knightmare> ...

<tag> Ouroboros: lets play Pong
<Ouroboros> Ok.
<tag> | .
<Ouroboros> . |
<tag> | .
<Ouroboros> . |
<tag> | .
<Ouroboros> | .
<Ouroboros> Whoops

If you get the jokes AND find that kind of stuff funny - which I happen to do - you are a confirmed Geek. Although you might wanna test yourself to be sure : Geek Test. I scored a (rather low) 21.10454%.

More newbie bashing and insane quotes over at

A big joke,


that's what the Belgian justice system is... You want some examples? Three men (aged 22, 25 and 28) kidnap, rob and kill a bartender. One of the suspects even throws a party for some friends with the money stolen from the victim. They get caught, go to trial and the defense claims they had a bad youth etc. No problems with that, it's the defenders task to defend their clients. The jury sees right through all the bullshit and convicts all three of them to life imprisonment.

Way to go, they get punished as they should, after all... the victim - or rather his family, wife, 7 month old daughter also got life. The difference? The convicted killers can request to be released in 2016, which means life is not life at all, but just a fraction of it! Nice justice, as I don't think the wife and daughter will be able to request that their husband/father comes back in 2016. He's gone forever.

Another example. About 10 years ago, a politician was murdered, if you hear the name "Andre Cools" it might ring a bell. The trials have just started, or at least justice is trying to get something together that might look like it. The main suspect committed suicide last year, and of the 8 other people on trial, 3 have run and are nowhere to be found. I don't blame them, would you wait for 10 years to see if anyone actually shows up to question/arrest you in a murder trial?

But that's not all, there's more to it. 1 dead suspect, 3 suspects on the run, leaves 5 more, correct? Not really. One of the suspects is "ill" and needs medical help/hospitalisation. Apparently his obesity caused increased risk for cardiac arrests etc, so he can't make it to the trial. And two days later, 2 other suspects are "not feeling too well" and also tell justice to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. They are "depressed", I wonder why?

Now... what's left of this case? 2 suspects. Oh, let's not forget about the two Tunesian contract killers that actually fired the shots, they are already convicted in Tunesia for the murder, but Belgian Justice requires them to testify. Where are they? Hmm... maybe in a Tunesian prison? It seems nobody knows where they are, but they are expected to show up on thursday. Maybe. If someone can find them and get the Tunesian justice departement to cooperate.

Yes, this is Belgium, all the way, all the time. It's a magnificent country, really. People that defend themselves and shoot a burglar get thrown in jail, but if you murder people you get away with peanuts and a pat on the back. Unless you run from the police first. In that case we won't have a clue where you are, and we may look for you. Or maybe not.

A lost cause?


I'm glad that I'm not the only one thinking the same thoughts, as an article on Security Focus shows : Joe Average User Is In Trouble.

Why do people still insist to buy and "operate*" an advanced, top of the shelf computer without any prior knowledge, but accept that they need to take classes and exams before they are allowed to drive a car?

Read that article, please do. Then at least wonder for a second why I bore you time and time again about firewalls, virusscanners, windows update, patches, hotfixes, e-mail security, spam, spyware, adware, trojans and viruses. It's not simply because I love using those words - well, maybe a little lot - but because it is the only way to keep yourself (and me for that matter) safe out there.

Think about the last time your computer got infected with a very well known virus, about the last time you were flooded with spam - yes, those two things are very probably related to eachother! - and then hopefully recall all the advice I've given you in the past. It's not to late to learn, but sometimes I really wonder why I still bother trying to educate computer users.

* "Operate" is used in a very loose context. Some people might claim that simply being able to turn on the thing equals "operating" it. Others claim that you have to be able to start Word and print out something in order to be considered a computer operator. Both statements are as true as calling yourself a professional golf player when you manage to put the ball - in only 7 strokes - on a mini-golf course.

How fucking arrogant


can one get? I received a spam mail from a Belgian registry service a few hours ago. I hate spam, so I filed complaints with spamcop, and his provider. In addition, I also checked out his website and tracked down the person behind it all.

It turns out he's running a few commercial sites, all claiming to be legit companies, yet none of them carry the mandatory VAT number, nor their number assigned to them by the Chamber of Commerce. Both these things are extremely important when proving you are an official/legal business operator. Either he doesn't carry them because he doesn't have those, or he's a big fraud.

Checking the online listings of the Ministry of Economics (or whatever it's called in English) didn't show up any listing, for any of his businesses. Well, the list is not complete and could not contain all data, but still... it gave me an indication.

Anyway, I told him to stop spamming me - especially based on old whois/DNS information - and warned him that unless he wanted a little visit from the economic inspection in regards to his missing VAT and Chamber of Commerce registry numbers, he'd better get his act together. You wanna know what his reply was?

"Dear sir, I don't want to receive any more mail from you."

Doesn't this break all rules of common courtesy? He's the spammer, I tell him to shove it up his ass, and then he reacts like that. Either he thinks he's being funny, or he picked a bad way of telling me how I should have asked him to stop the unsollicited mail.

I don't care... I'm looking into this tomorrow thursday. In the mean time, if you're living in Belgium, and also received the spam regarding,, registrations from, please get in touch with me. If this moron thinks he's the smartest kid on the block, I'll gladly scatter his illusion.

Spammers Die.

Poor guys


I really feel sorry for Joco and Jay... the dudes seem to have gone blind all of a sudden, or at least lost their taste in women - providing they had good taste to start with ;)

Has either of you heard Katja laugh? Have you seen her last night, drunk as I-don't-know-what? If any girl would be my worst nightmare, I think she'd get pretty close! She whines, complains that she can't handle it, and accomplishes nothing. I only hope she plays all of that, because if she's being her "true self", please make sure I never ever meet her!

So, Joco and Jay : you are as far from the correct answer as you could get. And because I am the asshole that I am, you can't vote anymore on this quiz! :D



I just spend 1 hour helping someone buy and download Norton Antivirus 2004 from the Symantec website. After 1 hour, he still wasn't able to correctly click the download link and get the software saved on his computer. I mean, come on... it's not that hard, is it?

I've let him check various download locations, but apparently every time he selected a location, "the window disappeared" and nothing was saved. I'm going over there in about an hour to see what the problem. I can't waste any more time on the telephone with this guy, it's time to go over there and charge him for my time. Damn, end users are sometimes such a pain in the friggin' ass!

Poor poor security


I've always known that some systems were not secure, and could easily be hacked into. However, today I saw with my own eyes that some systems are wide open - or the intended security systems fail completely. I was also shown that it doesn't even take brains, just a bit of logical thinking and luck.

Forget all the ethical jumbo jumbo and whether or not using "warez" is theft, we're purely focussing on the security side of this issue. Let's presume we're looking for a program which is used all over the world, and available in a multitude of languages. Small and large corporations, financial institutions, universities and clinics often use it. Of course, they need a way to distribute the software to their (intranet) users.

For this purpose they often set up centralized download systems, FTP servers and such. Everyone would expect that the least that would be done is a username or IP address check before accessing those sections, right? Well, quite often, none of that is happening. I've seen free access to FTP servers containing patches, updates and full downloads of all kinds of software, both open source, freeware, as well as commercial high end packages. I've witnessed downloads from intranet sites and "secure" locations, all because the administrators fucked up, or didn't install any security check at all.

Please people... If you need a way to distribute software to a large userbase, don't do it through publicly accessible systems or sites. Use the intranet for those things, and if in doubt whether or not the intended solution is safe, don't implement it unless you know it is secure.

This scares me - a lot


Ever had a headache? Who doesn't. Ever popped a pill to cure the headache? Who doesn't. Ever thought about that little pill that makes you feel better? That's what I thought.

I suggest you read this article called "Confessions of a ten-a-day man" and then think about your pill popping habits again. Sure, it's a long read, and it might result in a mental or even life-style hangover, but... don't they have pills to take care of that?

As some comments were made in regard to biometrics and passports, it really got me thinking. How far will they (government, police, data gatherers) go, and how far will "we" let them go? How valuable is your privacy?

It's all those little things that add up to a complete profile of your life : who you are, who you meet and how you think. Our lives are being mined, and to be honest : I think I'm more than just another resource.

Passports with biometrics - I got a little carried away earlier on - will be the answer to fraud, deception and abuse, at least if you believe the arguments. Arguments given by governments that "spice up" reports concerning weapons of mass destruction, censor the investigations regarding the september 11th attacks on the WTC. Let's presume that all the arguments are valid, that iris-scans, fingerprinting and - why the hell not - DNA profiling is embedded in the passports. What happens if the system goes down? No iris-scan available, fingerprints can't be checked... however, a security officer can still manually verify a photograph.

I'm a terrorist, I grow up in a rogue state and my family and relatives all know I'm going to be a terrorist. Now, I can go totally undetected and not register for any government issued proof of ID, so they won't even know I'm alive. Or I could emigrate to some country that is flooded by economic and political immigrants every year, and with some careful planning and a good story I can assume pretty much any identity I want. This includes getting a passport with every security measure embedded. Did the system fail? Not at all, because all these safety procedures are active. However, I've beat the system right from the beginning. There is no such thing as 100% safety, nor matter what you invent.

I did a very quick check on the web in regards to fingerprinting, and this is the first article that shows up : Doubt case on fingerprint security. Sure, experts will say that it's an old study (May 2002) and that modern systems cannot be fooled anymore in such ways. Do you think those who are out to beat the systems have been sitting on their ass all that time? As systems are improved, so do the ones beating the system.

What I'm trying to tell you, is that the only one suffering from these "high security" procedures is you. The professionals will always slip through the mazes of the net.

The most common argument that comes up at this point is "Why are you against it? If you have nothing to hide, you don't have to be scared about it". It's the mother of all arguments I guess, since it cannot be fought with logic, as it is a subjective statement. What exactly is scared, or afraid? It would be different for everyone and this not really definable.

And let's take a look at the "nothing to hide" part of the argument. What exactly is "nothing to hide"? If I go out during the day, drink a whole lot of beer, do I want to have CCTV following me throughout the city? Do I want to be seen entering a bar? Do I want people seeing what I buy in the supermarket? What I do and how I live is my business.

