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Even though I still have plenty of work to take care of today - mostly work related - I also am quite happy that I wrapped up pretty much everything that was on my list yesterday. I didn't end up sending H. a long mail yesterday, but made up for it today.

I also was able to convince the window guys to show up today (by mail) and get the final piece of glass in - a colleague at work has been trying to get her window installation finished for over 4 months - and I've come to a deal with the roofing guys on their quote as well.

Late last night I also sold my old car - which is still parked in front of my garage though - and the buyers said they'd be picking it up today, but haven't done so yet. I've got the cash, so for what I'm concerned, I don't give a shit :)

Off to get some food now and maybe wrap up some work related reports.

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