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I don't know what message nature was trying to send me today, but after an 11h long day, I was driving home and nearly hit... a cow. Yes, a cow, in the middle of the road. After assessing the situation, I called the cops and spent another 30 minutes waiting for them, and chasing cows around.

Well, I didn't chase them, and they didn't chase me either, but I did shoo them around a bit, to keep them off the road. They didn't do anything but moo and eat grass.

After the cops arrived, I pointed out where the cows came from and where they went to - apart from the 5 or so that were still on the road - and wished them luck. We all cracked some jokes about the situation and then I headed off home.

It's been a long day, time to hit the bed in a couple of minutes :-)

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