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It's been a while

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Yep, it has indeed been a while since I last updated this blog. I don't know if I've lost interest in it, or I just don't feel like sharing anymore, but the lack of updates hasn't been due to a certain dullness in my life. In fact, quite some things happened in the past weeks.

One of the major happenings was a birthday celebration, which was quite a surprise thanks to my girl. She had arranged for us to meet up with friends so it was a nice 8 person party as all the kids were there too (yay for all hanging out!). I've already said thanks to her, but really, I have to thank everyone for the very nice birthday I had. I enjoyed it very much and will enjoy it again soon when some the gifts are put to good use.

What else is new? Well, I have continued working on the house a bit more - in fact I'm only writing this update because the wireless screwdriver is recharging as it had run out - and I've finally solved a technical issue that needed resolve. Actually, that's not entirely true. I was just plain lazy and the cold and rain didn't really allow for much work to be done. The theoretical solution to the issue was found weeks if not months ago, but only yesterday and today I've started putting that into a practical solution and guess what : it works :)

I had planned on completing an essential part today, but due to some issues at work yesterday, I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted, so it was mainly preparation for today. Today proved to be too cold to build using glue, so that another set back, but since (almost) everything is now ready to use, once the weather picks up I can finish and make a phone call to get a window installed (finally, right?).

Why the sudden burst of activity? A certain large female pussycat has been whispering in my ear that she wouldn't mind taking a bath in a brand new bathroom someday. Well honey... I can't promise it'll happen this year (lol) but progress has been made, grin.

On a totally different note, the links below all have something to do with occurrences since my last update. Feel free to browse them.

taxonweb - skoda - Lampiris Coop - NewB.Coop

Oh, wonderful

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You know, getting woken up at 4AM because an employee calls in ill, sounds bad to most, but I'll try looking at it like this : I've got a long day still and plenty of time to get things done. Or so I thought.

Ready to leave for work, the car won't start. It makes an attempt, but they the display throws up a failed injection pump error. Nice, exactly what one needs on a Monday morning, especially since a visit to the garage was planned anyway later this week. Guess I'll be wasting my time at the garage earlier. While waiting for assistance to arrive, I'll be updating my mobile phone with new firmware (yes, jelly bean 4.1.2 is finally available here). I definitely hope that doesn't break either.

Oh, on a side note : it's bloody cold! I rarely suffer from being cold, but really... it's insane today. I feel as if I'm freezing!

A slight miscalculation

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Apparently, all the issues I wrote about in the last post, are invalid for now. With all the figures and dates I managed to overlook that the mortgage rate review is not this year, but in 2014. Ah well, with that out of the way, everything's back to normal.

No stress - let's go for that

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It's been a while since the last update, and that mostly is because nothing shocking has been going on in my life to be honest. Is there nothing to tell at all then, you may wonder? Well, there always is, but it's just mundane, boring stuff.

So, what about the (near) future? Well, if I knew what the future was bringing, I probably wouldn't be sitting here, but I'd either be out enjoying myself as if it were my last day on this planet, or well... doing the same :)

There is one thing that really irks me though. I've still not received a final calculation regarding taxes filed last year, and I'd really like to know what is expected to be received or I still owe. Going by my calculations, I'd be getting money back, but one never knows with taxes, do you? Anyway, the reason I'd like to know what's up is that I'll be making some rather important decisions regarding my mortgage(s) in about the next week or so, and it would really help to know what my financial limitations are. It would be pretty dumb to partially repay the mortgage, and then ending up owing the government money, resulting a complete lack of financial buffer. On the other hand, if I end up getting money back, I could invest that and as such lower my overall and monthly cost.

I suppose that if I have no final outcome before decision time is due, I'll just base it on what I know now and not fret about it anymore. No stress - let's go for that.

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