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No No No Video release

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As promised, here's the video release for No No No (blue blot cover) by After Six. Enjoy!

Time for a change

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Looking at it positively, if you get woken up twice before 5:15 AM, there's plenty of time to wake up and have breakfast. That's about the only positive vibe I can find in all that though.

Freddy Mercury would have said : I want to break free. So do I.

Video release soon

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I just finished the - probably - final first version of the videoclip I was working on for the studio recording of "No No No" (blue blot) by After Six. Once I know it's to their liking, I'll provide a link to it, probably hosted on their youtube channel.

Note : I need a proper story board, script and better (or more) video equipment if we plan on doing more clips in the future. It turned out to be acceptable for a first clip, but there's lots of room for improvement in the future. Then again, the clip wasn't scheduled or planned at all, and the only footage available was shot with a low cost handycam in the studio.

Beware, the Germans are coming*

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Packing my bag for a trip to Berlin, attending a wedding. I'll be back before you know it :)

Hope the weather is better as it is here : rainy and coldish.

* Wait... I'm going over to there, they ain't coming here. lol.

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