I almost touched you... not!

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Today seems like social activity day, or rather "pretty close to social interaction" day. My sister stopped over to drop off some things, even though I wasn't home. In fact, I had gone to work to drop off some things there and get some last minute work done, before heading off to Ikea to pick up some plates and cutlery. Before I went into Heytens though and ordered myself some natural linen American stores, which will be ready for pickup somewhere in August. Which is good, as my new windows are being put in on the 30th of that same month.

I also got a text from an old colleague announcing their first born had arrived, so I gave him a call to wish the three of them all the best. I got his voicemail though, lol.

When I checked my mail, it said that a 48 year old apothecary was interested in my profile on a dating site - she even released a picture. Okay... I was actually hoping the 31 year old I had contacted earlier today would have replied to my mail, but apparently it all fits into the "almost interaction" state the world - or is it me? - is in today.

Anyway... I'm gonna check out that apothecary profile, who knows it's the woman of my dreams?! Or maybe the woman I need. Or the woman I deserve. Or not a woman at all, lol. Life is strange... which probably is why I like it so much. I fit right in!

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