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Last day well spent

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My last day off from work was spent well I'd say : went to Vlissingen this morning and spent the day at the beach with the girl and kids. It was quite foggy when we arrived - we couldn't even spot the water from 5 meters out - but it cleared up nicely and around noon the sun broke through and started burning fiercely.

Applied plenty of sunblock and so far it seems I didn't burn too bad. Hope the slight red color will turn into a tan over the next couple of days.

That's it for now, gonna log and see if I can find all the gear I need to head back to work tomorrow.

Swiss cheese

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Someone is drilling about a hundred holes in my house as I write this entry, hence the reference to cheese. They'll - at least I expect them to do so - also fill those back up afterwards, once they're done insulating the cavity walls. This relatively small investment should pay off quite well over the course of time, with ever increasing energy prices. I'll never be able to make the current house a Low Energy House, because to do so would require extensive changes, which are realistically only possible when taken into account while building.

The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that 42% of my investment is paid for through various local and federal government grants.

In case anyone is interested : Pluimers Isolatie.

Cheese, cake... could it be that I'm slightly hungry? Off for a bite!


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Should have been in bed hours ago, but spent too much time listening to vkgoeswild at vkgoeswild.

Don't blame me if you spend a couple of hours listening to her work the piano like she does :)

-EPS +XPS +DUST everywhere

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I am probably the owner of the best insulated shutter enclosures (DIY that is) in the country, after finishing up today. It's been a long day of hard work, but sure enough it'll pay off I guess. I had to rip the current enclosure to shreds because someone deemed it necessary to use screws and nails randomly, to cover them up, before finishing off with a layer of paint. Sure enough that left me with no clues to find out how it all was built, let alone take a well thought through approach for disassembling it.

While closing off the cavity walls - which was the point entirely - I replaced the EPS insulation panels (Styrofoam) dating back from the 70's (I'm just guessing) with 40mm Jackodur XPS (extruded polystyrene foam) panels, which should give me better insulation value and a tighter fit (the old panels were sort of thrown in there, whereas I sealed everything up nicely).

So, what's left to do tomorrow? I have to get a large wooden panel, which I'll cut to the right size so I can build a new enclosure. Seems all to simple when compared to today's demolition derby, grin.

Note : using a circular saw inside is a bad idea. I'll be eating dust for weeks.

Insulation and enclosures

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I just finished taking down the first shutter enclosure because I'm having my cavity walls insulated next week. In order to prevent the insulation material from just falling through, those need to be closed up. Had I known all that upfront, I'd have asked the guys that installed the new windows last year to close the cavities up as well, but I didn't. Which makes for quite a bit of work to do myself now.

One more to go...

Note : a combination of PU foam and regular silicon sealant on your hands makes quite a mess. Don't know yet how I'll ever get these clean again. It can always wait for it to wear off, lol.

Yes, please!

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