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Yes, the Rammstein concert was once again very very entertaining and worth every cent. The company was good, the music was equally good and a very fun evening was had. I was kind of glad the concert came to an end though, as I had already walked quite a few kilometers at the Batibouw fair earlier today.

I managed to get in touch with a good number of companies though that offer insulation services, and I hope to start receiving quotes or requests to visit the property to take measurements and give quotes in the next two weeks. Sure enough, it will cost me a fair amount of money, but the investment is not on supported by the government (= tax reduction and all kinds of incentives/cash back offers) but also the proper way to tackle the issue of heating and the cost of energy. While the quick way would be to buy a new heater and to be done with it, I've decided to take the correct path and insulate first, then have a calculation done as to what heating source would suffice and based on that, get the proper heater installed.

Last year it was new super insulated windows and glass, and I got and old small roof replaced and insulated as well, for 2012 I want wall insulation to be completed and a new heating source picked and installed.

In that regard, I received a letter from my financial institution that my mortgage - which is partially variable - has reached it's first annual review date, and guess what... it seems I'll be paying less. Sure enough - I just looked up the correct numbers - it'll only save me €96,24 over the year, but it's a start, ain't it?

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[email protected] was ook super!!! En de sfeer ginder is een stuk leuker dan hier...

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