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As you may recall, I've recently purchased a lot of DVR's and security camera's so I could play around with them, and possibly install them at home. A couple of days ago the first installation and camera(s) went live, yay. There's still some things to take care of to get all camera's in working order again, but those issues to should be resolved one day.

One of the issues I was still struggling with was accessing the DVR over the LAN, but as it turns out that was merely a dumb configuration error I made, which would have been prevented if I had RTFM'ed with a bit more attention, lol.

Currently I'm researching local laws concerning security camera's before I decide whether or not to push through and set up a couple of outdoor camera's as well. There is little point in running cables through walls and roofs if one can't legally capture the images, right?

To put all of this in perspective though, my girl kinda wrapped it up in a single statement : "so now you've got security camera's running and overseeing a house that doesn't even have a proper bathroom?". I guess she's right, what can I say? I'm a male alpha geek nerd with a serious case of being easily distracted.

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