The same goes for governments intruding in the personal relationships of people, but that's another story altogether. It all comes down to privacy and allowing others to monitor (and as such) control your life.

Think about it.

New (cyber) terrorism

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While a new worm does it's rounds, spreading at an alarming speed, a truck filled with explosives has detonated in the United Nations Headquarters in Bagdad, Iraq.

While I can tell you how to clean up and prevent your computer from Sobig-F, I cannot do much about the physical attacks that are conducted throughout this world. However, one thing I know for sure : stating that the terrorists and their communities are fighting the civilised world is not the right solution. It is basically the same as saying that the terrorists are uncivilised, maybe even barbaric societies, and I doubt that is the right way to react to such an attack.

I'm sure that september 11th was a wake-up call for a lot of people, but it seems some still haven't gotten the message. So this is my message to dear president Bush :

By claiming to be a superior nation, policing the world as you see fit and crushing whomever you consider not walking in line with your subjective views of international politics, or calling them uncivilised, you are not helping anyone.

Unless of course todays "terrorist attack" on the UN headquarters was planned and financed by corporations and people who have a major interest in destabilizing that region even further.

Which reminds me : we are still waiting for an uncensored version of the reports of 9-11, and could you show us the weapons of mass destruction please? Right.

Fuck everyone...


A few hours ago, a discussion was brought up on another website I visit frequently - daily to be precise - about degoratory words, racism and insulting jokes. I really am amazed how the "political correctness" influences the current use of language in some scenes.

I wonder : Is is wrong to call an african american "black", oriental people "asian" or a caucasian person "white"? Generalisation is never ment to single out one person or void their views on society, or their behaviour. If I make a "racist joke" I expect the audience to know and realize that the facts presented are not necessarily correct. Sure, some people might not understand it, and believe that the truth is depicted in that joke, thus seeing some of their views validated.

It's exactly those diffences that make this world such an interesting place. if everything were grey and we all walk in the same direction, looking alike, what would be left for us humans to challenge us?

Is it up to me, the joker, to take all of that into consideration? I think not. Everyone is responsible for their own education and views on life. Think for yourself, goddammit! However, being all politically correct means - for me at least - that you rob people of their ability to think and decide for themselves. Insults are only insulting if you let them insult you.

That's why I don't like political correctness - the world is not perfect at all, nor will PC change it. If I'm white and you're black, what's the first thing we'll notice when we meet? The fact that the color of our skin is different. Does that define either of us as a person? I really doubt it.


I just caught an episode (it turns out to be the very first one of the series) of Bottom on TV, and I rolled out of the couch laughing a few times. It's that sarcastic, dirty, stupid, politically incorrect humor that I just love. If you've never seen Bottom, here's a pointer : Bottom equals The Young Ones, but there's only two blokes instead of 4.

I gotta remember that they're airing the show again!

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To everyone who is inside now, working hard, I send my greets.

It's wonderful outside, especially when riding the bike through the park. A balanced mixture of sun and shadow, slight breeze going through my hair - although that last part can't be correct - while pushing the pedals. The wheels spinning, leaves and tiny branches cracking as you run over them. The birds whistling and the scent of nature filling your nostrils.

Alas, fear not! The workforce has noise computers, blinding copymachines and curious bosses. I bet that is worth something too.

What the fuck?

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I was browsing through the newspaper (online) this morning and I ran into this article :

'Nuon stelt bonus afhankelijk van aantal allochtonen'

Het Nederlandse energiebedrijf Nuon wil managers die niet voldoende allochtonen aannemen korten op hun bonus. In het uiterste geval kan dit een mindering van het jaarsalaris van 15 procent betekenen. Dat meldt de Nederlandse krant het Algemeen Dagblad. Voor zover bekend is Nuon het eerste Nederlandse bedrijf dat op dit gebied financi�le maatregelen dreigt te treffen.

Volgens het Project Kleurrijk Ondernemen moet in 2006 tien procent van de werknemers in Nederland allochtoon zijn. Bovendien moet ook acht procent van de managers afkomstig zijn van etnische minderheden. Op dit moment is zo'n vijf procent van de werknemers van het energiebedrijf allochtoon. Het Nederlandse ministerie van Sociale Zaken zegt enthousiast te zijn over het door Nuon gevoerde beleid.

I'm not about to translate the complete article, but here's a quick overview :

The dutch energy company Nuon wants to lower bonuses for managers that fail to hire enough people of ethnic minorities. Nuon is the first dutch company that threatens with financial implications.

I think most intelligent people can agree that discrimination is bad, and should not be tolerated, right? The above example is positive discrimination, but it remains discrimination nonetheless. If I am a good manager, I hire the staff that is able to do the job best. If that means they are all white, black, male, female, or asian... then so be it.

Come on! Get serious people : Do you really like to hire someone because they happen to fall into the correct ethnic group? I wouldn't want to be forced to do something like that, nor would I want to be hired by any company just because I fit in their "let's make this world a better place" plan of the month.

I was still thinking about what company to pick when looking for a new energy distributor, but I think I'll be removing one off the list of potential candidates now.

Some are plain dumb.

I was randomly clicking links when I ended up at the blog of "ian joshua leo monta�o". What's in a name?! Here is an excerpt of his thoughts on animals :

animals are "bound" to this world

everything that we can comprehend was created for us. therefore, animals do not deserve our rights and previleges. they indeed should not be done needless harm, but they possess not the intellect, capacity, will, passion, or any other of a multitude of human traits to be worthy of any level of human equality.

Apart from the fact that animals don't posses the capacity, will, passion or intellect, they also lack the dishonesty, stupidity and ignorancy of humanity.

If I read that correctly, he states that animals can never be equal to human beings. Now I'm putting words in someone's mouth, but let's go a bit further into his statement :

I value a thief, crook, criminal serial rapist higher than the dog that helps the blind one cross the street safely. After all, the one is human (with "intellect, capacity, will and passion") and the other is "just" an animal.

These are not his words... those are mine, but they fit his statement about animals completely. Let me tell you that in certain cases animals are equal to humans, and sometimes even surpass us.

I wouldn't have any problem putting my life into the "hands" of some animals, whereas I'd think twice to do that with some people. The world is NOT black and white.

I'd like to comment right as the songs go by, but unfortunately I don't have a TV in my computer room, nor a laptop that I can bring to the TV. Damn. Stay tuned for my "no one spared" comments though. They'll be posted as soon as I can without missing too much.

01. Iceland : Wow... hot chick on stage! If all Icelandic women looks like that, I'm off to Iceland for a vacation... (Predict : OK'ish) - (Final Result : 9)

02. Austria : Looks like he's got something stuck up his ass, and definitely at least one screw loose in his head. Eyes like he's on dope. Experimental and kind of funny though. (Predict : could do well) - (Final Result : 6)

03. Ireland : Reminds me of The Lion King. Nice background choir though. (Predict : somewhere in the middle) - (Final Result : 11)

04. Turkey : Very good and visual. Reminds me of ballet with a good mix of old culture and modern influences. (Predict : Top 5) - (Final Result : 1)

05. Malta : Bad poppy song, pretty weak. Looks like Barbara Streisand, and that's not a good thing. (Predict : bottom 5) - (Final Result : 25)

06. Bosnia & Herzegovina : How do you spell ugly? Bosn... Tries to do a hard/soft mix like Austria did, but fails miserably (Predict : Last?) - (Final Result : 16)

07. Portgual : Has the looks of Shakira, but very static perfomance. (Predict : lower middle) - (Final Result : 22)

08. Croatia : Can anyone say Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? Pink pants... oh my! Bad teen pop band. (Predict : baddddd) - (Final Result : 15)

09. Cyprus : Tom Cruise meets Robbie Williams. Ouch. (Predict : ...) - (Final Result : 20)

10. Germany : I think she's the female Mick Jagger. Have you seen that mouth? Whoa! They dive right into the song, which is good, but the text is just a bit too happy. Would be better if less happy happy joy joy. (Predict : Top 10) - (Final Result : 12)

11. Russia : Tatu/Taty. Good, but it seems like they were holding back. Like them more in a more "rocky" song. No kissing? They should have done it. Great graphic effects on the floor. (Predict : Top 10) - (Final Result : 3)

12. Spain : Hot pierced (labret) chicka and vibrant show. (Predict : Top 5) - (Final Result : 8)

13. Israel : 50's musical? Only missing tapdancing. (Predict : bottom 10) - (Final Result : 19)

14. The Netherlands : Pretty good. If someone cuts those laces though, boobs go flying all over the place ;) (Predict : Rather High) - (Final Result : 13)

(I switched to the webbroadcast now. Easier to view and update the blog at the same time.)

15. United Kingdom : That red shirt couldn't get any shorter, or she'd be getting the lead in Basic Instinct II. Nice song and visuals though. (Predict : Upper middle) - (Final Result : 26)

16. Ukraine : Keep the blue dancer, shoot the singer in the white suit. Hasta La Vista maybe, but you're no Arnie. (Predict : OK'ish) - (Final Result : 14)

17. Greece : I can believe she'll never let you go... she's a Goth vampire :) Carries extra airbags in those fake boobs. (Predict : 7) - (Final Result : 17)

18. Norway : Looks like Oasis, acts/sits like Elton John. Good combo? I doubt it. Please move on! (Predict : Lower half) - (Final Result : 4)

19. France : Forgot her text in the beginning... Lalalala... In such a dress I wouldn't even dare walk around if I got paid for it. (Predict : Disqualify, please) - (Final Result : 18)

20. Poland : Bowie meets Pink, Meafloaf and Cruella of 101 Dalmatians. While she sings he touches her boobs, I wonder why? That's of course always the question with songs like Zadnych granic. What the fuck are they singing about? (Predict : ???) - (Final Result : 7)

21. Latvia : "I'm not that kind of girls that only dreams of other girls?" Is that what she sang at the beginning? Poor judgement. If it is true (I could have gotten it wrong though) Tatu/Russia should end higher than these suckers. Just because. Backstreet boys returned and teamed up with some chick. (Predict : say hello, now fuck off) - (Final Result : 24)

22. Belgium : Excellent plan. Send in a group that sings in an unexistent language. No one can blame you if you forget your lines ;) We're good. La�s would have been good as well. Reminds me of Lord of the Rings. (Predict : come one... we're Belgium, where do you expect us to end?) - (Final Result : 2)

23. Estonia : Good pop song, but no eurovision material I fear. Would not do bad in regular popscene. (Predict : middle class) - (Final Result : 21)

24. Romania : Good upbeat song. Probably won't win, but I like this song best. (Predict : Top 5 I hope) - (Final Result : 10)

25. Sweden : Swedish girls are blondes. Very "eurovision" song but I don't think it'll score high. Too much different styles this year. (Predict : the hot blonde in my bed, the guy out on the street? Upper half) - (Final Result : 5)

26. Slovenia : Good background beat, but the song really doesn't fit in. And more pink pants! What's up with that? Somehow reminds me of Abba. Although Abba is *much* better. (Predict : Upper half) - (Final Result : 23)

My top 5 :

1. Turkey
2. Romania
3. The Netherlands
4. United Kingdom
5. Spain

There you all go. It's out of my hands now... start commenting!!!

