No black satin sheets :(

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Crap... I just spotted a nice deal on the groupon site - black satin sheets for my bed - but they seem to have fucked up the script on their page, so all orders seem to fail. I've already sent them a mail, but I doubt I'll get a reply before the deal expires. Too bad, I wouldn't have minded getting those sheets :(

Note : who'd have known that sending someone a text message and a mail on facebook - a site I rarely visit - would lead to a rather angry/disappointed reply caused by the fact that I didn't react immediately after reading the reply from them? I tend not to spend all of my time online chatting or mailing and when I do, I take the time to compose a reply that makes sense, which means you may need to wait a while for it. Sorry to have caused you the trouble, I won't do it again. Aarrrgghh... why is life such a bitch? Maybe I'm really not fit for any kind of social behaviour?

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