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Even though my initial idea was to chill out today, I kept kinda busy instead. First I mailed of a postcard to congratulate someone on her upcoming birthday, then I stopped over at the bank to get an issue resolved (caused by my own stupidity that is), then I did some shopping.

After completing the shopping run it was off to my garage to pick up an old TV set (which still should be in working order, though I ain't sure) and (almost) finally, off to my girlfriends place to do some stuff there as well. After all that was done, I dropped off the old TV at the thrift store so they can check it out and repair if needed and as such help someone who may actually use it. That always beats throwing old but still working things out adding to the ever increasing pile of waste, doesn't it?

Home now, listening to the Nostalgie New Wave top 100. Hey it's not electro or EBM, but New Wave is quite enjoyable too :) Many of the songs in the top I wouldn't strictly call New Wave though, but labeling stuff is so overrated anyway so who cares? I'm enjoying it...

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