Oh my god... Belgium is actually in the lead every now and then. Have people gone totally bonkers? Damn... this is actually getting pretty exciting! Turkey, Russia and Belgium keep on hopping over eachother. The only downside is that Both Russia and Turkey already voted, and Belgium has not.

Tongue splits and other loose ends

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As the tongue splitting story is getting mainstream press coverage and goes around the world, I think I should post my own views to it here. And I'll also touch some interesting points as made by Phyre Bitzshe and Dimi.

First let me tell you all something, that might help you understand what I'm saying or where I'm coming from. I used to be a black and white person when I was younger - in my world it was either right or wrong, and a gray area really didn't exist. You were either for or against me, or anything that was open for discussion. Drugs - I was against. I still am but I'm not that extreme anymore. I've learned - over the years, and by talking to many friends - that there is not absolute right or wrong. Every story has more than one way to look at it.

Does this mean that I've lost my principles or don't stand by what I think and write and say? On the contrary. While I've become more moderate in my acceptance and judgement on others, I've made decisions for myself, but I am past the stage where I try to force those on others. Knowing that, my point of view hopefully will be more clear when you continue reading...

Does the idea, look or procedure of tonguesplitting gross you out?

Not in the least. Mind you, some people that I know - both personally as well as online - have modifications and some are considered extreme. Split tongues are not really shocking to me, I'm not suprised by them. If you are interested in getting it done, I suggest you do your research and think about it really well. Although it is reversible, a recent case of a forced tongue split reversal, has proven that the reversal is can be more problematic as the initial splitting. Yes, it involves blood and yes it can affect your speech. Keep that idea in mind when I get to point 3.

Does (or should) government have the right to intervene and regulate in cases where personal choices only affect oneself and your body?

I can't stress this enough, but I think government has to stay out of it. If I want to cut off my leg tomorrow (which I'm not planning to do, believe me!) I should be entitled to. However - and this is important - only if that decision does not affect others. If I cut off my leg, and I then ask for social benefits because I need help, the government should be allowed to say : you chose to do this, now you deal with the consequences. However, this is an extreme example.

So let's go to the tongue splitting topic. Does me cutting my tongue affect you? I don't think so. Does it affect you when it gets infected and needs emergency medical treatement? Yes it does. Why? Because we all pay for those medical services and me requiring them diminishes resources available for others. Keep that in mind when I get to point number 3.

What happens if a ban is instated?

As Phyre Bitzsche correctly writes, it would force those willing to do it - or get it done - into the hands of untrained and unregulated hackers. Is that what you want? I certainly don't. Banning therefore really doesn't solve anything, although it might look like the matter is resolved when it comes to legal technicalities. Does that mean that it won't be done anymore? Not at all.

I actually would like some sort of a regulation - be it only doctors performing the splits (with for instance an argon laser), or regulated and controlled piercing and tattoo practitioners as well. In either case, it would almost guarantee a controlled medical setting, that is equipped to deal with medical emergencies should they occur. Both the patient and the practitioner benefits from it.

A ban is nothing more than an invasion to the choices a human can make, creating more instead of less problems.

Link to BMEzine Risks - click on tongue splitting for details

Democratic government?

Yeah right... We've all heard, read and seen how the Bush administration lies and deceives the public to make it believe their official points of view. The article below however proves that other democratic governments do the same. Who can one trust these days?

London jamcams go dark for May 1 demo

All tax and no play?

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Excerpt/edit of a newspaper article published today :

In effect on thursday May 1st 2003, a new tax of 12 eurocent will be collected for every blank cd-r purchased. The tax had been announced several times but was not yet in effect. This time a fixed date is set in stone : May 1st. This new tax should compensate the authors of copyrighted work for the "copy for personal use" that one is allowed to make.

Aha... this means I now will pay an additional tax to copy an original CD that I bought in a store, and of which the copyright protection prohibits it from playing anywhere I want to use it. For instance on my PC CD-Rom.

Or, put in another way : I pay the author/recordcompany for a crippled product when I buy the original CD, and then pay them once more to make myself an uncrippled product, when I crack the copy protection and write it on a blank CD.

Nice try people, but you can be certain I'm reacting to this.

Update : Letters have gone out to 2 major newspapers and a weekly magazine.

VDAB Joke?

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Last week I got an invitation to have a talk with one of the VDAB counselors about a job offer they had for me. I've been listed as unemployed for less than 14 days, and they already invite me... cool, not?

However, I don't get it. Some people have been getting unemployment benefits for over 5 years and have never been invited, so I wonder what's up with that. Is my profile in high demand?

So, this morning I wake up early, have a shower - aaahhh.. hot water! Soooo good when you wake up and feel as if a truck has run over you. Several times - and jump on my bike. Damn! It's friggin' cold outside! Where are my gloves? Anyway, I was expected to come in between 09h00 and 09h00, and arriving at 09h05 I think that would get me good points when talking to this Rafaella who invited me.

I walk in after putting the helmet and gloves in my backpack, and there's already two people in line. While I'm waiting at least 5 more come in, and then the receptionist asks who's got an appointement. It turns out Rafaella has not yet shown up, so the receptionist has to deal with the appointements. Pretty weird I figure, as I'm there to talk to someone about a job offer, right?

Wrong! Oh so wrong. This is what happens :

Me : Hi, I'm here because I have an appointement with Rafaella about a job offer
Receptionist : Hi, do you have any papers with you?
Me : Sure! Open backpack, get invitation, hand it over
Her : If my computer is fast this shouldn't take too long. 30 seconds later I'm handed a printout.
Me : (looking suprised)
Her : You have to apply in writing to person blah blah at address blah blah.
Me : (while browsing the printout) Erm... it says they are looking for a part-time insurance employee? I've graduated in insurances 6 years ago, but have never worked in it since the start. I've been an IT person since the day I got out of school.
Her : Oh? Erm, wait. Then call them at this number first, and check if you need to apply. NEXT!

So, that's it? That's what they call "an invitation to talk about a job offer"? Great! I must admit their website rocks and allows you to do all kinds of things, but having people ride their bike and freeze their ass off in the morning, to be handed a print-out for a job profile that doesn't even apply to them, that's just plain crazy.

For the record : I'm looking for fulltime employment, IT related, preferable in a team, or where teamwork is required. I do have hands-on experience and don't want to do helpdesking since that's too strict and procedure driven.

Now that I'm back home, I'm off to find out why VDAB seems to think it's still April Fools Day!


I told you I was gonna keep you posted, wasn't I? Ok.. here it goes :

I just successfully ripped my legit version of Melanie C's new album Reason. Why did I need to rip it? Because on my PC it only played crappy compressed tracks and I spend about 75% of my time around these boxes of evil called computers. And if I want to code and do good things, I need good music. Understand?

So... Macrovision, fuck you - Your state of the art Cactus Data Shield 200 copy protection kept me busy for less than 4 hours - and now I've got an unprotected audio copy. One that I'm even legally entitled to have and make as a backup. Something you tried to prevent. Maybe I should talk to a lawyer and sue you for limiting me in my rights to make a backup?

I'm not gonna explain in detail how I did it, but all info one needs is around. I strongly suggest you read that last post of mine (Piss me off?) and figure it out yourself. It's really not that hard. I didn't know anything about the tools, nor the protection in advance, and I beat it in under 4 hours. I can't wait till they start releasing CD300 ;)

So they die...

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I can't hold back anymore now, as the story about the chopper going down killing the mixed British and American crew (12 people) is all over the media and blogs too.

Do I feel sorry that these people died? Yes, I do... having people die is never a good feeling, but it also makes me wonder. What the hell were they doing there? Didn't the UN - supported by 85% of the rest of the world - say NO WAR?

Oh, sorry... I almost forgot : USA and UK are above UN resolutions, or at least they think so. Hello????? Going to war means you can get killed. Whether it is due to technical malfunction, human error or getting shot. Learn to live with that - I agree, that might not be the best way to put it, but that doesn't matter, does it?

And on a related note : The USA and UK invade Iraq, and after the war expect the UN and most European countries to give financial aid to Iraq to rebuild the country. I like that way of thought, I really do. Maybe Europe should detonate some nukes in the US for testing purposes and then tell the Americans to deal with the fallout and radiation. Hey, why be mad about it? It's not like you don't have enough unpopulated area's and desert. You can handle it, I'm sure of it!

Note : Dreamer, I'm not thinking about moving the blog to another domain, not in the least. I'm sorry to tell you that your dreams were incorrect... I just happen to talk about domains every now and then, but knowing that I've got +30 in .com and .org TLD's and about 7 in the .be ccTLD, that shouldn't suprise anyone.

Nationale Loterij : Fuck you

When I wanted to load the site of the national lottery ( tonight, it presented me with a warning that the minimum browser is IE4.0 or NS6.0. Apparently, they used so much special coding that they are unable to support Mozilla 1.2.1 - although it's a fully W3C standards compliant browser. I immediately send them a mail telling them I was less than pleased with it, but I don't even expect an answer.

