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Since I'm off from work today, and I had several things to do and places to visit, I decided to take the new bike for a short ride. My total ride was just over 10km, so it would have been a stupid idea to take the car out, especially taking into consideration all shops were located in the city center and everyone knows how easy it is these days to find a parking spot nearby.

So, go up early(ish), read mail, grabbed bike and set off. I didn't bother putting on the special pants or top since it was to be a short ride anyway, and the temperature wasn't so high to begin with. Here's a short overview of my activities and commentary :

Stop 1 : The bank. Placed bike right in front of the building. The bicycle stand wasn't fit for the width of my MTB wheels though, bummer.
Stop 2 : Bicycle point. Drove bike right into the shop and had it registered (is supposed to help prevent theft and recovery when found).
Stop 3 : Computer store. No bicycle stand near, so parked it in front of the shop.
Stop 4 : Locksmith. No bicycle stand near, so attached bike to a nearby traffic sign.

Yep, a smooth ride and good service everywhere. I'm pleased :)

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