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After I went to work for a short time, I got home, changed clothes and went to the DIY store to pick up my third bulky waste bag, which will bring the total amount of waste removed during this renovation to 4.5 ton, lol. I never knew it would be that much and I'm pretty sure I ain't even doing all that much work. Anyway, my back is now aching but 85% of the concrete has been mixed and poured. Yes, I could have pushed it just that bit further but that would have meant another trip to the store and I really didn't feel like it.

It's quite amazing how I get to pretend I know what I'm doing here, rebuilding this house, isn't it? In fact I just read instructions and then do what seems to work and obtain a result that is sometimes spot on, but most of the time more or less vaguely alike what was the goal. Ah well... pretending is fun sometimes.

Off to crash into my sofa now while the concrete dries. I'll pick up another 50kg of mixture later this week and finish the final part. Then I'll have find out how to best proceed, because I need to level the complete floor, then put in insulation, after that I suppose more solid flooring needs to be poured as well as plumbing that needs to be done - don't I need a plan on how I'll be laying out the bathroom by then? - and I think it's time to start building up an inner and outer wall as well.

See... I can see al the steps, but don't ask me if they're in the right order, grin.

Off to the sofa, probably falling asleep straight away!

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