I was under the impression that in this day and age of technological prospering, one would accommodate the broadest range of browsers possible. Don't come yelling that Mozilla is a niche browser, only used by geeks, nerds and freaks. More and more people are running it, and Netscape is Mozilla based.

It's really not hard at all to write W3C compliant code, if you spend some time testing and planning it in advance. Take a look at this site... full XHTML 1.0 compliant, works like a charm in IE, NS, Mozilla and Opera. If I had other browsers in which I could test it, I would. And I'm not a bug bucks corporation, but just a simple individual with some spare time and a drive to make it all accessible.

Columbia & Kyoto

Today the space shuttle Columbia broke up as it re-entered the atmosphere, killing 7 crewmembers. Is that bad? Yes it sure is, but as someone pointed out : those crewmembers did know in advance it (space travel) was dangerous and they knew the risks. Does that make it less painful? It sure does not.

Things like the press release below however, are - if you ask me - a gigantic slap in the face of everyone who works at NASA and the families of the crew :

An administration official said the shuttle's altitude - over 200,000 feet - made it "highly unlikely" that the shuttle fell victim to a terrorist act.

We have no information at this time that indicates that this was a terrorism incident," said Gordon Johndroe, press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. "Obviously, the investigation is just beginning, but that is what we know now.

Get real people... there are other things as international terrorism, the war with Iraq and North Korea working on/with nuclear devices.

If tomorrow someone can prove "God" does not exist, I'm sure some will blame international terrorists for killing "God".

Get real, stay focussed. Instead of dragging the complete international community into something that 75% of the world population opposes, it would be much wiser to tackle some of the problems that cause all of this. If a certain leader keeps on pushing his views and idea's onto others, he's gonna either hit a hard brick wall head first, or get totally isolated.

Remember Kyoto my dear friend, remember Kyoto. If you really think you can solve any problem in the world by yourself, or with the aid of your warmachine, or by just ignoring anyone who doesn't agree, you'll make it hard on yourself, and hard for your country.

International politics quote


OK peeps... the text below is *not* mine, but I found it interesting to say the least, and wanted to put it out here as well. I've got written confirmation that I can use and quote the text, which was written by Shannon, the owner/creator of BME Zine. In order to understand the complete post, you should either be up to date on international polictics, and have listened to the State of the Union Address that Bush made.

The text below in boldface are quotes from the Address and the normal text is his (Shannon's) commentary.

To lift the standards of our public schools, we achieved historic education reform which must now be carried out in every school and in every classroom so that every child in American can read and learn and succeed in life.

Hmmm.... If you "achieved" this "historic" reform, then why do you now have to carry it out? That's like saying, "This year Shannon achieved a historic visit to the Mars, becoming the first human to set foot on that planet. Now he hopes to carry out that plan and actually do it."

To bring our economy out of recession, we delivered the largest tax relief in a generation.

So decreasing taxes for the ultra wealthy and corporations, along with plunging the economy into the greatest national debt it's had in all of US history is bringing the economy out of recession? Cool. I'm hurting for money right now, I think I'll reduce the cost of membership (taxes) and then go out and buy a Lamborghini. Makes sense, right?

To insist on integrity in American business, we passed tough reforms, and we are holding corporate criminals to account.

How can he say this with a straight face? Unless I've been hallucinating for the past couple of years, these corporate criminals are not only largely unaccountable, but are in fact running the country... Ahem... Mr. Bush, if you really believed that statement, why are you and Cheney blocking investigation into your own corporate scandals, and why have you hired all your dishonoured rich kid buddies?

Our economy is recovering.

No, it's not. It's still on a downward spiral.

I am proposing that all the income tax reductions set for 2004 and 2006 be made permanent and effective this year.

Bush goes on to list all the money he's giving to various programs. Think about it. The country is already in deeper debt than it ever has been in all of its history. You can't massively increase spending and then slash taxes as well. It doesn't work - the end result of that is debt. And debt results in interest. That is, Bush's plan guarantees that generations of Americans will have to pay trillions of dollars in interest to international banking cartels.

We should also strengthen the economy by treating investors equally in our tax laws. It's fair to tax a company's profits. It is not fair to again tax the shareholder on the same profits.

We've been over this before and Marty offered a nice simple explanation on his page. Dividend taxes are "good" because that type of double taxation basically institutes a geometric rather than linear tax curve. That is, it's a tax on the rich. Bush eliminating it simply reduces the tax load on the wealthy, in effect shifting its burden to the poor.

Our second goal is high quality, affordable health for all Americans. ... These problems will not be solved with a nationalized health care system that dictates coverage and rations care. ... Because of excessive litigation, everybody pays more for health care, and many parts of America are losing fine doctors. No one has ever been healed by a frivolous lawsuit; I urge the Congress to pass medical liability reform.

So basically what he's saying is that there will be no universal healthcare, and that doctors will be protected from litigation... What a weird pile of doublespeak that is. I'm guessing he was trying to hit every idiots "yeah" button, because if you were only half listening, it sounds great.

Our third goal is to promote energy independence for our country, while dramatically improving the environment.

Do I need to point out that statement runs contrary to every action this government has taken? Isn't this the guy that's an oil baron and tied personally to the oil economy and may well be waging several wars over oil? Isn't this the guy that wants to drill the Alaskan wildlife reserves for oil, and pulled America out of the Kyoto Accord?

In Afghanistan, we helped to liberate an oppressed people, and we will continue helping them secure their country, rebuild their society and educate all their children, boys and girls.

Is that why, after the oil pipeline deals were signed, the Taliban was allowed back in power, and all the "freedoms" are already getting overturned? Is that why the government just banned cable TV in Kabul? Do I need to say something stupid like "don't piss on my head and tell me I'm sweating"?

Across the Earth, America is feeding the hungry. More than 60 percent of international food aid comes as a gift from the people of the United States.

What a load of bullshit - here's something closer to the truth. American factory farms are given massive subsidies, and as a result produce far more grain than the nation needs. This junk grain is then dumped in Africa as "humanitarian" aid and sold at rock-bottom prices or given away. As a result, it puts small local farmers out of business, pushing them into the cities to look for work that often isn't there, turning them into criminals. Many of America's "aid" programs are thinly described corporate welfare that have the end effect of destabilising the nation they are helping.

To date we have arrested or otherwise dealt with many key commanders of Al Qaeda.

You'll notice Osama's name is missing from this Address.

All told, more than 3,000 suspected terrorists have been arrested in many countries. And many others have met a different fate. Let's put it this way: They are no longer a problem to the United States and our friends and allies.

OK, that's just crazy. Is Bush actually boasting or joking about illegal assassinations carried out internationally by the CIA? I will remind people again that shortly after 9/11 Bush signed into a law a bill that allows the CIA to assassinate not only foreign enemies, but also American citizens on American soil should they be considered "enemy combatants". That needs to be footnoted with the fact that this includes computer hackers, drug criminals, protesters and activists, and so on.

One by one the terrorists are learning the meaning of American justice.

The entire world is learning the meaning, and it's not reflecting well on America. America's popularity is at an all time world low.

We've intensified security at the borders and ports of entry, posted more than 50,000 newly trained federal screeners in airports, begun inoculating troops and first responders against smallpox, and are deploying the nation's first early warning network of sensors to detect biological attack.

So basically the nation is becoming a police state, privacy is being eliminated, and people are being inoculated against a disease that would be virtually impossible for terrorists to launch and disperse? Bush goes on after that to describe a number of other ludicrous plans like the missile defence shield.

Tonight, I am instructing the leaders of the FBI, the CIA, the Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to develop a Terrorist Threat Integration Center, to merge and analyze all threat information in a single location.

First, isn't that what Homeland Security was supposed to do? And unless I'm hearing that wrong, it it actually a reference to that crazy Poindexter Total Awareness project?

Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of great nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the weak and intimidate the world.

That is exactly what has happened in the United States, isn't it? The US is being run by a small group of men that are not representative of the larger population. It has built a massive army. It has built the largest arsenal on the planet. It has more troops in other nations than any other country. There is only one country one the planet right now that meets the above description, and it is the United States.


I'm sorry, but calling the Nazi party's philosophy "Hitlerism" is just plain weird! Yes, I know it's a real word and all, but it's a really weird choice of word.

Militarism [was] defeated ... by the might of the United States of America.

Militarism was not defeated by the United States in any way. The US is the largest producer and proliferator of weapons (including weapons of mass destruction) that the world has ever seen, in all of history. Ignoring the oxymoron of destroying militarism with military might, suggesting that the US is a leading pacifist nation is simply offensive.

We are strongly supporting the International Atomic Energy Agency in its mission to track and control nuclear materials around the world.

Is that why they say that your "intelligence" is actually "lies"?

The North Korean regime will find respect in the world and revival for its people only when it turns away from its nuclear ambitions.

I guess that doesn't apply to the US, right? Didn't Bush just authorise all sorts of new nuclear weapons testing and development, taking the arms race up yet another level?

It is up to Iraq to show exactly where it is hiding its banned weapons, lay those weapons out for the world to see and destroy them as directed.

So basically, it's guilty until proven guilty? Is that the legal philosophy we're adopting here?

Saddam Hussein had biological weapons materials sufficient to produce over 25,000 liters of anthrax.

Yet the only anthrax attack we've seen on US soil was committed by a (potentially) rogue US scientist, and the government shelters him from prosecution. Did you think everyone had forgotten that already?

Saddam Hussein had materials sufficient to produce more than 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin.

Big deal. So do I. Botulism is very easy to produce. Mexican revolutionaries made it themselves by burying beans and ham in canteens. The fact is, any joker can make simple biological weapons. The fact that you can't find them doesn't prove that they will. I have no intent of ever making any, let alone deploying it. But I could, and so could anyone.

