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Today, someone asked my I don't sleep enough, and truth be said, it's a very good question. Could it be that I just head off to bed too late? (check!) Could it be that I work too much? (check!) Could it be that I'm stressed? (not sure but I think I probably put "check!" here as well) Could it be that I spent too much time digging into Eve Online (check!)

Could it be that all of the above is true, yet none of them in itself would be problematic? Check again. Yes, it definitely is a combination of working long days (9 to 11h a day), spending too much time on the computer, being quite stressed about things I probably shouldn't stress about and rebuilding part of my home that is causing a lack of sleep. Add to that half-assed attempts to build a new social life including dating, and I think I pretty much got most of the reasons. What am I going to do about it? For now, nothing apart from heading off to bed earlier today so I can actually make it through the week.

So, what are the plans for the weekend? Spending time with family, going out with friends, maybe even do some more work on the house and I may even get the opportunity to see a dance rehearsal, who knows. Well, that is if a certain someone actually bothers to call, text or mail me. If not, well I suppose that means what it means.

My date on Sunday was fun, I think we both had a good time and I'm gonna give her a call or send her a mail later tonight or tomorrow saying that I liked it a lot and would to meet up again. We'll see where that leads to then.

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