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I had heard on the news that the tax administration was really keeping up with all the taxes filed, resulting in them sending out the final verdict quicker, both for people that should get a return, as well as people who are expected to pay extra. So when I received a letter from them last Friday, I really was surprised that they were that fast... But my surprise was even bigger when I opened the letter.

According to my calculations, I'm set for a tax return. Well, that of course is not exact science so it could as well end up in my having to pay extra, but that's besides the point for now. I took a look at the letter inside and quickly noticed they're expecting me to cough up an extra 415 euro. Okay... so my calculations were seriously wrong one would expect?

Then I started looking at all the information, not just the final numbers and it turns out that... they decided to recalculate my income made in 2008! Somehow - I have no clue why, how or when - they decide to look up my filing of 2008 and now charge me extra. It's bloody 2011 people!

Since there is little to be done about it, I just looked up the new calculations and put them next to the data I filed back in 2009 (income 2008) and apparently they have found some money I didn't declare (about 2000 euro worth). I just hope it remains at that and they stop pulling expensive albino rabbits out of their hat for my tax filings of 2009 and 2010, otherwise I'll be much less pleased.

I've just ordered a gigantic financial institution to transfer funds to another financial mastodon to make sure the economy keeps on going. Yes, I have that power. Well, at least for as long as I can tell my bank to move funds from my account to the government without running out of funds. One can only nod, smile, bend over, take it and move on.

But please... no more silly surprises like that, ok tax man?

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