He has given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

(Bush says this for a long list of thing that he claims Iraq has.) I guess that the US and UN not being able to find any evidence doesn't imply that it's not there? I may well have a nuclear bomb hidden in Rob's barn. Maybe it's buried in a corn field somewhere. The fact that you can't find it doesn't prove that I have one. In fact, it implies that I don't have one, if anything. You can't decide someone is guilty because of a lack of evidence. It's contrary to the basic rules of evidence.

The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

A story which was quickly debunked.

Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminium tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production.

Again, totally debunked... Does Bush think the American people are morons? This stuff was in the mainstream news! And the rest of it is just ludicrous - "defectors tell us" and "secret sources tell us" type crap. Given the amount Bush has lied - some say more than any other President - he's reached a point where he has to give credible backing for his statements.

Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaeda.

Is that why Tony Blair said last week that there was no link at all, and every credible source has suggested that as flat-out ludicrous. I'm not saying Saddam doesn't have ties to terror - I have no idea. But the fact is that bin Laden and Hussein are ideologically opposed and probably even enemies. To suggest they are working together again sends the message that Bush believes Americans are too stupid to understand international politics.

Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike?

What?!?! Did Bush just announce that not only has America switched from a defensive posture to a preemptive strike posture, but that it will do so without evidence? Will America start bombing nations "on a hunch"? I have a crazy hunch that the US might invade Canada - but that doesn't give me the right to bomb New York!

The dictator who is assembling the world's most dangerous weapons has already used them on whole villages, leaving thousands of his own citizens dead, blind or disfigured.

Many say Bush is a dictator, and there's certainly evidence backing that statement up, even if one ultimately disagrees with it. He certainly holds the world's most dangerous weapons. Not only that, but the US government did test them on its own citizens, killing about 15,000 citizens in the New Mexico area as a result of their testing. They've also tested biological agents on their own people (black and Hispanic citizens anyway), and continue to illegally drop experimental biological weapons on Canada as a part of the "war on drugs".

And tonight I have a message for the brave and oppressed people of Iraq: Your enemy is not surrounding your country, your enemy is ruling your country.

Replace Iraq with "United States". Listen carefully.

And if war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force and might of the United States military, and we will prevail.

I absolutely fail to see how war has been or is being "forced". Iraq has not invaded or attacked America and poses no risk to the American people. None of the surrounding nations have asked for help or have stated that they felt at risk. The international community is opposed. The American people are opposed... And so on...

I urge you to pass ... my faith-based initiative ... to ... transform America one heart and one soul at a time. Our nation is blessed with ... the Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A man in the program said, "GOD does miracles in people's lives, and you never think it could be you."

Whatever action is required, whenever action is necessary, I will defend the freedom and security of the American people. ... The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world; it is GOD's gift to humanity.

We do not claim to know all the ways of Providence, yet we can trust in them, placing our confidence in the loving GOD behind all of life and all of history. May he guide us now, and may GOD continue to bless the United States of America.

Again, maybe I'm missing something, but did Bush just declare Jihad? If that was any other nation and any other religion, would these combined statements not be a declaration of holy war?

Let me quickly reword that for you to illustrate. Imagine it's Osama bin Laden saying it:

We will transform Afghanistan one heart and one soul at a time. Great work is being done in the Mosques around this nation. As one man in Khandahar told me, "Allah is rewarding us for our faith."

Whatever action is required, whenever action is necessary, I will defend the freedom and security of the Muslim people. ... The liberty we prize is not my gift to the world; it is Allah's gift to all people.

We do not claim to know all the ways of Allah, yet we can trust in them, placing our confidence in the loving God behind all of life and all of history. May he guide us now, and may Allah continue to bless the warriors of Al Qaeda.

Am I saying I support Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, or Krazy Kim? Of course not. I'm saying that being opposed to evil doesn't make a person good. The evil have no honour, and the evil have no unity - they attack each other constantly, battling for control of this planet, its people, and its resources. We are simply their pawns.

The world gets scarier all the time, doesn't it?


To everyone who celebrates this day : Merry Christmas.

To those who just enjoy the company and presence of friends or family, but don't celebrate it in a religious way : Merry X-Mas

And to those who don't care about all the fuzz : Enjoy your evening as you would otherwise... after all, there is no difference!

Dada JahJah!

Last night Dyab Abou JaJah, one of the leaders of AEL (Arab European League) was apprehended and arrested in Deurne, the town I live in.

The local justice departement, police and the major refused to give more details at that time, but have disclosed what charges are brought against him today :

- mededaderschap aan weerspannigheid in bende met voorafgaande afspraak en wapenvertoon
- weerspannigheid in bende met voorafgaande afspraak
- kwaadwillige belemmering van het verkeer
- onbruikbaarmaking van voertuigen in bende
- opzettelijke slagen aan een agent

I don't have the knowledge to give correct translations of the charges, but the big picture is something like this :

- accomplice to public display of weapons in group
- obstruction of traffic with bad intention
- disabling vehicules in group
- intentional violence against police officers

Give or take a bit... Dyab Abou JahJah has been trying - and succeeding - to bring everyone to a point where extreme positions are being taken. You are either for, or against, there is no more inbetween.

Riots in Antwerp, Borgerhout

Riots in Antwerp, Borgerhout - source : Standaard Online, photo by KF
Late last night and continuing into early this morning riots broke out in Antwerp, Borgerhout (also known as Borgerokko) after a 66 year male old psychiatric patient shot the 27 year old son of his Morroccan neighbor around 16h30. Police arrived to investigate the case, and was soon after it attacked by about 100 riotting youngsters that claimed the murder was race related.

Abou JahJah (AEL) of course also showed up with his "private militia" to "keep an eye on the police" as they handled the case. This only enraged the already violent mass of people. Apparently, it's quite common for this type of people to throw stones at the police, damage parked cars and break the windows of shops, instead of being constructive and helping the police solve problems.

I think this clearly shows that there still is a very big difference in mentality and perceptance of reality between these violent young criminals, who - on the one hand - whish to be respected and accepted by the populace, but are far from accepting and respecting the law and mentality themselves.

If the situation keeps on evolving as is, one can be assured that certain right wing orientated political parties will grow even more during the elections, due next year.

Links : VTM News - Teletekst - De Standaard - Het Nieuwsblad

The smart choice for your future

Are you too disgusted by all the "we mean well, but don't have a clue about the real world" organisations that offer teenagers advice concerning sex and relationships?

Yes? Head over to Technical Virgin and find out how to make the smart choice for your future.

No? You don't know what you are missing, really. No, god doesn't kill a kitten everytime you masturbate. If that were the case, cats would have been wiped off the face of the earth since 1973!

Remember : Masturbation is a form of selfexpression. Didn't Madonna sing "Express Yourself?" She definately knows! Do you express yourself? Tell me all about it... it'll lift my selfexpression abilities to higher levels.

What the fuck?

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Senator Destexhe (MR) wil dat tatoueerders en piercers verplicht worden zich in te schrijven in het handelsregisters. Volgens Destexhe zijn er aanwijzingen dat nogal wat jongeren een hepatitis C-besmetting oplopen door het laten aanbrengen van tatouages en piercings in ongecontroleerde omstandigheden. Met zijn wetsvoorstel wil Destexhe piercings en tatouages bij jongeren jonger dan 16 jaar verbieden.

De verplichte inschrijving zou een betere controle over de sector mogelijk maken. De senator zal een wetsvoorstel indienen waarvan hij verhoopt dat het door minister van volksgezondheid Tavernier wordt omgezet in een Koninklijk Besluit dat onmiddellijk in voege kan treden. Volgens Destexhe, die zelf arts is, werkt het ministerie van Volksgezondheid momenteel aan een "code van goed gedrag" voor de sector. Maar daarmee kunnen geen misbruiken uitgesloten worden

That's the text that appeared in a newspaper on november 15th. Apparently, some senator of whom I've never heard want to forbid people under the age of 16 to get tatooed or pierced. That would prevent them from "getting tatooed or pierced in uncontrolled environments, often leading to Hepatitis-C infections".

This discussion has be going on for a very long time on international sites (for instance on BME Zine) and now this wise ass thinks he can regulate everything swiftly? I do support the fact that in some cases it's not wise to get tattooed or pierced that young, but there is no way to let age alone be the deciding factor. Besides, strictly regulating shops and studios will only force under aged kids to explore other options - self piercing, self tattooing, or ended up in shops that don't take hygiene as serious as they should.


In other words... it won't solve a damn thing - they are using the wrong arguments to get control over yet another community. Thus far, the community has been selfregulating, and it has worked well. If government starts interfering, it'll just result in good artists quitting because they cannot afford the extra costs that obviously will come along.

Next thing we know is that tattoos or piercings are illegal, or cannot be shown in public. I have tattoos and that's who I am. Should someone forbid those, they deny me my basic right of expressing myself. And that, I'll never let happen.

Where is this world heading to?

I can hardly believe it : Wouter Tyberghien (the jeweller that shot a burglar in 1999) was convicted for manslaughter today, but the sentence will be suspended for a year. He has to pay for legal costs though, and those add up to € 9.688.

What signal does justice want to send to criminals? "Hey, just come over here, rob our stores, steal our goods, threathen us with guns... it's not like we can or will do anything to stop you!" Noooo, 'coz when we do, we are sentenced for it, while the criminals face much lesser punishments.

If a criminal enters my place, or robs me, you can be damn sure thay - should I have the chance - he'll make a nasty fall. I can always say that I came home while he was in the room, and that he tried to run but tripped and fell. Hey, he should have watched where he was going. Yes, he was very desperate and 'jumped' off the terrace, to escape. The fact that I live 3 high has got nothing to do with it. Would I be sorry? Not at all! If they decide to step out of normal regulations by robbing me, they cannot be expected to be protected by that same judicial systems. One goes with the other.

I work(ed) hard for everything that I own and have right now. I'm not a sheep that will be taken to the slaughterhouse without fighting. Criminals get more and more aggressive, and civilians that obey the laws get restricted in their defences.

People should have the right to defend themselves, and their property!

We are adults, right?


Nothing much interesting happening today, but at the same time we progressed in the right direction. When results will be available is not certain yet though.

