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Fly, fly away

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I don't know what it is, but apparently shit just keeps on hitting the fan, and frankly, I'm getting tired of it. It's like trying to dam the flood of water from a broken faucet with nothing but a paper tissue and a cracked cup - it doesn't work, no matter how hard you try, the hours you put in or the effort you do.

In fact, I've been thinking things over lately and have decided that things have to change. What or how much needs to change, I have not yet decided, but rest assured that things will change - for the better, at least for me - soon. Some things have been put into motion, other plans are mere ideas or rough sketches and outlines, nothing more. I'll post when I have news, okay?

Off to bed now, need to get up way too early tomorrow :(

Go figure

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It seems everything comes together and Murphy is laughing out loud. Yesterday I book a holiday to Egypt, today my main computer shits itself and won't boot anymore. It was booting up just fine when the power went out - for about an hour and a half - and after some technicians got that fixed, it just remained dead in the water. I've already taken it apart and checked all the connectors, but that didn't help, there were no loose connectors to be found. It has a bright green led on the mainboard flashing regulary, but that tells me... nothing at all. For those who may have an idea - apart from suggesting to replace the powersupply - please feel free to send in your comments/ideas. Oh, we're talking about a Dell Dimension 5150C here, about 5 years old.

Yeah, I know, what am I still doing with a 5 year old computer, it's ancient! I originally purchased it to surf the web, do some light word processing and that sort of thing, and it has served me quite well. I'm no longer buying a lorry to haul the occasional rock so to say, or a Maserati to drive to the supermarket.

Anyway, it seems to be a bad time for computers... the GF's laptop died last week - a spare DC jack was ordered and is being shipped from China if I'm not mistaken - so I may be able to get that revived even though it's a long shot. Today my computer dies, I have people over to make me an offer on wall insulation - which was, truth be said, cheaper then I expected - so I guess I'll have to get my priorities straight.

The trip is already booked and a deposit was made, so cancelling that is out of the question.
The insulation will be paid for by the remaining "Green Loan" that expires around April 15th, and will save me money in the long run, so cancelling that is also out of the question.
Replacing the old SFF desktop with a brand new high(er) performance desktop which would allow me to blast spaceships faster (yep, I play eve online) sounds like a totally awesome plan... but it'll have to wait.

Sand and rocks included

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We stopped over at the travel agency on Saturday to take a look at the options for the summer holiday, taking into account our preferences and budget. The agency clerk was able to come up with a 7 night stay in Corfu for "only 200" euro above budget. We had her look up some other destinations and options, but the budget required only got higher as we progressed. We agreed on taking an option on the Corfu deal, but were rather convinced we should be able to find something ourselves within budget and "all-in".

Sure enough, I started looking at the tour operator websites today and scored a 4* all-inclusive deal in Egypt well within budget... I have little to no doubt that it may be unfair to compare the two deals, but all things considered, I wonder why she wasn't able to come up with a similar deal?

Off to Egypt we go :)

Three days in 15 words

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Let's see if I can wrap up three days in 15 words/links...

+1 - ossobuco - coconut reika - late night call out - wishes - No D - cuddles - Eve - Chocolate Moelleux - fun - kisses

There you go. 15 words, all focusing on positive stuff, because I'm trying to no longer be bothered by what or whom annoys me :)

Links, zwo, drei, vier

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Yes, the Rammstein concert was once again very very entertaining and worth every cent. The company was good, the music was equally good and a very fun evening was had. I was kind of glad the concert came to an end though, as I had already walked quite a few kilometers at the Batibouw fair earlier today.

I managed to get in touch with a good number of companies though that offer insulation services, and I hope to start receiving quotes or requests to visit the property to take measurements and give quotes in the next two weeks. Sure enough, it will cost me a fair amount of money, but the investment is not on supported by the government (= tax reduction and all kinds of incentives/cash back offers) but also the proper way to tackle the issue of heating and the cost of energy. While the quick way would be to buy a new heater and to be done with it, I've decided to take the correct path and insulate first, then have a calculation done as to what heating source would suffice and based on that, get the proper heater installed.

Last year it was new super insulated windows and glass, and I got and old small roof replaced and insulated as well, for 2012 I want wall insulation to be completed and a new heating source picked and installed.

In that regard, I received a letter from my financial institution that my mortgage - which is partially variable - has reached it's first annual review date, and guess what... it seems I'll be paying less. Sure enough - I just looked up the correct numbers - it'll only save me €96,24 over the year, but it's a start, ain't it?

I got new socks and a pack of condoms.

(I couldn't come up with anything more random, lol)

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