Long days - long term benefits?

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I currently have no less than three computers running, two of which are my own, and then I've got the work laptop open as well. I'm working on some reports that need to get finished, some future goals that need to be defined, while doing calculations and projections both work related as well as personal.

While it may seem like a ton of work to be doing at 10PM on a Monday evening - after an 11h working day that is - I don't really mind. Somehow I realize that I need to wrap most of it up by Wednesday this week in order to get things rolling.

Yes, exciting times in a way, while rather uncertain ones as well. There is good news to be shared as well though : I received proof that I'm now officially holder of a "Bekwaamheidsattest Leidinggevend Personeel Type B" which means I am legally allowed to have responsibility for over 15 agents. Which I already had for quite a while now, though with this course and certificate I'm completely in line with the rules and regulations as well. Phew. I was a bit concerned about one class I thought I had failed, but as I passed with a 75% average, I guess I did pretty well, even on that one :)

Off to do more calculations, send out mails and look into things.

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