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I'm covered in brick dust, when I blow my nose anything that comes out is red, and I suppose that if I take a dump in a couple of days, that too will have a nice red color. Yesterday I went out and bought myself two angle grinders, a 125mm and a large 630mm one, and I'm putting them to good use today. Yes, I could have just called my dad and borrowed his grinder(s), but I decided to go out and get my own material since I know how it goes : I borrow them and then they sit here for weeks on end unused and he can't use them if he needs them at home.

So I invested in the continuity of my ongoing renovation project instead. Taking a short break now, then it's back of to the salt mines :p

Update : the support beam is in and I'm pretty sure it won't fall down overnight. First thing to do after putting in a support beam : bang your head against it. Repeatedly.

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