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Time 4 music...

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I just want to share some artists/bands I've (recently) discovered, maybe you'll like them too :

Triggerfinger / Kallima / Homo Futura / Chase & Status / The Subs


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I'm worried, yes I am. I spent over 1.5 hours in a tile outlet store and I just couldn't find the right tiles to use in my bathroom. In the end I decided to pick one type of tile (Tolda Antracite) for the walk in shower, but to hold off for the floors and wall tiles in the rest of the bathroom.

Even when closing my eyes and trying to picture it, it just doesn't come to me. I don't see my bathroom in front of me, which makes it extremely difficult to determine what color choices to make or type of tiles to pick. I tell you, it's a true nightmare because I see myself ending up with a combination that just doesn't fly.

Usually when I can't envision something, it's a good sign that I've not yet reached a decision, or that it's not meant to be. I just hope that I'll be able to picture this room soon, because decisions need to be made.

For now this is my layout and color scheme :

- walk in shower in gray natural stone (ribbed) floor and walls
- dark (almost black) furniture with white sinks, white bathtub
- floors and walls??? I guess they'd best be white too?

Do I need a contrasting wall in a different color? If so... what color? Which wall? Tiles? Paint? Aaarrrggghhhh!

Gone shopping for relaxation

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After spending an afternoon and evening in Nieuwpoort, enjoying the company of J, M and T, I left them this morning to head back home. While it was even sunny out there yesterday afternoon and evening, my trip home was accompanied by rain and lots of clouds, as well as a 5 degrees drop in temperature. Gotta love this climate :)

After looking everything over once more, I headed off to x²O to order the rest of my bathroom, which took under 15 minutes due to the fact that I knew pretty well what I wanted. I was only uncertain about the bathtub still, but after taking a look at them in the shop, I reached a decision rather quickly. So, now I'm awaiting delivery of a Cyrus Shower door, Linie Apollo free hanging toilet with Blaufoss build-in reservoir system, a Blaufoss Andros shower faucet, a Blaufos Andros shower/bath combo faucet, a Linie Vegas rainshower set (which will be attached to the Blaufoss Andros shower faucet obviously) and a Luca Varess Capri Duo bath (links to PDF file) as well as a ton of necessities to install everything.

Only thing left now... prepare this building site so one day everything will actually be installed and functioning :)


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Packing for a quick trip to the coast - I was invited and initially declined, but changed my mind rather quickly. It'll be fun for sure and it has been raining pretty much non stop everywhere, so I might as well enjoy the rain in a coastal area :)

I almost touched you... not!

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Today seems like social activity day, or rather "pretty close to social interaction" day. My sister stopped over to drop off some things, even though I wasn't home. In fact, I had gone to work to drop off some things there and get some last minute work done, before heading off to Ikea to pick up some plates and cutlery. Before I went into Heytens though and ordered myself some natural linen American stores, which will be ready for pickup somewhere in August. Which is good, as my new windows are being put in on the 30th of that same month.

I also got a text from an old colleague announcing their first born had arrived, so I gave him a call to wish the three of them all the best. I got his voicemail though, lol.

When I checked my mail, it said that a 48 year old apothecary was interested in my profile on a dating site - she even released a picture. Okay... I was actually hoping the 31 year old I had contacted earlier today would have replied to my mail, but apparently it all fits into the "almost interaction" state the world - or is it me? - is in today.

Anyway... I'm gonna check out that apothecary profile, who knows it's the woman of my dreams?! Or maybe the woman I need. Or the woman I deserve. Or not a woman at all, lol. Life is strange... which probably is why I like it so much. I fit right in!

A place in sun?

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After playing catch up with recorded movies and TV-shows - I watched entirely too much "A place in the sun, home or away" episodes today, but I like the show and Jasmine Harman is plain hot - I realized that I still have a little project of my own going on and needing some attention, so I hopped into my work gear and cleaned out some more trash. I also inspected the concrete I poured yesterday and it seems quite fine to me. Now was pondering about taking out the rest of the tiles, but I've decided it's not a necessity : I can just work over them where needed.

I also took a couple of measurements and started designing a bathroom (note to self : 230x270). After doing quite a few different set ups, I think I've found a way to fit everything. That is, if I manage to solve the lighting issues, the window issue in the kitchen (closely related to the lighting, lol) and things like that. However, should everything work out, I'll end up with a nice 110x80 sized walk in shower, a two person bath tub and double sink cabinet. No toilet, but I got one on the same floor, so that shouldn't be too much an issue. Maybe I could fit that as well, but I doubt it.

On the list to do this week : look for a 180cmx80cm bathtub (built in, not a freestanding as was originally planned - though that may change still), a shower door (80cm) and I'll need some curtains or drapes for the living room as well. I'll take those measurements shortly. I'm keeping busy it seems. For the bathroom shopping I'll probably end up at X2O again, but for the drapes? Any suggestions, people?

It's pouring...

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After I went to work for a short time, I got home, changed clothes and went to the DIY store to pick up my third bulky waste bag, which will bring the total amount of waste removed during this renovation to 4.5 ton, lol. I never knew it would be that much and I'm pretty sure I ain't even doing all that much work. Anyway, my back is now aching but 85% of the concrete has been mixed and poured. Yes, I could have pushed it just that bit further but that would have meant another trip to the store and I really didn't feel like it.

It's quite amazing how I get to pretend I know what I'm doing here, rebuilding this house, isn't it? In fact I just read instructions and then do what seems to work and obtain a result that is sometimes spot on, but most of the time more or less vaguely alike what was the goal. Ah well... pretending is fun sometimes.

Off to crash into my sofa now while the concrete dries. I'll pick up another 50kg of mixture later this week and finish the final part. Then I'll have find out how to best proceed, because I need to level the complete floor, then put in insulation, after that I suppose more solid flooring needs to be poured as well as plumbing that needs to be done - don't I need a plan on how I'll be laying out the bathroom by then? - and I think it's time to start building up an inner and outer wall as well.

See... I can see al the steps, but don't ask me if they're in the right order, grin.

Off to the sofa, probably falling asleep straight away!

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