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I'm not a doomsday prepper as they are portraied on TV and truth be said, December 21th 2012 was a day like any other day to me. However, some of the topics and issues the people in these shows talk about do make sense. Even fools make sense sometimes, you know.

Now, let's get to the point of this post, which I'm writing on my laptop. (Is that important enough to mention? Please, give me a moment to get to it, will you?) A laptop opposed to a desktop has a battery, which if charged properly will allow you to continue working for a relatively short time if the power goes out. Which is exactly what has happened at home today. I know some people are already working on getting our street hooked up to the power net, so I suppose it won't take much longer, though one can never know for sure.

I was using electricy when it went out. I got up, grabbed my "emergency" toolkit and took out a small flashlight, a lighter and a couple of candles. I don't know if you have something alike at home - if you do, do you know where to find it when it's dark? After doing a quick check of the local fusebox - everything was alright - I gathered info from the immediate surroundings : is the power still on at the neighbors (no), are the street lights still on (yes), are the traffic lights still on (no). All that info made it clear it was a broader malfunction and not something I had to search for at home.

I lit a couple of candles and am now comfortable typing away :)

What have I learned from today's outage though :

- If you have three flashlights and two don't work, don't wait to check and/or replace batteries until you need them. (I already took them apart and figured out what the issue is, it'll be taken care of tomorrow).
- If you have a list of telephone numbers handy, it saves time looking for information. Especially if all your info is stored on... electronic devices that need power to operate. (I'll start assembling such a list in the next week).
- Double the amount of candles available. The 8 I have right now should keep me good for a while, but more could be handy and I got free space in my box anyway.
- Don't just rely on lighters to light those candles. Throw in some matches as well for backup. (done)
- Have a notebook or blank paper available, and some pens (or pencil) as well. I had the pens, but no paper to write on. It'll be fixed as well.

The power is back, as I finish this post, bringing the outage to just under 1.5 hours or so. It just shows how dependant we all are, doesn't it?

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