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Oh, look at that!

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I don't know whether it's just a feeling, or maybe even my imagination, but I am tired more quickly nowadays as I was before. On the other hand, the past week I've been able to not think about work (too much) and as such I should be more relaxed, which should lead to more energy, not less, right?

One thing I do wonder about is this though : if you heart pumps slower, blood pressure goes down, but the transportation of oxygen also slows down I'd guess. If you get less oxygen transported and exchanged, one would feel tired faster? Yes, it does keep my busy a bit to be honest.

Anyway, due to being more relaxed, I was able to focus on some things at home that needed to be taken care of, and much to my own surprise, I finished the outer wall* today, and I'm beat. I think I'll drop into my sofa and fall asleep in a matter of minutes. I'd also like to drive over to my girl though and surprise her, coz she wouldn't expect it. I don't know yet what it'll be, as I would also like to finish some other things around the house tomorrow, which I know will not happen if I leave for my gf's place tonight. Some decisions are hard to make :)

* Yes, the same outer wall I started working on over a year ago. It's not yet totally finished, but the rest of it I can do from the inside. Getting it plastered will probably not happen before winter though, with temperatures dropping and I doubt it'll have a window installed before 2013.

Results - feedback

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I've just received the results from the extra blood samples that were analyzed and basically they confirm what was diagnosed earlier : proteins and traces of blood in my urine, and a high blood pressure.

My cholesterol is also borderline high, but with the changes I've been making in my diet, I should see those values drop along with my BMI over time. A new checkup is scheduled for the end of December to check whether the nebivolol is working as intended, and a new urine sample should reflect positive effects as well.

If all of that doesn't help, I think I'll go look for another job. I like my job - a lot even - but I'm not prepared to put my health on the line for it, simple as that. If that means making changes in how I do things, or how financially independent I am, so be it.

In the mean time, I'll be going back to work on Monday, and I intend to have my blood pressure taken every day, and keeping notes on it too. Maybe it'll help diagnose any underlying issues that are unclear right now.

A wake up call

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Last week I had a scheduled 6 month periodic checkup at the doctor at work, and he had some slightly worrying information : a 108 heartbeat, bloodpressure of 170 over 95 (hypertension), traces of proteins and blood in my urine sample (checked with a Uristix dipstick tester). He strongly suggested I made an appointement with my doctor for a follow up. Probably contrary to what everyone that knows me would expect, I actually did and yesterday I saw my doctor.

With the results of the past examination in had, she took a new bloodpressure reading which resulted in 160 over 90, which is still way too high, and took 3 bloodsamples to test for various conditions. A new urine sample was also taken, and I hope to have the results Tuesday evening. In the mean time, she's started me on Nebivolol 5mg to counter the high BP and I should take half a tablet each morning. In a couple of weeks it should help bring things back into line. However, the high BP, elevated heartrate combined with loads of stress at work, has made her decide to declare me unfit for work till the 25th of November, for starters.

I suppose it was waiting to happen, ever since the first warning I had when I crashed back in March... yes some things did improve, but overall the work load and stress has not decreased, quite on the contrary. Mind you, I like my job a lot, and I've not yet come to terms with me being declared unfit for work, although on the other hand, it may just be what I need : a break. Time to let the exhausted mind and body rest and heal, so to speak.

What will I be doing for myself while on leave? I'll be taking my medicins, I'll try to get in at least a 15 minute walk outside every day, and I'll try to cut back on salt intake (natrium increases blood pressure), and while I'm at it, sugar may be good to cut back on too. More fruits and veggies and most importantly, not skipping meals. [Currently, I have breakfast only 2 days out of 7, skip lunch 3 to 4 times a week, and dinner can be had anywhere between 5PM and 11PM]

Quizz Me Quick

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I'm awake in the middle of the night - and have been so for the past 1.5 hour - because I just love my job.

The above sentence is :

- dedication
- cynicism
- sarcasm
- naivety
- loyalty
- madness

The first one to come up with the correct answer wins... nothing. Why do people always expect to get things? :)


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