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Where to start? I really don't know, so much has been going on lately which all seemed important, yet maybe none of it is. Can I talk about it? Do I want to talk about it? Does it even matter in the long run? So many questions, so many conflicting answers, lol.

I think I'll keep this entry a short one, just showing people I'm still alive and kicking. After getting home from work, I stopped at the DIY place and got myself a new big bag to get rid of some building waste, so I can continue tearing down my wall on Thursday. While I was there, I also noticed a nice toilet sink and faucet and I decided to get that as well. Thinking about it, it seems I got a grey one, where I maybe should have gotten a black one instead. If they even had that. I seem to recall seeing it in a folder, but I ain't sure. Yepz, I'm still as undecided as I was when I started writing this entry, grin.

See ya!

Busy? Nah!

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Today, someone asked my I don't sleep enough, and truth be said, it's a very good question. Could it be that I just head off to bed too late? (check!) Could it be that I work too much? (check!) Could it be that I'm stressed? (not sure but I think I probably put "check!" here as well) Could it be that I spent too much time digging into Eve Online (check!)

Could it be that all of the above is true, yet none of them in itself would be problematic? Check again. Yes, it definitely is a combination of working long days (9 to 11h a day), spending too much time on the computer, being quite stressed about things I probably shouldn't stress about and rebuilding part of my home that is causing a lack of sleep. Add to that half-assed attempts to build a new social life including dating, and I think I pretty much got most of the reasons. What am I going to do about it? For now, nothing apart from heading off to bed earlier today so I can actually make it through the week.

So, what are the plans for the weekend? Spending time with family, going out with friends, maybe even do some more work on the house and I may even get the opportunity to see a dance rehearsal, who knows. Well, that is if a certain someone actually bothers to call, text or mail me. If not, well I suppose that means what it means.

My date on Sunday was fun, I think we both had a good time and I'm gonna give her a call or send her a mail later tonight or tomorrow saying that I liked it a lot and would to meet up again. We'll see where that leads to then.

Long days - long term benefits?

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I currently have no less than three computers running, two of which are my own, and then I've got the work laptop open as well. I'm working on some reports that need to get finished, some future goals that need to be defined, while doing calculations and projections both work related as well as personal.

While it may seem like a ton of work to be doing at 10PM on a Monday evening - after an 11h working day that is - I don't really mind. Somehow I realize that I need to wrap most of it up by Wednesday this week in order to get things rolling.

Yes, exciting times in a way, while rather uncertain ones as well. There is good news to be shared as well though : I received proof that I'm now officially holder of a "Bekwaamheidsattest Leidinggevend Personeel Type B" which means I am legally allowed to have responsibility for over 15 agents. Which I already had for quite a while now, though with this course and certificate I'm completely in line with the rules and regulations as well. Phew. I was a bit concerned about one class I thought I had failed, but as I passed with a 75% average, I guess I did pretty well, even on that one :)

Off to do more calculations, send out mails and look into things.

Money talks, money walks

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People often think they are not being heard, they can't change the world on their own, or they "have" to comply to the rules as corporations and institutions dictate. Well, let me tell you different. If you don't agree with something, be vocal about it. If you honestly feel you can't live with the actions or view of corporations, look for alternatives. If you think they'll just ignore you, make sure they know and understand why you are moving your business, goods or money elsewhere.

Believe me, there are alternatives, you just have to look for them. Yes, it may take a bit more work or time, but exactly because you are acting in a specific way, making an informed choice, the organization or corporation you leave will feel feel compelled - over time - to adapt it's way, and the alternative you picked will start growing and feeling stronger.

With all of that in mind - whether you do something with it is up to you - I present to you "The Inside Job", a documentary about the financial crisis and more importantly how it all grew into a bubble that burst, leaving the mass in despair and the top executives walking away unscathed, millions richer and off to their next "job".

If you ask me whether I have already taken action after watching the documentary, the answer is no. I only watched it today, but even if I had seen it weeks ago, I'd have to reach my own conclusion and find a balance between ease of use and moral and ethical principles. I already know though that I will be looking into making a few changes. Nothing big for now, but in the long run some banks will find themselves making less on me whereas other more ethical organizations will get my patronage.

I'm not one to tell you what you should or should not do, because everyone's view on things differs, but I'll leave you with these links : Risico op schadelijke investeringen : hoe scoort uw bank? (via netwerkvlaanderen) that may help you (in Dutch) and

Bizarre Bunny Boobs

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You know you never know what you'll be getting from me...

Today I'm recommending the NSFW movie "Malice in Lalaland". If you're not into adult entertainment (hell, why don't I just call it porn?), I suggest you don't click that link.

However, if you are, or maybe you're just curious, I really urge you to to take a look. It's a rather interesting and bizarre movie, based on "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" (neither of which I've ever seen as far as I can remember).

Anyway, you've been warned. Click the link above for the site of an enjoyable yet pretty bizarre adult movie, or just click the image if that strikes your fancy.

Taking down the wall...

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All the windows are out and I was able to save 2 out of three. Not too bad a result I'd say. Half of the outer wall is gone already, so I may need to work hard tomorrow if I want to get it all finished by Wednesday.

The spammer already found my new comment script name, so that solution lasted about 48 hours, sigh. I really am fed up with it and about to throw the towel in the ring. Why is it that some idiots can so easily ruin it for everyone else?

The jitters

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This morning I took out the first window of the wall I'm planning to tear down. I was able to tear off quite some wood paneling without too much issues, but it took me quite a while to actually get the glass and frame removed. Now that I have an opening, I hope to be able to get the next window out without tearing it to pieces. After all, it's still in rather good shape, just not adapted to modern standards.

I took a break around 1PM, went shopping and just had a bowl of salad and tuna (unfortunately, not home made but rather store bought) and a "Golden Power" energy drink. I hardly ever drink those kind of drinks and I already know that the massive amount of caffeine in it will make me totally freaked out for the next couple of hours - I don't even drink coffee, so ,you can imagine what 75mg of caffeine does to me. Apart from that, whenever I read "Golden Power" somehow my brain links it to "Golden Shower", which is something entirely different, grin.

Off I go to take down a couple more windows... the wall is planned to come down tomorrow, in the afternoon I'll be of to relax and on Wednesday I hope to clear away most of the rubbish. If all goes well - which I seriously doubt - I plan to dig a nice hole for a foundation for the new wall next weekend and maybe even pour concrete as well. The weekend after that I may be able to start building up then, who knows. Yes, there's plenty of work to do :)

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