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A new kind of fun

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After I got off from work, I came home, changed clothes and went to the shopping mall to get portrait pictures taken for my new identity card. The bloody thing expires soon, so I'll have to head off to city hall as well, to start a renewal application.

After getting the photographs taken care of, I stopped at an ice cream shop and treated myself to a straciatelli-tiramisu-lemon flavored ice cream while looking at hot women strolling through the mall. Fun times, I tell you :p

My Khaleesi

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One day I'll find my own Khaleesi (again), but if it were to be Daenerys Targaryen I wouldn't have to think long about it ;)

If I say I actually kind of like the sound of "Khaleesi" as a name for a daughter, does it sound insane? Well, that is of course if I ever have children. And my first daughter would be named "Bo". Strangely enough I always see myself having daughters, not sons, and it has been like that for ages, for no apparent reasons. Yup. Insane, no doubt.


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Last night I spent quite a long time going through all my belongings in order to find some paperwork that is rather urgently needed. I'm sure I have received it a couple of months ago, but due to all the moving places, it probably got lost, or at least misplaced. However I do need it to fill out my taxes. I'll request for it to be resent to me tomorrow.

However, that in itself is not the issue : Due to several rather serious changes that occurred in my housing situation, I'm now facing something I've never had to deal with before. Multiple properties, tenants, mortgages and such. I've got no clue how to file all these things, so tomorrow I'm gonna try and find out who can give me a final answer. It'll be interesting for sure.

Note : A colleague of mine recommended Game of Thrones which is currently airing on HBO and I must admit, it's worth recommending indeed.

What's the time, baby?

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I treated myself to some new things today, yay. I guess some of you would not refer to some as "treats", but hey... it's new and shiny so I consider them a treat :)

Two new boxer shorts, new socks, a new pair of cheapo sunglasses (since the previous I bought in Croatia last year broke less then two or three weeks after getting them), huge platter of sushi - I just love that stuff - and... a new watch. I definitely didn't need a new watch, but I did want a new watch, lol.

It'll help me accessorize - never thought I'd ever use that word, let alone do it - when dressing for various occasions. I'll probably be wearing my good old and solid Sector stainless steel watch when going to work, but now I can use my new Fossil analog watch (image) when going out to parties or going for a casual look. Who knows, I may even wear it when I'm a suit, just for the contrast.

Yes, suit. Apparently, next week I'll be attending a national meeting and I'm expected to wear a suit. I've got a blazer kind of thing, but a regular work suit? Nope, don't have it. Another thing I'll be getting somewhere next week I suppose.

That's all folks!

Roof, rubbish and rebuilding

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I finished tearing down the wall yesterday and filled up the big bag with a good 1.5T of building rubbish. I already arranged for it to be taken away, so that should be done somewhere in the next week. If I have some spare time and weather permitting, I'll take out the last tiles and then think hard about how to proceed next, lol. Yeah, I admit that my actions are not always as planned out as I'd like, grin.

Since it was pretty rainy today I opted to do a couple of small things in the house such as watching two movies (Screamers and Kingdom) as well as a few episodes of Dharma & Greg. Totally helped me in the "get this house up to par" section :)

Nah, I also fixed the issue with my bed, took out an old heater that I don't plan on using any more and closed up the chimney it was attached to. If I can figure out how to get the foundations done in detail - I get as far as digging hole, putting in reinforcing wire and pouring concrete - then I hope to get that covered next weekend. Because... when that's taken care of and ready, I can start thinking about rebuilding things :)

Oh, if any readers of mine have recommendations for a company or person that can do roof construction, shoot me a mail, give me a call or whatever. I'd like to get a grasp of how much cash I'd have to dedicate to replacing the roof over the kitchen, build a new roof over the bathroom to be, have light tunnels installed and possible even make it a green roof (energy wise, but possibly also used as a garden/terrace). I'm starting to have the feeling that the lack of garden in this house may really become an issue in the long run. Sure enough, I could fix this up and then move again, but on the other hand, I sort of am starting to like the house and region I live now. it ain't perfect, but it'll do for a couple of years. Or rather... it must!

While others are probably enjoying the sun in the garden, are making a trip to the coast, or doing other relaxing activities, I decided to use this extra day off to tear down the remainder of the outer wall and a portion of the inner wall as well. However it's getting too damn hot outside now, so I'm heading back inside to regain my breath. I think I've moved a good 500kg of building waste already, which means the big bag that I bought just two days ago is already a third filled, lol.

At this rate I'd better arrange for pickup already since it takes 3 to 5 days to have it taken off. I'll do some move rubbish shoveling later today when temperatures go down again.

For now, I leave you with two music videos : The first one by CCP, creators of Eve Online and the other by The Guild because I find the melody quite catchy. If you wanna date me - and not my avatar, lol - be in touch ;-)

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