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I managed to catch a rabbit - the type with legs, long ears and a small tail, not the battery operated kind - earlier today. As I had safely tucked it in a rather large plastic box so it could relax a bit, I saw my neighbor looking around outside. It turns out it was their next door neighbors bunny. All things ended up swell, and the bunny has returned home. I won't be having rabbit for dinner though - folks, that's just a joke. I wouldn't eat it, it was too skinny ;)

I'm looking at a busy life in the upcoming weeks, right now my agenda contains a date where we're gonna see a play (braakland/zhebuilding), a movie (premiere of Skyfall, the new James Bond movie), take a 4 day trip to Germany (attending a wedding), studio time for the band my girl sings lead in, attend another wedding, and then I have to see if I can find a mutual spot where we can visit my sister still. I'll try to get that sorted this weekend, coz those meetings are always very enjoyable.

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