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Meeting someone is difficult, even when you're not looking for love so to say. Last night I was watching a documentary on TV about "exotic love" where men try to find love abroad, often dealing with women from the USSR, Thailand, South America etc. Let it be clear that I don't want to generalize and claim all women from these countries are fakers, but as I was watching I was wondering... "how can they not see what's going on? How can they not see they're being taken for all they have and left to rot?". Well, I do understand how it happens... you long for companionship, you want to feel loved and wanted, and you develop tunnel vision very quickly. You lose the capability to think clear and let emotions run wild, affecting all decisions. Bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, that was just an opening to show it doesn't just happen to others. I've been a member of this dating site for quite a while now and have had dates that were very enjoyable, met new people and had fun. However, I also had fake profiles contact me and had the strangest on site messages sent. All of this on a site that actually is pretty strict while screening their members. Last night I received a message from a profile that made sense. In fact, I already replied and we'll see what happens next.

I also have been mailing back and forth with another woman for a while now and would like to meet her in person to see if we do match in real life as we may match in virtual space.

Then late at night, another profile messaged me, claiming to be Jessica Wilson from Holland ([email protected] - yes, I'm posting the e-mail address they used here for all to see. That's what you get when trying to fake things), yet writing to me in a mix of two languages and with very badly formed sentences. Really, an automated translation would have made more sense. As I read the mail and looked at the profile, I immediately knew it was fake. How? I've developed a second nature to detect fakers I suppose. To make a long story short, I reported the profile for being a fake.

Minutes later, I get a new message - from a different profile - containing pretty much the same text I got before from the other profile. The name is changed though, and so is the e-mail address (I deleted the message after reporting the profile, so I can't post it here). It just shows that dating scams are run by groups, they are organized yet as dumb as a brick.

My point being : you're not just trying to scam people for money. You're playing with their lives, their emotions and hearts. They may very well never be able to trust again, or fall for the same fake promise for love again and again, because they've gone x-files : "I want to believe".

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