Ok... I promised you feedback on all those comments about the post on juvenile prisons I did a few days back. Cy just added her two cents, and I don't figure I'll get any other comments from you freaky lazy cunts out there, so I'll just state my point on those brave enough to step forward and speak their mind.

Richenda : so you actually are convinced that community should never give up on kids, no matter what they have done? And age restrictions should be applied to the letter, in all cases? I'm sorry to say so, but you do live in a very ideal naive world I think.

Criminals, and juveniles know exactly what the punishment is when an underage 'kid' violates the law : practically nothing. The result is that victims lose faith in the judicial system, and in youth. And they know that it's very probable that the offender will return to treathen the victim even more, fully realizing that nothing shocking is going to happen. Welcome to dream land. I'll make sure never to vote for you. Thanks for speaking your mind though... I just hope you can one day put things in perspective.

Eve Hill : that's a much more differentiated point of view you have. First of all you have a kind of experience (with your cousin) which makes the feedback more valuable. I still think though that age should not be a limiting factor on conviction. Even the youngest kids (5-6 years old) can do awful things, AND realize that it's wrong. However, in that case the parents should be punished as much as the kids themselves. After all, the parents are (or should be) 1. responsible 2. educating their kids.

I see more and more parents blaming the school and education system for whatever goes wrong. If it's your kids, take responsability for them. You (referring to the parents, not you personally of course) can make the difference, don't force that upon others.
I agree that juvenile prison is not always the right punishment, but I refuse to let everything just go... What message are we sending to young violators then? "Do as you please, but when you turn 18 and one minute, we'll go down on you so hard you won't know what hit you." Doesn't sound like the correct message to me. I guess alternative scentences could solve the problem or at least make juveniles understand what the result of their action was.

Cy : Yeps. I have to agree here. Age should not be used as the sole factor to take into account anymore, when deciding on how to try some juveniles. If they are 'old and wise' enough to rob someone, they are also old and wise enough to be treated as adults. One thing comes with another, but you just can't pick and choose when you want to be treated as a kid, and when you want to be treated as an adult.

Age doesn't make you an adult, but your actions do. People often say : "they are just kids..." but you hardly ever hear the victims say things like that. But I won't get you started :)

So... everyone, thanks a lot for the comments, and feel very welcome in the future to agree of disagree with me again. We can also agree to disagree on something of course. We're adults, right?

Juvenile Prison


I was watching a documentary about juvenile prisons and how the 'kids' are treated there. I'm not gonna go much deeper into it, but I wonder about two things :

1. Do we - as a community - have the obligation to keep on trying to help these kids?
2. Should age always be a factor during trial, or be used to decide if the kid should be tried as a kid, or as an adult.

Think about it, and feel free to give feedback. I'll discuss all feedback during the coming days.

Proposal to reinstate midieval justice.

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On october 22nd, a 22 year old man was beaten to death in Venlo (The Netherlands) by two 18 year old males, because he dared to comment on their reckless driving, which was endangering elders. Apparently, later on the parents of one of the suspects declared in a dutch television show called Netwerk, that their son was an instrument of God, and thus only God was to blame for the fact that the young man died.

Right... when I do something awful, drive too fast, rob a bank, kill innocent people in a fullscale firefight, set fire to a retirement home or rape multiple women, I'll blame Allah. After all, the young suspect, as well as his parents are morrocan, and I suppose they should be blaming Allah if their religion is Islam.

Actually religion doesn't have anything to do with all of this! Stop blaming "supreme creatures" for everything that goes wrong and learn to fucking deal with reality.


There is nothing else one can say about it. Don't try to find a scapegoat, but accept the fucking truth. I hereby sentence the two suspects to :

Death by hanging in the townsquare

You can say or think whatever you want, but I'm getting really fed up with all of this. Sure, things have improved and the judicial system has worked fine for a few years, but the midieval way of handling things would often produce a more valid result.

Sure the suspects don't get a second chance, but did the victim get one? Hanging them would also put less strain on the community, as it would be cheaper. I don't know what hanging somebody costs, but I'm very certain it's less as keeping them in jail for the next 25 years, feeding them, guarding them, and letting them abuse the judicial system by requesting hearings, parole and such.

I really should go into politics, shouldn't I?

Sexual Harassement

A man arrives in the office every day, walks over to a female colleague, stands very close to her, smells the scent and tells her her hair smells good.
After about a week of constant repetition, the female colleague grows tired of it and decides to file a complaint with Human Resources.

Without releasing the identity of the man, she explains what her colleague does every day, and that she'd like to file a complaint for sexual harassement.

The Human Resources colleague is quite surprised by this official complaint and asks her : "what is so intolerable about a colleague telling you your hair smells good?"

To which the woman replies : "It's Eric, the dwarf".

Dumb & dumber

How much brains does it take to be a terrorist? Apparently not too much...

After the explosion of the oiltanker Limburg (under french flag, but owned by CMB) in Yemen a few days ago, a statement on thursday from a militant Muslim group, the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, claimed it carried out the explosion to avenge the execution of one of its leaders for the 1998 kidnapping of 16 Western tourists.

Later on I heard on the news that they were actually targetting an american battleship that was in the same region as the oiltanker. According to my sources the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army commented that hitting the oiltanker instead of the battleship was no real problem as it did carry non-believers as well.

So... you make up a plan, you get a boat, load it up with explosives, get it close to a ship and explode it? Sounds pretty easy, but apparently these people were too fucking stupid to verify their target. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even a blind man would be able to spot the difference between an oiltanker and a battleship.

I'm not saying that attacking a battleship is ok, and attacking an oiltanker is not. I just was under the impression that even extremist muslim terrorists were smarter than that.


I've read this on the BME page of twwlwyth :

I got the cutest little bunny rabbit. I named it Lunch.

Discrimination? Indeed!


Hm... so I am bored. I really feel like kicking somebodies ass bigtime, and for no apparant reason. Yes, free and uncalled for violence.

However, even without any reason I can't find a reason to do so. Besides, who would I kick around? I can reach over to the next desk and slap my boss around a bit, but he's too good to deserve it. I can walk over to Steph's desk and kick the crap out of her, but she will kick back - not that it would worry me - but she also doesn't deserve it. Esther doesn't deserve it either, and Suzana who's always up for a good verbal fight is on holiday. I can't even have a good fight with her. Damn!

So... let me aim my arrows, rockets and stones to someone else. I'm gonna read the national and local news, something there has to make me burn with anger. Yes! I just remember something.

Last week, on friday evening in a recreational domain called "De Ster" 4 foreign youngster were harassing people, and when asked to leave they didn't want to do so. Police was called in and after interrogation and a search of their vehicule, it turns out they had the loot of 5 thefts in their car. All cases were committed at domain "De Ster" during that same friday. What's the result, the police let's the young criminals walk.

Saturday comes around and about 150 young immigrants invade the domain, to wreck more havoc, harras more people and force their will on other. I suppose that is what you get when some pussy politicians keep on closing their eyes for the apparent truth, constantly preach positive discrimination and rather annoy groups of people that do follow the law.

It's always the same... if someone denies an immigrant something (for instance a job) he or she is immediately called a racist, but everyone seems to forget that the x other applicants didn't get it either, yet no one complains about that.

People have got to learn that the color of your skin doesn't always have to do with how others threat you, but your attitude certainly does. How can one expect to be respected when they don't respect anything themselves?

If I apply for a job and don't get it, I know that someone else beat me on the tests, had better credentials or just managed to do better. I will not start yelling that I was discriminated, but I will make sure that next time I'm prepared.

Life is not fair, learn to live with it. If you can't do so, I'll gladly hand you a rope and you can go kill yourself. Yes, I am straight to the point, rude and blunt.

Nobody likes me, but I don't care. (LOL... people do like me... I think)

Don�t Be Rude: Part II, Relationships


I won't copy the complete post by Margaret Berry, but if you want to check it out, read it here.

I'll just be commenting on this part :

Quaint can be endearing.

A few romantic niceties to help things along: On a sidewalk, men properly walk nearest the street. They follow women to their table at a restaurant (presuming that the host or hostess is showing you to your seat), but precede her in a crowd to clear the way, and take the lead down flights of stairs to act as a pillowy man-cushion if she should trip. They open and close her car door (whether or not she is driving), hold open restaurant doors, and hold out chairs. Advanced chivalries include rising from your seat when a lady stands to powder her nose, slightly raising your hat in greeting on the street, and dueling to the death when someone insults her honor. Perhaps nowadays you can get away with simply slapping the offender with your leather driving gloves. Times are changing.

OK... let's go over these points one by one :

1. sidewalk : of course men walk closer to the street. There's less poop.
2. precede in a crowd : it's the only way we can stear our current potential shag away from future dates, or from previous dates looking for more booty.
3. act as a man-cushion : it may seem like that, but we all carry large red flags and yell "ol�" when a woman trips and we jump out of the way, as if it were a bull.
4. rising from chair when she leaves to powder her nose : she's not gonna powder her nose, but take a shit or piss on the toilet. The only reason we get up is to avoid the pre-toilet smell.
5. duels : we'd also do that if she were not insulted. After all, men are nothing but neanderthals wearing clothes. And... the survivor gets to fuck all ladies.

Ok... anyone wants to date me? Nah? That's what I thought. Hey, at least I'm honest and upfront :)

Politically incorrect? Bite me!

On July 19th 2002, the Belgian government decided to pay € 45.6 million, the financial institutions (whomever that may be) € 55.5 million, insurance companies € 10 million and the National Bank € 314.000 to 'the Jewish community' in Belgium, to make up for the stolen goods in World War 2.
Ok.. let's make a quick calculation here : 45.6 + 55.5 + 10 + 0.314 = € 111.414 million. Yes... over one hundred million Euro! According to sources, a commission should check all individual cases, and the money that is not claimed will be assigned to an institution that will be able to use it to benefit social, cultural or religious needs of the Jewish community. In short : whatever way you look at it, the Jewish community just received € 111 million.

