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I've kept busy today

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Just a couple of shots of what I've been doing today. Luckily I'm experiencing much less hinder from the sprained back muscle today. Over the weekend it was killing me (I could hardly move around) but thanks to my girl's good care it's almost cured.

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Just received a call from my tenants, seems they've experienced water coming through the ceiling, I'll be up there tomorrow taking photo's and contacting the building representative.

Where has he gone?

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I know I haven't been around for the past two/three weeks... There was a good reason for it though. We've spent a very enjoyable holiday abroad and after returning home, I felt so recharged I promptly decided to tear down my toilet and start rebuilding. Yes, I know... I haven't finished the bathroom, and it probably would have been "wiser" to continue that project first, but I'm kind of stubborn every now and then, ain't I? Besides, I was looking for a "short and easy" project to fill the last 5 days before heading back off to work.

Apparently though, the toilet rebuild hasn't turned out to be so "fast and easy", and truth be said, one gets bored taking a dump on a bucket (lol, though no kidding), but I've finally reached a stage where I see things change for the better.

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