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As I found out late last night that I wasn't scheduled to go in for work today, on this last day of 2013, I kept busy at home.

My neighbor came ringing because he had noticed two roof tiles had come off during a rather intense storm a couple of days ago. I hadn't even spotted it! Luckily, I had invested in a long ladder a while ago, so putting them back into place was pretty straightforward. Even better is that the neighbor offered to do that for me :)

As that was taken care of, I decided to check if any water had found it's way through the holes during the past rainy days, so I headed to the attic. No obvious water damage to be found, luckily, but I did notice that in one of the rooms of the (for now unused) attic there was no light, yet electrical cable clearly was available.

Taking into account that I decided to finally put up a light fixture in the kitchen as well - I could have done so ages ago, but always found more fun things to do - I tackled both today. While working the lighting, I ran two loads of laundry, since that needed no further input from me. I've got light in the attic now, and then fixture in the kitchen is also installed and working fine. I did find out however, that none of the bulbs I had at home fits, and heading off to the shop, didn't really remedy the issue, lol. I managed to buy more sizes that don't fit :) There's definitely no waste though, as they'll fit in other fixtures.

That leaves me with one last thing to do : Wish you the best and may 2014 bring you the ability to look at problems with an open mind, roam as a free spirit and live your life the way you like. Health and prosperity for all, you reap what you sow.

Happy 2014!

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