Extreme couponing? Not really...

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Went shopping today and spent a total of 24,61 euro. However, since I was promo shopping, I'll be getting a refund of 15,31 euro, and I gained 6 points on my loyalty card on those refunded products, which represents another 6 cent. Total savings : 24,61/15,37 = 60,11%

In case you now think "but you probably bought a bunch of stuff you otherwise wouldn't have", I disagree. Everything I bought is useful, although I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't refunded, that I admit. On the other hand, food is food, and one needs to eat anyway, so why not try something different and afterwards just revert to the brands and things you like?

Yes, all the promotions are of course attempts to lure customers to a specific brand, hoping they'll stick to it in the future. Unfortunately for them, I rarely fall for that kind of marketing.

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