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In life, everything is about balance. If something goes well, another thing goes sour... just to keep things in balance. The trick is to have slightly more things go well, so that you are close to that tipping point, yet not actually crossing over. That way you achieve slow but steady improvement.

Take today for example : I installed my new american stores and I'm mighty pleased with them. They look absolutely stunning and they fit the colors of the rest of the house nicely, if I say so myself. Good. +1

I have been mailing with a woman back and forth for a couple of days and over the weekend she asked me to release my profile photo to her online. I replied and I did so. Even though she has been online since I did, and she has read my message, she has yet to react. I either said some awful things (which I think I did not) or I really am not her type. Bad. -1

And there we have it... balance achieved!

Note : it's a bummer to be in touch with someone who then suddenly breaks off contact. Then again, she doesn't get to enjoy my new window decoration. Her loss :D

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