First thing everyone learns in school is that everybody is equal, that you can't discriminate based on race, sex, or color. What does the Belgian government do? Exactly : money for the Jewish community, the rest can stuff it where the sun don't shine. Sure, I agree... the Jewish community did suffer during World War 2, but are they the only ones? Sure, I can understand that goods were 'stolen' during and after the war, but were Jews the only ones to be stolen from? If you can answer "yes" twice, without any doubt, I rest my case. If you think it over, and one of your conclusions reads "no" just once, you should see what I mean.

I'll probably get in problems because I wrote this, hell, I wouldn't even be surprised to hear from my ISP that they received a court order to take me (or my site) down. However, freedom of speech is a powerful weapon, even when used in a way that confronts people with a blunt and harsh truth most people don't want to hear. After all, this opinion is a politically incorrect one, but according to me, rather honest.

I've had it with employers being called racist when turning down colored people, even if they weren't fit to do the job. How about all the white people that didn't get the job? Do you hear them yell racist?

I've had it with being called a-social when saying out loud that the social security system is not going to keep on working the way it does now.

I've had it with parasites living off those that work for their living, get taxed way too much, just to compensate for everyone who sits on their lazy ass and collects.

Yes... I've had it with quite some things. Unfortunately, I right now have no other means to voice that opinion, as to write it down in public. I could scam the system, grab whatever money or benefits I could get my hands on, and run... but that would make me no better as the rest. I therefore continue paying taxes, obey the law and fit in. But I will not shut up. I will voice the anger inside me.

Husband Shopping Center

A new Husband Shopping Center opened where a woman could go to choose from among many men for her husband. It was laid out in five floors, with the men increasing in positive attributes as you ascended the floors.

The only rule was, once you opened the door to any floor, you must choose a man from that floor. If you went up a floor, you couldn't go back down except to leave the place.

So, a couple of girlfriends go to the Center to find a man as a prospective husband.

First floor, the door had a sign saying: "These men have jobs and love kids."

The women read the sign and say "Well that's better than not having jobs, or not loving kids, but I wonder what's further up." So up they go.

Second floor says: "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, and are extremely good looking"

"Hmmm," say the girls. "But, I wonder what's further up?"

Third floor: "These men have high paying jobs, are extremely good looking, love kids and help with the housework."

"Wow!" say the women. "Very tempting, BUT, there's more further up!" And up they go.

Fourth floor sign says: "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, are extremely good looking, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak."

"Oh, mercy me. But just think what must be awaiting us further on!"

So, up to the fifth floor they go.

The sign on that door said: "This floor is just to prove that women are impossible to please."

Morons are not allowed on the internet

Yes. Bold statement, isn't it? And I'll stand by it too. Today I received no less as 19 mails on various accounts from someone called Graham (using e-mail address [email protected]) and all of them were send in batches of 5-6 every 10 minutes. If I ever meet that moron, I'll happily blast him off the planet. I've reported him to his ISP already, and I don't care if it is virus related, wether or not knows his machine is infected, or he is just too dumb to understand anything slightly technical.

Morons that have no idea about web safety should not be connected. I hereby propose that all morons are only allowed connections to AOL, and that ISP to be permanently disconnected from the rest of the internet. I will personally rename AOL to AMU (All Morons United) and maybe that'll fix the problem once and for all. Now, this moron is not related to AOL, but to BTinternet, a UK based ISP, but it doesn't really make any difference. I've filtered out his mail address and all new messages will automatically be dropped in the trashcan.

It still pisses me off though that I need to spend my time cleaning up the mess somebody else made.

No comment

Aim for the heart
Picture grabbed from : The Pit of Sloth

If I...

were to be in politics, and actually had something to say, this would be one of my first proposals :

- Everyone that doesn't drive his/her car for at least 10 hours during the week, can't drive his/her car during the weekend.

When are people going to learn to signal when changing lanes, to drive an appropriate speed and not to look at the stores, but focus on the road. I've just been out to get some food and litter for the ferrets, and I suddenly remembered why I HATE driving during weekends. All the crappy drivers come out and take their cars for a walk. Hello!!! If you wanna walk and look around, go on foot, will ya?!

Car jackers die in accident

Drie daders van een car-jacking in La Louvi�re zijn vanochtend (vrijdag) verongelukt met hun gestolen wagen. Het ongeval gebeurde rond 4 uur op de A501 tussen Zennik (Soignies) en La Louvi�re ter hoogte van het rond punt van Mignault. De bestuurder van de gestolen Peugeot 306 cabrio verloor er de controle over het stuur. De vier inzittenden werden uit de wagen geslingerd. Drie overleden ter plaatse, een vierde kon wegvluchten. (source : GVA)

Three carjackers who stole a car in La Louviere crashed on friday with their stolen vehicle. The accident happened around 04h00 on the A501 between Zennik (Soignies) and La Louviere near the roundabout of Mignault. The driver of the stolen Peugeot 306 cabrio lost control over the car. Four people got thrown out of the car, three of them died at the scene of the accident, the fourth one could get away on foot.

Gosh... what do they expect from me now? Compassion? Whahaha.. just too bad not all 4 of them died, that would have solved the problem quite nicely. I just feel sorry about the car... I hope the owner get's paid by the insurance company and won't suffer any problems.

Welcome to reality, mofo's!

Food for thought

  • If someone makes a suicide attack on a target, and they manage to destroy the target, but survive themselves, did they fail or succeed?

Some People

Are just brain dead. I wonder what occupies all the space in their head? Let me give you an example : Tonite I'm out, having a nice Pita dish at the Pita bar (makes sense, doesn't it?) and a couple walks in with their newly born. I think the kid was like 3 or 4 weeks old. They sit down, next to me, place the kid on the bench next to them and even before ordering their meal, they both light a cigarette. Hello people? Cigarettes are bad for ya? What do you think they do to very little kids?

Rest assured : the day you go to hospital 'coz you don't feel well, and they diagnose you with lungcancer, tonguecancer, or whatever related to cigarettes, I won't be paying for it. And the day your kid goes to hospital for something cigarette related, I will not be paying for it. I think next year I'll be starting my own political party that just cuts all the crap solidarity...

The way it's all organised 'we' are paying for the pensions of the people that are old now. By the time we get to the age to think about retirement, there won't be no one paying for us since people live longer, and the amount of people that just abuse the system keeps on growing. Can't find a job? BULLSHIT! Right after I graduated from school I went to work. I'm 29 years old now and ever since I got out of school there is only been 1 day I didn't work for my living...

You just gotta want to work, that's all. If you want a great retirement plan, company car and a fat paycheck for doing nothing, you won't get a job. I strongly favor lowering welfare and unemployment benefits or increasing the minum wage. But right now you can collect unemployment benefits and have more as opposed to when you go out to work all day long, and end up with less. What do we expect?

Damn politicans... you can't just keep on giving everyone money!

Oh... I was talking online to Xandra Ale <G> tonite, and it turns out she broke her little toe. Now, everyone can have that unfortunate luck, but she actually broke it when she took out a frozen lump of spinach out of the freezer. It turns out she dropped the package, and it aimed right for her toe! I'm sure that when you deliberatly aim for it, you'll have a very hard time hitting it, let alone break it. I almost fell of my chair laughing when she told me. This is just such a typical Alexandra thing... She always runs into the weirdest things first :)

Anyway, she's off to work tomorrow, so I guess she'll be fine after all, whether she broke her toe or not. My advice to Alexandra is this : next time, either eat fresh spinach, grab the frozen spinach with 2 hands, or get those bags of spinach with very small frozen lumps in it. Makes it a whole lot harder to actually attack yourself :)

Piss Off, mofo!

After reporting quite a load of spam again today (as of yesterday, ALL spam will be reported) I got a mail from some shithead with an hotmail account. His name is "Jorge Luiz de Castro Junior" and he wanted to send a mail to someone called [email protected] and CC it to someone else as well. Unfortunately, the dumbass doesn't know how to write e-mail, or take down correct mail addresses. At my domain I don't have a user called Wagner. Therefore, I'll gladly throw his e-mail into my trashcan.

Yes, Jorge Luiz de Castro Junior, you are welcome. Next time you send me mail, I'll subscribe you to 25 of the most notorious mailinglists, thus rendering your crappy hotmail account unusable in less than 15 seconds. Now go cry somewhere in your rainforest.

I am not alone!

I found this post done by techiegirl on her techfluid blog. It seems I'm not the only one who thinks stupid fuckers should be shot. Actually she expresses it in another way, but basically the point is the same : get off the friggin' road!

Should stupid fuckers be shot?

Today I was driving home, Suzana was sitting next to me and while we were doing around 120 km/h (75 mph) on the left lane, suddenly a mercedes cuts to the left lane while he's doing around 100 km/h (62 mph). I still wonder why, since the right lane was totally clear, and it was at least another 700 metres before some cars that were coming onto the highway had to join him in the right lane. I don't blink my lights, don't sound the horn, but just take back some gass and keep on driving behind him. Even Suzana - who doesn't have her license yet - was wondering what this man was doing.

Now, cutting me off in the left lane wasn't bad enough... he started braking suddenly, for no reason at all, and started making signs to me. Suzana looked at me and asked : "what's wrong with that guy?". Beats me, I dunno.... He kept on doing all this irritating shit for at least 3 miles, me stuck on the left lane at 62 mph, a clear and free right lane, but he just wouldn't move. I still didn't flash my lights or anything like that, but the man was getting on my nerves, fast. I didn't even try to pass him on the right side, coz that would have been a traffic violation, and I know what was gonna happen then : he'd cut me off for sure.

After he made more gestures and signs, he finally moved over to the right lane and I passed him. A jew. Call me whatever you want, but jews are just a pain in the ass when they drive their car. I think they just buy a license, but generally speaking they drive like they own the friggin' road. After passing him, I noticed that he kept on signalling to the right and realized that he was gonna take the next exit, or head for the gasstation. So did I. I had absolutely no business there, but wanted to let the fucker know that he'd better learn to drive properly. I was waiting for him and he passed me while I was on the parking lot, and I pulled up besides him when he stopped to fill the car up.

