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I've been a customer with my current web host for close to 13 years now, if I recall correctly. I picked them out of the many - yes, even back in the days there were plenty of web hosts - and have never looked back. I rarely need their support, but when I do, it's astounding every time how quick they are to reply, or to offer a solution.

Allow me to explain what issue I ran into recently : I was attempting to get a windows account verified, but no matter what I tried, I couldn't receive the verification mail. I was able to send and receive all other mails on the account without issue though. I went over all the settings, spam settings and thresholds and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. After going over everything with a fine comb once more, I gave up.

On Sunday I decided to check whether the always awesome support team of Hosting Matters maybe knew what was causing this issue, so I sent them a mail using their support center contact form. 14 minutes later a reply was sitting in my inbox AND the issue was solved. Annette came to the rescue, as she always does.

You need a reliable web host? Need a professional web host? Lemme tell you... you'll love Hosting Matters.

If this sounds like an advert, you're wrong. This is genuine customer love baby!

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