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About two weeks ago I ordered a new DC jack for the laptop of my partner, as it clearly was broken. How did I know that for certain? I took the complete machine apart and took a look :)

Well, yesterday the part finally arrived and today I headed over to dad to see if he could help out replacing it. I guess I could have done it myself too, but I lack the proper tools and the experience, and working on a couple of hundred dollars piece of sensitive computer equipment may not be the right way to practice. Anyway, two hours later the DC jack was replaced, the secondary fault in the power adapter wiring has also been isolated and fixed and that machine is back in working order and now charging up. Thanks dad!

On Sunday I picked up my own new machine and promptly installed a ton of updates for it. One of them being a new BIOS upgrade, which is something that I've' done quite a few times already in my life. Always a bit of a risk - if it fails, you may end up with an very expensive brick instead of a computer - but I decided to go ahead anyway. It's better to lose one when not that much data is on it, opposed to brick it when it's full of data.

Sure enough the BIOS update went without a hitch, the machine rebooted - which was expected - and then... it promptly entered the BIOS setup again and complained about a reading error, no matter what I tried (/me shits pants). Erm... yikes! OK, so that didn't work, although when exiting the BIOS setup, the machine boots as expected. Weird? Yes, weird.

Ok, second reboot, same thing happens, it enters BIOS setup mode again, complaining about a reading error - even though it is showing the new BIOS version as being installed (old version : 1405, new version 3506). Well, let's do it again and see what happens, right? One new BIOS update later (same 3506 version) the machine is working perfectly, no more complaints about read errors etc. Good!

Only thing left now is to get rid of the AMD driver complaining about a .dll being missing on startup - AMD driver updates are always crappy - but that's the least of my concern. Everything works nicely and fast too, so I'm happy. I'll look into the driver issue some day :)

Note : for those of you that got slightly worried about last post, don't be. April Fools day 2012, you know? I'm not moving to Canada just yet.

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You're still blogging!! Hahaha, awesome.

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