I opened my window (actually on Suzana's side) and when he got out I yelled something like : "Do you always drive like such a moron?" He walked over to the car and said something like "I don't understand, I don't understand dutch". Yeah right... when I told him to get lost and take the next camel to Israel, he suddenly understood dutch. Weird, ain't it? He asked me if I had problems with Israel. Nah, I don't... I got problems with you, asshole. Then he didn't understand dutch anymore.

I wonder how they actually get away with it... they don't understand a word of the language here, except when it fits them. They can all go to hell for all I care.

Oh... and if it were an asian, negro, morroccan, german, french, belgian or UK driver, I would have done just the same. I just hate it when someone thinks they are alone on the road. Now don't you look funny at me... I never get pissed when driving my car... I always think that they don't know any better and avoid the crappy drivers... but this farthead was really too much. He was looking for it, and he also got it... verbally.

I'm too smart to actually punch them in the face - or too civilised :p

It's not that I'm lazy

but I just don't feel like blogging today and I received this damn good joke today (thanks Pascale... I got the mail, 21st will be fine, others are up to date on it too... just lemme know what time, will you?) and read another one that I'll be posting too. Enjoy and read/write you all again in a few hours!

Wittle Wabbits
A little girl walks into a pet shop and asks in the sweetest
little lisp:

"Excuthe me, mithter, do you keep wittle wabbits?"

And the shopkeeper gets down on his knees, so that he's
on her level, and asks:

"Do you want a wittle white wabby or a soft and fuwwy black wabby or maybe one like that cute wittle brown wabby over there?"

She in turn puts her hands on her knees, leans forward and says in a
quiet voice:

"I don't fink my pyfon weally gives a fuck!"

10 things men know about women :

  1. They have tits.

Blogging has been infected

Where is the time where bloggers blogged about their own world, the blog was a window on their own mind and views? In the last few hours (or even days) I've seen the same shit pop up everywhere : 1. What was the first thing you ever cooked? 2. What's your signature dish? 3. Ever had a cooking disaster? 4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal? 5. What are you doing this weekend? aka "the crappy cook questions" and then there is all this test stuff going around.
Do you really think people care that you are : 'a natural beauty', 'a fierce dragon', 'kiwi flavoured' or 'winnie the pooh'... I doubt it. For those that are into this kind of stuff : "I'm a Banana". Everybody happy now? Good.. then get back to your lives and do something with it! And preferably something that'll distinguish you more from the masses as "I'm woody woodpecker".

Spanish people are dumbasses, not?

I usually think of spain as a sunny country with lotsa sun, costa's, mountains and lovely women... but I'm starting to see the dumbass side of spain as well. I've coded a small cgi script for friends of mine, and buyers of a certain modembrand can use the form to register themselves, so that they receive mailings, driver updates and such.

However, for the spaniards that buy their modems thru Terra, there is a seperate form, wich is specifically for them. The original form clearly says : "Spanish users click here" and it's even there in spanish! Yet I keep on receiving forms filled out by spanish newbies that haven't got a clue what they are doing. They will not get support if they register with the incorrect form, coz for them Terra is providing all the support, not the manufacturer or the dealers themselves. I could feel sorry for them, but I really don't ;-)

I've just taken a bath, and even though I feel clean and refreshed now, I still got some kind of a headache that doesn't seem to clear up. I don't think I'm getting a cold again, yet I don't know what the reason for the headache is either. I've not been drinking anything except water all day and yesterday, so it's not a hangover. I was thinking about going out tonite, but I'd be all by myself and the idea is not really appealing to me. I think I'll just go to bed.

I say nope to dope!

And I thought most of you know how I feel about that shit? I just wonder why I already got more feedback and questions about what stuff I've been swallowing, sniffing or injecting in the past 2 days, as I ever had in my life. My only dope is creativity people... and that takes me waaaaaay further as any synthetical, natural or chemical dope you can ever get. And it allows me to stay in control all the time.

Try it... you'd be surprised what things you can experience in your imagination, without messing up yourself. If you compare your brain and the power and imagination it holds to any type of drug, it's the same as comparing an elephant with an mouse. Except for the fact that the elephant (representing the brain) is much more powerful as the mouse (representing the drugs), and it is smarter as well.

I rest my case.
links : -

I just came home.. It's

It's around 4h45 right now, and I just came home from a little festival called Aalst Rockt. There was only one band I wanted to see, and that is ofcourse Front 242. There were rumours that there would be 1 new track on the playlist, in anticipation of the new album that's planned for next year, but I couldn't spot any new material, and there might not be a new CD at all :(

The concert of Front itself was kick ass, just like always, and even though the stage was pretty small, limiting them in their movement, they did what they could. Nice new video show as well, making it another very satisfying experience. Featuring songs like Body to Body, SoulManager and Lovely Day, they really drove the crowd to the top...

When I came home, there was a white escort parked in the driveway of the building next to us, and believe it or not, one nigger (I should say black man here, but I hate being politically correct just because someone thinks that would be better) was just peeing in our front yard! When I commented if that was really necessary, another one appeared and they drove off. The peeing nigger was obviously totally pissed (lol... nice way of putting it, ain't it?) and not really caring about my comment. Don't these shitheads have any sense of civilisation? I guess when I pee in their front yard, I would be called a redneck pig... but they can do whatever they feel like. Take your crap and go pee elsewhere! I really hope that I don't see you around here again... it could get a bit rougher as a comment next time.

Do the words SirCam - virus - warning ring a bell? I think it has been in every possible magazine, TV station, newsbroadcast you can imagine. Even the whales cruising the vast oceans must have picked it up. Yet some people are just either ignorant, or just too plain stupid to understand what needs to be done. If you don't know how to operate a fucking computer, don't use one! If you wanna drive a car, you need to have a license and undergo tests before you are allowed to drive... if you wanna buy the latest greatest computer you only have to pay the vendor. Does this mean you are able to operate it? Not by far, and that shows every day. Some say the mass powers the internet, but the way things are developing now, it's gonna be a total fucked up world if more dumb shits join the ranks.

This example is made up completely, but nonetheless totally real. Things like this happen everyday!! Someone buys a new computer and first thing they do is unpack it, then call the helpdesk to figure out where all the cables should go. (Note : with those brand new dummy-proof PC's it's very hard to connect a cable incorrectly, unless you use a sledgehammer...). 2 hours later they call back to ask where the power button is. 15 minutes later they talk to another helpdesk agent to figure out how to turn it off again.

And those people actually get on the internet. You can easily spot them though :


I wonder if those people yell at the phone too? Next they install software and fuck up the box completely. It gets picked up by the vendor and reinstalled for a small sum (10% of the price they sold it for probably). Next they start receiving e-mails and then it happens : they receive a virus warning and immediately send it to all 236 people they have in their addressbook. (I still don't get how you can have 236 people in your addressbook, unless you really collect e-mail addresses from everyone you know, or preferably, don't know at all). Even though the e-mail clearly says 'send this mail to everyone you know, otherwise the virus can infect their PC' and something like 'This information was just released a few seconds ago and is confirmed by MajorCompany A and Mister VeryImportant'...
Can I hold it against them that they don't know what a hoax is? I can't? Fuck you... I certainly hold it against them... if they would be interested in the scene they want to blend into, they would know that kind of information in advance. That would at least keep me from receiving several hundreds of mails each year.

After about 13 hoax'es they've send around - adding to the large amount of totally unnecessary e-mail traffic that already exists - they still manage to open an attachment they received from someone totally unknown. Does it matter that the attachment is called :

'click_on_this_innocent_looking_jpg_file_and_I'll_screw_ you_right_in_the_ass_and_fuck_your_computer_up_majorly.crap.EXE'?

Nopez... it really doesn't matter! They'll open it anyway.

I think I'll give up on educating dumbass users... Some will just not get it. During the last week I received 4 more sircam virus send mails... I think that is enough proof that some are just too dumb to even be able to shit in the toilet instead of in their pants. If you think I'm negative, bitter or even a psycho, you might be right, but at least I do know my shit. And if I'm uncertain about something I'll read the bloody FAQ before asking the same questions over and over.

RTFM!! word!

Just got a call from my sister, and again I was taking a nice warm bath. It's incredible... has she got a feeling for it or so? She told me she always does the same thing with Johan (her boyfriend) but then when he's taking a dump. Whahaha... seems she really can spot the most inconvenient time to disturb someone. Hey, but this short story doesn't have anything to do with the title, does it? I know, I know... but I felt like writing something totally different from what readers might expect. After all, there must be chaos in regularity, otherwise it would be pretty dull.

I've been wondering about redesigning one of my many sites, but I just can't bring myself to do it. it seems the creativity has somehow left the building or so. I guess I just need someone to channel my creative outbursts into a suitable state. On the other hand, I don't wanna be suitable, I wanna do whatever I want to do, don't care what others think, say or do, yet I sense that if you care yourself, it's very hard to put yourself out of those guidelines that make 'sense" and "acceptability" for the mass. I will never be a rebel in the strict meaning of the word because I need rules and regulations too much. They are in a way my anchors to society and mental health.

Am I going insane? Very probably, but I happen to believe that insanity is not a clearly defined state of mind.

What has happened to all those people leaving nice reblogger comments? Where did you go? Did I scare you with my babbling and totally wicked rants here? Good... It takes a twisted mind to understand one. Now get lost!

Piss on the world... Yepz....

Piss on the world...

Yepz.... this is it. I'm pissed at everyone and everything in the world. Are you an innocent 7 year old boy in Helsinki? Piss on you! Are you a 19 year old sex crazy kitten in Ontario? Piss on you! (Erm, let's just make an exception here) You are together with everyone else the reason the world is fucking miserable today. If only it were weekend already... I'm still stuck in Brussels and it seems like I won't be able to leave anyway soon. I've got an appointement later tonight to go over at a friends place, have a bite and then go off to the pub for a drink. The poor man has sprained his ankle, and is plastered in, so he can't wander off to far ;)

I've just decided to have a blast and lotsa fun tonite, so I just stopped caring 20 seconds ago... let the whole place go to hell, fall into pieces, I don't mind. This weekend is for fun. All the rest... fuck off!

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