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Since I'm off from work today, and I had several things to do and places to visit, I decided to take the new bike for a short ride. My total ride was just over 10km, so it would have been a stupid idea to take the car out, especially taking into consideration all shops were located in the city center and everyone knows how easy it is these days to find a parking spot nearby.

So, go up early(ish), read mail, grabbed bike and set off. I didn't bother putting on the special pants or top since it was to be a short ride anyway, and the temperature wasn't so high to begin with. Here's a short overview of my activities and commentary :

Stop 1 : The bank. Placed bike right in front of the building. The bicycle stand wasn't fit for the width of my MTB wheels though, bummer.
Stop 2 : Bicycle point. Drove bike right into the shop and had it registered (is supposed to help prevent theft and recovery when found).
Stop 3 : Computer store. No bicycle stand near, so parked it in front of the shop.
Stop 4 : Locksmith. No bicycle stand near, so attached bike to a nearby traffic sign.

Yep, a smooth ride and good service everywhere. I'm pleased :)

Stamina - or rather the lack of...

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Let's face the facts, shall we? I've reached - give or take - the halfway point in my life, I'm overweight and terribly lazy when it comes to working out. I'd rather sit on my ass and do stuff on the computer that involves brain activity opposed to actual physical workout. I dislike walking, am no fan of team sports such as soccer, and running is definitely out of the question.

Swimming is pretty intensive and fun, but usually involves a whole routine before you can actually do it - I sure don't have a swimming pool of sufficient size at home, maybe you do? - and while bedrooms sports are even more fun, requires little to no planning and/or specialized gear (a participating partner will do), it kinda gets hard when you're home alone (pun intended).

So what's left? Martial arts? Been there, done that. Power lifting or workouts at home? Ditto.

I must say I've always liked jumping on my bike and riding around, especially at a good pace, though not racing. Convinced now is the time to actually step up and do something about my shape, BMI and total apathy when it comes to sport, the answer is this.

I plan on taking it for spins regularly, as my girl likes riding her bicycle too, so whenever we're able we may head out for some fun. No, not that kind of fun, although ;-)...

Today I picked it up and already took it for a short spin in the evening sun, after I installed my bike computer, the sensors and such. I didn't grab the heart rate monitor yet, but will do so starting tomorrow. I didn't need a monitor today though : it was pretty clear that after doing a mere 5.3km's in about 15 minutes I was beat. Average speed of 21.6km with a top of 26.8km/h and zero stamina, lol. I hope to see that improve over time though.

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