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After playing catch up with recorded movies and TV-shows - I watched entirely too much "A place in the sun, home or away" episodes today, but I like the show and Jasmine Harman is plain hot - I realized that I still have a little project of my own going on and needing some attention, so I hopped into my work gear and cleaned out some more trash. I also inspected the concrete I poured yesterday and it seems quite fine to me. Now was pondering about taking out the rest of the tiles, but I've decided it's not a necessity : I can just work over them where needed.

I also took a couple of measurements and started designing a bathroom (note to self : 230x270). After doing quite a few different set ups, I think I've found a way to fit everything. That is, if I manage to solve the lighting issues, the window issue in the kitchen (closely related to the lighting, lol) and things like that. However, should everything work out, I'll end up with a nice 110x80 sized walk in shower, a two person bath tub and double sink cabinet. No toilet, but I got one on the same floor, so that shouldn't be too much an issue. Maybe I could fit that as well, but I doubt it.

On the list to do this week : look for a 180cmx80cm bathtub (built in, not a freestanding as was originally planned - though that may change still), a shower door (80cm) and I'll need some curtains or drapes for the living room as well. I'll take those measurements shortly. I'm keeping busy it seems. For the bathroom shopping I'll probably end up at X2O again, but for the drapes? Any suggestions, people?

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