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It's been a long and stressful past couple of days, but I've managed to get through so far. Friday started very early and consisted mostly of waiting and sitting around in the hospital, but I was fine with that, I had taken the day off with that exact purpose. Saturday was filled with taking care of my girl, shopping, a school dance performance and visiting a brand new kid. Yes, I became the proud godfather of a small girl. J&M looked thrilled with their new daughter, and they should, she looked absolutely stunning :)

Just grabbed a bunch of paperwork that needed attention - purchasing and ordering stuff is fun, paying for it a bit less - and as such paid for our trip to Egypt, and paid for the insulation job that was finished two weeks ago. Couldn't find any other bills, so stopped paying right there, grin.

I should look into the best time frame to make this years pension fund deposit though, as I didn't do it right at the start of the year as I normally do.

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