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I finished closing up putting the last opening where a door will be installed somewhere next year, hopefully. I had already done quite a bit of work over the week, but then my jigsaw broke down and I was forced to stop. I picked up a brand new circular saw a couple of days later and it cut through the plate like a hot knife though butter today :)

I'm a bit concerned about a couple of drops of water that I noticed dripping from a wooden support beam when I was putting up some final sheeting, but not too concerned. I assume that rain had accumulated somewhere between the support beam and a piece of wooden board and that by drilling into it, the water drained, because there are no apparent signs of a soaking anywhere else. if so, I'll deal with it accordingly, but not now.

Off to watch an episode of Fringe (Season 2). I need to get some good night's rest tonight and catch up on sleep.

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