Will there ever come an end to this?

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I've just finished construction for the day, and I've made a calculation as to what material I'll need to finish the walls. Truth be said, it was kind of disheartening. A quick calculation tells me I'll need at least 50 more blocks to raise the inner and outer walls to the level of the roof, and I didn't dare count the blocks needed to finish the outer wall completely.

Apart from it all becoming rather tiresome, the financial impact is starting to become important as well. After all, this is all just structural work I'm doing, the functional elements and materials (plumbing, electrical, tiles and such) are not yet on site, nor ordered. Still I'm staying optimistic and hopeful that I'll be able to get the room weatherproof before the winter really hits (crosses fingers and hopes for a few more weeks of relatively few days of rain nor snow or frost).

Off to watch Paranormal Activity now, last night I decided to watch I, Robot instead.

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