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I recently ran into an online action site, selling various items from bankruptcies. While some items at first seem very cheap, it all comes down to how much interest they generate, just like when you bid on something on for instance ebay.

I did manage to pick up an entry-level DVR and camera system though, which I plan on toying around with. If it all works as planned - after extensive testing and updating - I may very well incorporate it in the current security setup already in place.

It appeals to my inner geek as well as my inner security nerd, so I really had no way to resist this offer, grin.

Ah, so it seems I skipped posting here altogether in August, lol.

I don't even recall what I've been up to on Saturday (I think it consisted mostly in lazy hanging about) but Sunday we went to a flea market - didn't buy anything, but enjoyed the nice weather - and then I moved 13 bags of waste out of my garage (not in use) so they can be picked up on Monday. Apart from that I've also filled a huge cardboard box with old paper and more cardboard and stuffed it in the trunk of my car. I'll have that picked up on Tuesday.

So, you might wonder where the heck I got 13 bags of waste all of a sudden? Well, on Friday as I was over at the apartment anyway, I decided to take a look into the garage, which I hadn't opened in like 6 months, maybe even longer. When I cleared out the apartment, I moved a ton of things there, meaning to either use them, or clear they out, but that obviously didn't happen till just now. It's strange how time flies and boxes never get unpacked, ain't it?

Am I finished? Far from I think, though most of is is out of the way now. I believe there's still an old 28" TV sitting there (weighs a ton) and some random boxes that need to be checked and or tossed into the bin, but if I put a couple of more hours in, I should have the garage clean a available for rent by the end of lets say October. Yeah, October 2013 that is, lol.

I've checked the going rates of similar places in the neighborhood and truth be said, they're depressing me. On the other hand, there is practically no further upkeep or taking care of to be done, and the yearly extra income would pay for one month of mortgage on the apartment. Guess it's something, right?

Truth be said, I often wonder if I didn't overstep it when I decided to just keep the apartment and get my new place. It's not that the mortgage is killing me (for now) but renting out is not just collecting rent and sitting on your ass, especially if the property has reached a certain age and starts needing refurbishing, repairs and investments.

I also was under the misconception that I owed the bank just 36 more months of mortgage, but I just checked and it's 55. Don't know where that brain fart came from...

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