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Woot, progress is on the way

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I don't know whether my mail to the groupon guys was actually read, but it solved the scripting error their site was having and I was able to complete the order for those sheets after all, yay!

This weekend - hoping for the nice weather to continue - we'll start taking down the old roof and then on Monday the builders will start working on the new one. Looking forward to getting that completed, and then I'll finally have to figure out a way to build up the wall that's been on the to-do list for ages... well, months at least.

I'm not claiming to have a fully functional bathroom with everything installed before winter arrives, but I should have a fully closed room at a minimum :)

No black satin sheets :(

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Crap... I just spotted a nice deal on the groupon site - black satin sheets for my bed - but they seem to have fucked up the script on their page, so all orders seem to fail. I've already sent them a mail, but I doubt I'll get a reply before the deal expires. Too bad, I wouldn't have minded getting those sheets :(

Note : who'd have known that sending someone a text message and a mail on facebook - a site I rarely visit - would lead to a rather angry/disappointed reply caused by the fact that I didn't react immediately after reading the reply from them? I tend not to spend all of my time online chatting or mailing and when I do, I take the time to compose a reply that makes sense, which means you may need to wait a while for it. Sorry to have caused you the trouble, I won't do it again. Aarrrgghh... why is life such a bitch? Maybe I'm really not fit for any kind of social behaviour?

DVD to Blu-Ray : Evolution must be

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Yesterday I went shopping for a home theater system and I ended up getting the Samsung HT-D5500/XN. I had originally picked out the HT-D6750, but that proved a bit too expensive and pretty damn impossible to find in shops. Online it was available, tough with a 2-3 week delivery time, which was too much for me.

Since I needed a blu-ray movie to test the new system with, I picked up "Lesbian Vampire Killers" with the idea nothing is better to test a new audio system than boobs, blood and gore. I had fun watching the movie, but wouldn't call it anything better then a B-movie, lol. Not enough boobs, but plenty of sound effects and gore, so it worked pretty well for what I needed it, grin.

Setting it all up was rather straight forward, though if I were to set one up again, I'd not unwrap all speaker cable at once... it became a bit of a mess that took me longer to untangle then it took me to set up the complete system. Since both my digital recorder uses an internet connection as well as my new Blu-ray player, I added a switch I still had laying around to get them both hooked up easily.

I'm not sure how useful all the SMART Hub applications are, but it's nice to get the weather forecast on your TV, browse youtube and such. I'm definitely pleased with my purchase, and as such, I've moved into the era of Blu-Ray instead of DVD :)

Oh, the amount of time I have now

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It's 7:50 AM on a Saturday morning and I'm having a chocolate milk + banana breakfast. No one in their right mind would be up and about this early, unless they had to, right? Unfortunately, it was decided differently for when I got a call from work just past 7:30. Ah well... at least I'll have a long day to do things :)


Time is....

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Even though I still have plenty of work to take care of today - mostly work related - I also am quite happy that I wrapped up pretty much everything that was on my list yesterday. I didn't end up sending H. a long mail yesterday, but made up for it today.

I also was able to convince the window guys to show up today (by mail) and get the final piece of glass in - a colleague at work has been trying to get her window installation finished for over 4 months - and I've come to a deal with the roofing guys on their quote as well.

Late last night I also sold my old car - which is still parked in front of my garage though - and the buyers said they'd be picking it up today, but haven't done so yet. I've got the cash, so for what I'm concerned, I don't give a shit :)

Off to get some food now and maybe wrap up some work related reports.

Catching up

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Since there is nothing on TV today - apart from fucking football crap - I'm taking the time to get some administration sorted out and mails replied to and sent. There are a few loose ends I have been meaning to tie up, but I hadn't gotten to it yet.

pay bills (done)
mail about roof estimate (done)
mail about windows bills (done)
mail H. to see whether we're on for another date or not (to do)

While especially that last entry may seem a bit strange, it's exactly how I feel about our last date as well. It was rather enjoyable, she's a very interesting woman, and quite pretty too, but I'm not sure there was a spark. We both were rather distant even though we laughed a lot and had a very nice (late) breakfast, that lasted almost 2 hours. I'm a bit stuck on how to proceed now, as I'd like to see her again to find out a second date reveals something more, or whether it confirms the "no spark" feeling I have right now. On a mental and intellectual level I'd dare say we are quite a match, but there was no "passion" so to say, she didn't get under my skin, and I think she may have the same feeling about me.

Ah well, I'll shoot her a mail or give her a call and see what's up, but first... those other mails.

Mr. Popular

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I don't know what is going on today, but suddenly I seem all popular :) While I've been waiting for a call or text from H. to make our morning date for tomorrow "official", I've had texts on my mobile from people I haven't heard in ages, as well as from some people I see/hear more often. It was all rather exciting.

