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I've spent this first of November building more wall, and made progress, yes I did. It's time to call it a day though, as I ran out of glue and didn't feel like making another batch. My hands look like they can use a treatment with oils and all those creams and various things women seem to possess, but of course I have none of that. Guess I'll have to plan some shopping later this week, 'coz at the rate my skin is peeling and raw flesh is appearing on my fingers, I'll be called stumpy before the month is through, lol.

I've taken some measurements for the support beams and just because I know I'll forget the paper when I need it, I'm gonna list them here.

Door 1 (slide) : 200x25x15
Window : 250x25x24
Door 2 : 150x25x10
Door 3 (utility room) : 125x25x10

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