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41.000 people can't be wrong

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Who am I to give people advice regarding their finances, or finances in general? I'm but a regular guy who happens to read up on things every now and then, so basically I know about as much about finances and financial institutions as you.

I however also happen to be someone who tends to back projects and ideas that make sense to me, and as such I'm pointing out NewB.Coop to you today. The idea is to start and license a brand new cooperative bank in Belgium, with specific ideas and values. Will they (or we, as I'm already a cooperative member) make it? Will we be able to go from an idea to an actual bank? I don't know, and nor do they. I like the idea though, and as such I decided to get involved.

What do I have to lose? €20,- and two hours of my time. The two hours aren't even mandatory, but I opted to go to their presentation in my hometown, to get some extra info and meet some other (potential) members and hear Marc Bontemps present his ideas.

Does the idea of a cooperative bank in Belgium sounds solid? Does it interest you? Go take a look at or, and make up your mind on whether or not you want to join the 89 organizations already involved as well as the +41.000 private members.

Whoa, where did that come from?

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Maybe it's the sun finally really being present that has given me extra energy, but as I wrapped up a full day in training, I decided to pop round the shop to get new soil for some plants that could do with a larger pot and new nutrition. I also picked up a new pot and plan to get them all changed tomorrow.

Then, as I was watching TV, I sifted through a stack of papers that had somehow organically grown to a huge pile and shredded what I no longer needed and gathered those still of some value. Why now? Because they'll be picking up scrap paper in the morning and I may as well get rid of it today, right?

Don't know how long this bout of energy will last, so I better do something with it now!

Weekend @Lommel

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Spent the weekend cycling in the region of Lommel, where we had booked a hotel for the night with the kids. We rented the bikes and were very impressed by the quality of them, so we had a ton of fun cycling in the area and near the canal. After a 3 hour trip we returned to the village for some drinks and ice cream, and then it was time to check in at the hotel. After freshening up - we did, not too certain the two girls bothered, lol - we headed out for dinner and had a very nice meal at 't Stadhuis if I recall correctly.

Unfortunately, a good night's rest was a bit hard to get since a bunch (around 20) of young German girls that were staying in the hotel as well found it fitting to run around and be noisy till 23:30 and even louder and more noisy when they got back up at 06:30 and gathered their stuff and headed off to breakfast. A stern warning in fluent German by my girl didn't do much to change their behavior, so we decided to just ignore them altogether. Unfortunately, I woke up with a pretty painful back, so I skipped the "blotevoetenpad" walk in the afternoon. The three of them enjoyed the walk though and I had refreshing brinks ready when they returned, which was very welcome going by the time it took to finish it.

A quick bite along the route later we arrived back home, having enjoyed a superb weekend away with the kids, whom really behaved themselves very well (apart from occasional "I'm tired", "I'm hungry", "Can we go now?", "Can we stay?" whines, grin).

Work continues

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Making the best of my day off, I've cleaned up most rubbish on the building site and truth be said, it looks much better now. I've also requested pickup for the big bag filled with another 1.5 ton of construction waste, and with that out of the way, I think I'll pick up another empty bag for the rest of the work that needs to be done, which would then bring the total weight moved out in waste and rubbish to 4.5 tons. Rather impressive, ain't it?

I don't even dare think how much material I've bought and used so far, let alone what I'll need over the coming months, grin.

Next on the (still long) list : install floor and heating, build supports for the bathtub and raise shower wall, wire the complete bathroom, install drains and water and probably a ton of other things.

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