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I just got off the phone with Samsung, followed by call to the local repair technicians and I must say that so far I'm impressed, even though I wasn't when I first called them. Allow me to explain :

Friday afternoon I log a fault on my TV (no picture nor sound when turning on the TV). The call center tells me they'd call me on Friday (unlikely) or today (Monday).

As I hadn't heard from anyone yet, I call Samsung again and check the status of my call. I give them my customer number and they retreive my data. I explain that I haven't been called yet, and what is up with it? They give me an order number and other phone number to call, that brings me in touch with the local technicians. After giving them my order number they can immediately tell me that parts have been ordered and they'll be in touch as soon as they come in.

I tell them that I'm a bit suspicious that they (can) order parts based on the sole information that I get a standby led on the TV for a few seconds, but no sound or display, but it turns out it's standard Samsung policy to first order the parts before dispatching a technician. And it also turns out that it's a common fault on the TV I bought. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen :)

No doubt to be continued.

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