A short fuse

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I have no words to accurately describe my mood right now. Is it sad, disappointed, angry, mad, ready to throw in the towel or rather "I-don't-give-a-shit-anymore-and-you-clean-up-the-mess-yourself"? I guess it's somewhere in between all of those, although at the same time I'm thinking "this won't get to me, let's just go on, clean up and look at the future".

Really... it is starting to get very clear that some - and me included probably, although I had no say in the decision when it was made - underestimated it all by a factor ten. Or a hundred, who knows. "Jack of all trades, master of none" best describes the issue(s) at hand.

Unrelated but not helping me increase my mood : if you run a restaurant and require people to reserve upfront, it helps if you pick up THE BLOODY PHONE!

Phew... at least I got that out of my system.

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