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17h00 and the window guy calls it a day, work still not finished of course. Yes, he's returning... tomorrow. Another day down the drain for a job that was supposed to take just 1 day. Oh my...

Had D. over to check on the roof, he's supposed to send me a quote later today or tomorrow. On Saturday another guy is coming over to see what needs to be done and to give me a quote as well.

The potential car buyers are trying to lower the price by all kinds of means, trying to get me to try to state in the contract that I'll pay part if any big costs show up etc. I'm not going for it, period.

Note : in hindsight, I probably should have taken the car to the inspection for sale before taking off the license plates, lol. It's not the first time I do things the other way round :p

While at the checkout line in the supermarket, a mom and her two kids were standing in line behind me. The two girls were about 5 and seven I think. I watched them help out, talk to each other and mom and generally be kids of that age and my heart ached, a lot. I miss "my" kids :(

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