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Since there is nothing on TV today - apart from fucking football crap - I'm taking the time to get some administration sorted out and mails replied to and sent. There are a few loose ends I have been meaning to tie up, but I hadn't gotten to it yet.

pay bills (done)
mail about roof estimate (done)
mail about windows bills (done)
mail H. to see whether we're on for another date or not (to do)

While especially that last entry may seem a bit strange, it's exactly how I feel about our last date as well. It was rather enjoyable, she's a very interesting woman, and quite pretty too, but I'm not sure there was a spark. We both were rather distant even though we laughed a lot and had a very nice (late) breakfast, that lasted almost 2 hours. I'm a bit stuck on how to proceed now, as I'd like to see her again to find out a second date reveals something more, or whether it confirms the "no spark" feeling I have right now. On a mental and intellectual level I'd dare say we are quite a match, but there was no "passion" so to say, she didn't get under my skin, and I think she may have the same feeling about me.

Ah well, I'll shoot her a mail or give her a call and see what's up, but first... those other mails.

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