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Last night I spent quite a long time going through all my belongings in order to find some paperwork that is rather urgently needed. I'm sure I have received it a couple of months ago, but due to all the moving places, it probably got lost, or at least misplaced. However I do need it to fill out my taxes. I'll request for it to be resent to me tomorrow.

However, that in itself is not the issue : Due to several rather serious changes that occurred in my housing situation, I'm now facing something I've never had to deal with before. Multiple properties, tenants, mortgages and such. I've got no clue how to file all these things, so tomorrow I'm gonna try and find out who can give me a final answer. It'll be interesting for sure.

Note : A colleague of mine recommended Game of Thrones which is currently airing on HBO and I must admit, it's worth recommending indeed.

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