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It almost seems like I'm running behind on pretty much everything. I can't seem to get caught up at work, work in house seems to be dragging along (although construction should be going on this weekend, yay) and when I just opened my mail at home, there were 17 mails waiting for my attention. In a probably fruitless effort to get in control, I read and deleted everything not needing a reply or action, sent a reply to N., sent a reply to J. and did some banking and paid some bills. Tomorrow I'll have to do a follow up phone call to J. to see what the issue with his computer actually is, and whether or not I can solve it.

While checking my accounts, apparently the 250,- euro cash-back deal I applied for was deposited on my account, which is nice. The other cash-back has not yet been deposited, but that's not surprising as it involves a semi-governmental institution. The bill - to which the cash-back deals relate - itself still has not been paid and my bank seems to be dragging things out. I think I'll shoot my contact a mail on Thursday if things haven't moved by then. Paperwork, why does it have to take so much time?

I'll be heading off to bed very early today because I seem to have sprained a muscle in my back and I was barely able to breathe earlier while heading home from work. It still aches now, but the sharp edge seems to have faded and breathing has become manageable again.

I'm still pondering whether or not I should or shouldn't react to a mail I've received a while ago. While I assume no intention to actually hurt me deeply was behind it, it caused me to feel like having a knife stabbed in my heart and twisted around violently and repeatedly. Whomever said that time heals all wounds may have a point, although they were smart enough not to specify how much time it takes.

Oh, a new discovery : (definitely NSFW, though that probably depends on what line of work you're in, lol)

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