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A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a deal that would allow my girl and I to learn how to give proper a Swedish massage, during a 21 hour course. I signed up on the deal for the both of us and on Thursday we went and talked with the man running the massage salon and offering the course. While it all seemed quite fishy to say the least, after spending about an hour talking to him, we were more or less convinced that it was legit, and my money wasn't just lost.

We picked a couple of dates we could make it and that fit his agenda and off we went. This morning we had our first class, but about 1.5h before it was about to start, my girlfriend gets a call that the teacher won't be able to make it. Once again we are doubtful when he tells us just to head over to the salon anyway, where two of his masseuses will be working and showing us how they work. We decided to do so, after reaching the understanding that if it's not what we expected - him not being there and all - we can take that session again without charge.

While today was supposed to be a "watch and learn" session, we actually got the chance to both do some massaging ourselves as the customers were rather open to us sticking around and learning the ropes.

We've got another 5 or so sessions to go, and by the end of that, we both should know rather well how to properly give a massage. It's a skill I've been wanting to pick up sooner or later and now I'm actually doing it.

City Tripping

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Last friday we did a city trip to Germany, Berlin to be more specific. We had been invited to the "jugend feier" of a niece, and decided to load up the car and drive over there. Berlin is not as close as one would like it to be, so after getting ready on friday morning, we hit the road around eleven AM and arrived in the hotel around 20h30, where we got a bite to eat and then set off to visit T., R. and N. even though it had been a long day and even longer drive.

The remainder of the day was filled mainly with chatting, after which we headed back off to the hotel for some well earned rest. The girls had been asked upfront to stay with their niece, so we had the rest of the night to ourselves. First thing that happened after we arrived in our hotel room was crashing the bed - apparently it was not built for a full grown male sitting down abruptly on the corner - and as such I found myself sitting on the mattress on the floor, lol.

We didn't bother calling in room service to get it fixed, we just lifted the whole thing back up, swapped some parts around and didn't fall through again. The rest of the night was spent sleeping like a baby :)

Saturday morning, trip with the U-bahn through Berlin to the venue where the jugendfeier was to be held, and I was enjoying myself quite a lot I must say. The weather was good, the company even better, and the jugendfeier itself was not too boring either. It had some speeches - I did pick some german over the years, but speeches are something else - but mostly performances and shows, so the 2 hours went by rather swiftly. Afterwards we strolled through Berlin towards the restaurant where a long afternoon was filled with more talking, laughter and superb food.

In the evening S. and I decided that I needed to be shown around in Berlin, so we hopped on the U-bahn once more - this time just the two of us - and set out to see Brandenburger Tor, walk Unter Der Linden and we even made it to the jewish memorial site. It would have been better if we were able to actually walk under the Brandenburger Tor, but that was impossible to several thousand insance soccer fans watching a game on the big screen there. Polizei everywhere and if it weren't for my girls' "charms" and superb German language skills, we wouldn't even have been allowed to pass to visit the jewish memorial site.

Uneventful U-Bahn trip back after visiting the East/West demarcation line - interesting fact that I observed : the U-Bahn stops in and leaves for a station in under 25 seconds, so you better hurry up - to the hotel. We decided to try the Berliner Kindl beer, of which I seem not to be such a fan and we threw our own private party while overlooking the city of Berlin observing soccer fans doing silly things whilst heading home.

Sunday morning we picked up the kids at T. and R. and set off for another long drive back home. We traveled a lot, but only one word wraps up the weekend quite nicely : fun.

Money should be functional

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It's been a long and stressful past couple of days, but I've managed to get through so far. Friday started very early and consisted mostly of waiting and sitting around in the hospital, but I was fine with that, I had taken the day off with that exact purpose. Saturday was filled with taking care of my girl, shopping, a school dance performance and visiting a brand new kid. Yes, I became the proud godfather of a small girl. J&M looked thrilled with their new daughter, and they should, she looked absolutely stunning :)

Just grabbed a bunch of paperwork that needed attention - purchasing and ordering stuff is fun, paying for it a bit less - and as such paid for our trip to Egypt, and paid for the insulation job that was finished two weeks ago. Couldn't find any other bills, so stopped paying right there, grin.

I should look into the best time frame to make this years pension fund deposit though, as I didn't do it right at the start of the year as I normally do.

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