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Where to start? I really don't know, so much has been going on lately which all seemed important, yet maybe none of it is. Can I talk about it? Do I want to talk about it? Does it even matter in the long run? So many questions, so many conflicting answers, lol.

I think I'll keep this entry a short one, just showing people I'm still alive and kicking. After getting home from work, I stopped at the DIY place and got myself a new big bag to get rid of some building waste, so I can continue tearing down my wall on Thursday. While I was there, I also noticed a nice toilet sink and faucet and I decided to get that as well. Thinking about it, it seems I got a grey one, where I maybe should have gotten a black one instead. If they even had that. I seem to recall seeing it in a folder, but I ain't sure. Yepz, I'm still as undecided as I was when I started writing this entry, grin.

See ya!

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