Ok, plans for the evening have been changed, I'll be going out for dinner with J., who is returning from a trip abroad. If he hadn't called, I also had an invite open for a night at a club, but my real friends go for before my "I like hanging out with you, but that's it" friends.

H. just called, our date for tomorrow is on :) [yes, I'm excited, I admit to that much]

Time off?

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So, I had planned to have a couple of more days time off from work, even though I went over to the office yesterday afternoon to get some things sorted out. Today I get a call from our dispatchers that there a a few issues regarding planning, so I'll be heading over there in about 15 minutes to go sort things out. Tomorrow I was scheduled to be in a meeting in the AM, but that too changed from in a meeting in the morning, followed by a late shift in the afternoon.

I'm starting to realize that unless I am abroad, with my cell phone turned off and no internet connection, I'll never really be on holiday and able to leave it all behind. Anyway, I'll be able to read and file some of the over 500 mails waiting for me later tonight.

Daters, beware

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Meeting someone is difficult, even when you're not looking for love so to say. Last night I was watching a documentary on TV about "exotic love" where men try to find love abroad, often dealing with women from the USSR, Thailand, South America etc. Let it be clear that I don't want to generalize and claim all women from these countries are fakers, but as I was watching I was wondering... "how can they not see what's going on? How can they not see they're being taken for all they have and left to rot?". Well, I do understand how it happens... you long for companionship, you want to feel loved and wanted, and you develop tunnel vision very quickly. You lose the capability to think clear and let emotions run wild, affecting all decisions. Bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, that was just an opening to show it doesn't just happen to others. I've been a member of this dating site for quite a while now and have had dates that were very enjoyable, met new people and had fun. However, I also had fake profiles contact me and had the strangest on site messages sent. All of this on a site that actually is pretty strict while screening their members. Last night I received a message from a profile that made sense. In fact, I already replied and we'll see what happens next.

I also have been mailing back and forth with another woman for a while now and would like to meet her in person to see if we do match in real life as we may match in virtual space.

Then late at night, another profile messaged me, claiming to be Jessica Wilson from Holland ([email protected] - yes, I'm posting the e-mail address they used here for all to see. That's what you get when trying to fake things), yet writing to me in a mix of two languages and with very badly formed sentences. Really, an automated translation would have made more sense. As I read the mail and looked at the profile, I immediately knew it was fake. How? I've developed a second nature to detect fakers I suppose. To make a long story short, I reported the profile for being a fake.

Minutes later, I get a new message - from a different profile - containing pretty much the same text I got before from the other profile. The name is changed though, and so is the e-mail address (I deleted the message after reporting the profile, so I can't post it here). It just shows that dating scams are run by groups, they are organized yet as dumb as a brick.

My point being : you're not just trying to scam people for money. You're playing with their lives, their emotions and hearts. They may very well never be able to trust again, or fall for the same fake promise for love again and again, because they've gone x-files : "I want to believe".

Guess what?

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17h00 and the window guy calls it a day, work still not finished of course. Yes, he's returning... tomorrow. Another day down the drain for a job that was supposed to take just 1 day. Oh my...

Had D. over to check on the roof, he's supposed to send me a quote later today or tomorrow. On Saturday another guy is coming over to see what needs to be done and to give me a quote as well.

The potential car buyers are trying to lower the price by all kinds of means, trying to get me to try to state in the contract that I'll pay part if any big costs show up etc. I'm not going for it, period.

Note : in hindsight, I probably should have taken the car to the inspection for sale before taking off the license plates, lol. It's not the first time I do things the other way round :p

While at the checkout line in the supermarket, a mom and her two kids were standing in line behind me. The two girls were about 5 and seven I think. I watched them help out, talk to each other and mom and generally be kids of that age and my heart ached, a lot. I miss "my" kids :(

Window, Smart, Code

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Yesterday we had a (mandatory) family get together for my grandma's birthday. After getting home I finished up some things and went to bed coz I had to get up pretty early today. Yes, today is day three (or two and a half if you like) of getting the windows and door installed. And to be honest, I doubt they're gonna be able to finish it all today :(

I just confirmed tickets for the Code 37 movie avant-première in October, thanks to my Belgian domain registar (Nucleus) whom I've been working with for quite some years now. As I had the movie release date set in my phone anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited. If you're interested in joining me on the 18th of October, give me a yell. If there are many candidates, I'll pick a lucky one :)

Just had the first people over to come and see the smart that I put up for sale yesterday. They said they'll be returning later tonight to have a second look and then decide whether or not to take it.

Just got off the phone with my sis and checked how T's first day of school went this morning : apparently he had a bit of a rough morning, but once they arrived in school, he went right in and had no issues with mom and dad leaving for work. I think mom and dad were more stressed then T. was, lol!

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